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August 2014

A Message from the President.....

Our spring and three summer shows are now complete.  We have already surpassed our attendance of all of 2013, with still one show to go.  Whether you are an audience member, a behind the scenes volunteer, or a member of the cast, crew, orchestra, or staff of one of our shows, congratulations and thanks.  None of this would be possible without you. 


We look forward to our holiday show of 2014, "A 1940's Radio Christmas Carol".  In this edition of Overtones you will find details about the show, including information about auditions which take place on September 20th and 21st.  Tom Morrow and his staff are busily preparing for an outstanding production.   You won't want to miss this final show of our 2014 season.  Tickets are on sale and you can take advantage of our new online ordering system, which is available on our website at www.qcmusicguild.com.   


Looking to the future, our 2015 slate of shows has been announced.  Our spring show will be "Urinetown", followed by our summer season that will be comprised of "Young Frankenstein" in June, "Cats" in July, and "State Fair" in August.  We will wind up our 2015 season with "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". Season tickets are on sale now.  Why not purchase them at the same time as those for "A 1940's Radio Christmas Carol"?  And don't forget that gift certificates make great Christmas gifts, and they can be purchased through our box office also.  And a final note regarding our 2015 season - Staff applications are still being accepted for directing staff positions.  If you are interested in applying, a copy of our staff applications can be found on our website at www.qcmusicguild.com


Finally, we hope you will attend our annual meeting which will take place on October 28th at 6:30p.m.  This will give you a chance to see everyone and cast your votes for 2014 Board candidates.  I look forward to seeing you there. 


Thanks again to all of you who dedicate your time and talents to Quad City Music Guild.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of volunteers. 


Craig Woodard


Voting Member Information 
 You are eligible to be a voting member if you do one of the following during the season:
  • partcipate in our Member/Patron Program
  • participate in one of our 2014 productions (spring or summer) or our 2013 Winter production
  • complete five hours of other volunteer work such as helping in the concession stand, as a bus greeter, or helping with clean up day.
To receive voting member information ahead of the Annual Meeting, you must let us know that you qualify by filling out and signing a registration form, available in the box office.  Voting member notifications will only be sent to those individuals who have completed the form or are on the Member Patron List. Forms must be received by September 15, 2014. Late forms cannot be accepted. Remember, you must be at least 16 years old to be a voting member. 

A list of those currently on the 2014 Voting Member List is below. 

QCMG Open House
Quad City Music Guild is hosting an Open House on October 4th from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to tour the building, including our brand new costume shoppe and workshop.  Our guests can see what goes on behind the scenes to put our shows together.  Cookies and punch will be served.  We are in need of volunteers to be on hand to answer questions and guide our guests.  People may contact Cathy Marsoun, at bmarsoun@homail.com, to volunteer.

2014 Directing Staff Applications
Directing staff applications for our 2015 Season are available in the QCMG Box Office or on our website - www.qcmusicguild.com.
Applications for the 2015 Spring and Summer Productions are due by September 15, 2014. 
Applications for our 2015 Winter Production are due in June 2015. 
Completed applications can be emailed to boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com or submitted to the Box Office. We hope to hear from you!


Congratulations to our 2014 SAM Award winners, John Weigandt, Craig & Sue Woodard and Heather Beck.  Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for QCMG!

A 1940's Radio Christmas Carol - Audition Information

Book DirectorTom Morrow
Music DirectorPete Philhower
Asst. DirectorMike Skiles
Asst. Music DirectorBarb Foote
Set DesignHarold Truitt
ProducerBill Marsoun
Other StaffTBD

A 1940's Radio Christmas Carol

Book by Walton Jones
Music Composed & Arranged by David Wohl
Lyrics by Faye Greenburg

Performance Dates are December 4-7

The entetaining sequel to the popular "The 1940's Radio Hour". It's Christmas Eve, 1943, and the Feddington Players are now broadcasting from a hole-in-the-wall studio in Newark, NJ, and set to present their contemporary "take" on Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". Seamlessly combining drama and comedy, heartbreak and hope, A 1940's Radio Christmas Carol will sing its way into your heart. The music includes original songs plus traditional Christmas carols. If you enjoyed 1940's Radio Hour, step back in time once again with the Feddington Players, and get into the holiday spirit with A 1940's Radio Christmas Carol

The cast consists of 8 men and 4 women or possibly 7 men and 5 women:
(Please note these are cast descriptions from the script, not necessarly the age or body type we will cast in the show)

CLIFTON FEDDINGTON - 50ish Mutual Announcer, front man for WOV's Nash-Kelvinator Mystery Theatre. Wears wire-frame glasses like Glenn Miller. Known for being cheap. Has a crush on Judith. (range- E below middle C to G above middle C)

WILLIAM ST. CLAIRE - 70 year-old, retired star of stage and screen. With a great mane of dramatic white hair, William is a bit of a curmudgeon and looks down on radio as one of the bastard children of the stage. William's 31 year-old son David was killed in the Air Force in France in June 1943. A guest performer in tonight's show, Mr. St. Claire plays Scrooge. 

CHARLES "CHOLLY" BUTTS - 35 year-old funny man. Has a day job as a baker at Weequahic Diner (where his specialty is the nesselrode pie). A little stout. Lives in Jersey City, with his wife, Midge, has no kids, and has a hopeless and unrequited crush on Margie. (range- E below middle C to C above middle C)  

FRITZ CANIGLIARO - Once an east-coast Florsheim Shoe salesman (and still plugs them whenever he gets an opportunity for a little commission), now a WOV regular. The resident masher, cynic and wise-guy, Fritz plays Frank Nelson cameos in comedy sketches. In his early 40s. 

"LITTLE" JACKIE SPARKS - Not actually "little," but young. A tenor with a high speaking voice. Having just graduated from high school, Jackie, only 17, lives with his mom in suburban Newark. Calls home probably a dozen times a day. Teased a lot. Still has a Sunday paper route. 

JUDITH DAVENPORT - Although quite the cutup herself, Judith is the resident "leading lady" playing all such roles as a regular. Has two kids and two ex's and wants no more of either. Determined and stubborn. Considers herself a "legit" actress. Day job working as a switchboard operator. In her 30s. 

MARGIE O'BRIEN - Brassy, flippant, with a voice to match (think Ginger Rogers in "Stage Door"). As a show regular, plays the comic roles. This 30 year-old Irish-American comedienne lives with her two sisters, Zazu and Vi, in a two-room apartment in Queens. She works days as a bookkeeper/typist/stenographer/receptionist. (range- G# below middle C to Db (optional Eb) octave above middle C) 

SALLY SIMPSON - 20 year-old Sally seems sweet and gentle, but is a tough lady. Lives on the lower east side of Manhattan. As a show regular, plays all animals, babies, insects, little kids. Makes the long train ride to Babylon, Long Island, three days a week, to contribute to the war effort by working for Republic Aviation operating drill presses and riveting guns. Always trying to recruit the other WOV women to join "the cause." 

ISADORE "BUZZ" CRENSHAW - His life is his work. The 24 year-old "sound effectician" at WOV. Has a sharp wit and is always agreeable, whistling, and in a good mood. Born and raised in Bayonne by his Aunts Lulu and Gilly. Wears an FDR button. Spends a lot of time with Sally Simpson. Buzz lives alone. 

TOOTS NAVARRE - Musical director, composer and pianist/organist for the Mystery Theatre. (Could be a man or woman.) Besides his/her usual musical chores for WOV, he/she and his/her wife/husband Faith/Frank provide both underscoring to the radio drama as well as their new and old holiday songs for the broadcast. 

ESTHER LEWIS PIRNIE - backstage audio engineer and transmitter supervisor for WOV Radio. 

HAROLD J. MULLINS - Concierge of the Hotel Aberdeen in Newark. 

(Group numbers)
Sopranos:  Ab below middle C to E octave above middle C
Altos:  Ab below middle C to D above middle C
Tenors:  B below middle C to G octave above middle C
Baritones:  G octave below middle C to Eb above middle C
Basses:  F octave below middle C to G below middle C 

Be prepared to sing 16 bars of music. Please bring your sheet music, no recorded music or a cappella singing please. An accompanist will be present to play for you. (A suggestion: bring music that will put you in the best light, music difficult for an accompanist to sight read will not do that). There is minimal dance/movement in this show. It will not be required to dance at auditions. However, everyone will do readings from the script. There are no children in the cast of this production. If you look like you could be 16 or older, you will be welcome to audition.  

Please come and enjoy auditions, no need to be nervous, we've all been there. Roles vary in size, so if you are looking for a small first role, there will be a few of those for you. It's a fun, comedic show, with nice music and we think we have a great staff. We hope to see you there.

  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2014, FROM 1:00 - 4:00 P.M.
            SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2014, FROM 1:00 - 4:00 P.M.

 Audition information forms may be downloaded from the Quad City Music Guild web site.  There will also be blank forms at the sign-in table on the days of auditions.

2014 Voting Member List as of 8/25/14


Adams, Susan

Anderson, Catherine

Anderson, Gary & LaDonna

Arner, Lauren

Bailey, Dave

Bartlett, Julie

Bartlett, Sarah

Bates, Nathan & Natalie

Bauschka, Mike & Jamie

Beck, Adam

Beck, Heather

Beckman, Dolores

Blakey, David

Blanc, Gene & Lynne

Bovenmyer, Dan & Helen

Brandt, Warren & Lora

Brown, Callen

Brown, Larry & Corrine

Carmack, Dave & Sue

Carmen, Bruce

Carsell-Schaechter, Susie

Cobert, Katherine

Collins, Susan

Cosentine, Sherry

DCamp, Charles

Decker, Larry & Mary

Diefer, John

Downing, Patrick

Engeman, Matt & Beth

Finley, Tyler

Garrels, Barry & JoAnn

Garvin-Huntley, Lynn

Gehrls, Janet

Gilliland Cox, Gina
Glass-Bailey, Sandy

Golz, Greg 

Golz, Jan

Greer, Anthony

Griffith, Jeff & Pam

Hall, Rolland

Hanlon Hunt, Kathy

Hanzelka, Dick & Mylene

Harris, Hunt & Diane

Hendren, John & Rosemary

Holmes, Benjamin

Holsen, Kate

Hunt, Kathy

Jacquin, Joyce

Jones, Paul & Irma

Keech, Rob

Kendall, David & Linda

Leaf, Bob & Linda

Lee, Kayla

Lounsberry, J.Adam & Sarah

Lyman, Cherie, Stew,Chip & Liv

Lewis, Don

Keech, Andrea

Keeney-Grafft, Ann

Manasco, Bob

Manasco, Nicole

Mandle, Ryan & Cat

Marsoun, Beth

Marsoun, Bill

Marsoun, Cathy

McGinn, Connie

McGinn, Dan & Jodi

McGinn, Mark

Michalek, Barb

Millar, Mike & Barb

Millman, Jim & Ann

Morrow, Tom

O'Brien, Kay

O'Shea, John Donald

Osborn, Mary

Parmley, JoAnn

Patton, Carol

Pavinato, Eugene

Pavinato, Gene & Stacie

Pedersen, Heidi & Dave

Pepper, Dan

Pepper, Melissa

Perry, Steph

Peterson, Jeff & Jana

Philhower, Peter

Pieper, Bruce & Norma

Pieper, Hillary

Pieper, Kevin

Pieper, Valeree

Pike, Dale

Riggins, Ron & Amy

Robnett, F.Jane & John

Schmidt, Jane

Schmidt, Michael

Schwegler, John & Nancy

Sederquist, Andy

Sederquist, Jimmy & Katie Casey

Seibert, Bob & Marilyn

Shippy, Deb

Sondgeroth, Jennifer

Stark, Troy

Stoefen, Matt

Swift, Deb

Swift, George

Taylor, Gerald & Martha

Teerlinck, Alan & Nancy

Triebel, Pami

Truitt, Harold

VanSpeybroeck, John, Nora, Lauren & Clare

Weaver, Joe & Cindy

Wehr, Kyle

Weigandt, Jaci

Weigandt, John

Williams, Bob

Wirtz, Ruth & John

Woodard, Craig

Woodard, Sue

Woodburn, Nancy

Womack, Peg

Questions about Overtones?  Need to change your contact information?  Please contact  Troy Stark at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com.  Be sure to put 'Overtones' in the subject line.


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