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August 2013

A Message from the President.....

Our spring and three summer shows are now complete.  Almost 10,000 patrons have attended, and hundreds of volunteers have worked tirelessly on stage and behind the scenes to bring these four outstanding shows to life.  Whether you were an audience member, a behind the scenes volunteer, or a member of the cast, crew, or staff of one of these shows, congratulations and thanks.  None of this would be possible without you. 

We look forward to our remaining show of 2013, "A Christmas Survival Guide".  In this edition of Overtones you will find details about the show, including information about auditions which take place on September 20th and 21st.  John and Jaci Weigandt, along with the balance of their staff are busily preparing for what promises to be an outstanding production.   You won't want to miss this humorous look at how to survive the chaos of the Christmas Season.   Be sure and order your tickets soon.

Looking to the future, 2014 promises to be packed full of "can't miss" productions.  We start in the spring with Leader of the Pack and follow with our three summer productions, Les Miserables, Legally Blonde, and Oklahoma.  The 2014 season will conclude in December with Willy Wonka.  Season tickets are on sale now.  Why not purchase them at the same time as those for Survival Guide?  Also, applications are still being accepted for directing staff positions.  If you are interested in applying a copy of our staff applications can be found  on our website at www.qcmusicguild.com.

A look into the future would not be complete without mentioning our new building addition, which will become the new costume shop!   The contracts are signed and construction will be underway in the next couple of weeks.  Completion is scheduled to be in time for the holiday show.  When completed, it will fulfill our long term dream of having our costume shop "on location".

Lastly why not join us for our annual meeting on October 22nd at 6:30?  This will give you a chance to see everyone and, if you are a voting member, cast your votes for2014 Board candidates.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks to all of you who help make QC Music Guild what it is.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of volunteers.


Craig Woodard


   Voting Member Information 
 You are eligible to be a voting member if you do one of the following during the season:
  • partcipate in our Member/Patron Program
  • participate in one of our 2013 productions (spring or summer) or our 2012 Winter production
  • complete five hours of other volunteer work such as helping in the concession stand, as a bus greeter, or helping with clean up day.
To receive voting member information ahead of the Annual Meeting, you must let us know that you qualify by filling out and signing a registration form, available in the box office.  Voting member notifications will only be sent to those individuals who have completed the form or are on the Member Patron List. Forms must be received by September 15, 2013. Late forms cannot be accepted. Remember, you must be at least 16 years old to be a voting member. 

A list of those currently on the 2013 Voting Member List is below. 
QCMG Alumni Gathering 
The QCMG alumni will meet at noon on Wednesday, Oct 9th at Jake O's (formerly O'Melia's), which is under new management with a new expanded menu.  Please use Lower level back entrance from parking lot.  The address is 2900, 46th Ave.  Rock Island.  Please bring written or typed memories of your days in QCMG.  Everyone welcome!  Please call Cathie Anderson if you plan to attend. 309-762-3259.


2014 Directing Staff Applications
Directing staff applications for our 2014 Season are available in the QCMG Box Office or on our website - www.qcmusicguild.com.
Applications for the 2014 Spring and Summer Productions are due by September 15, 2013. 
Applications for our 2014 Winter Production are due in June 2013. 
Completed applications can be emailed to boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com or submitted to the Box Office. We hope to hear from you!
Congratulations to our 2013 SAM Award winner, Tom Morrow.  Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for QCMG!

 Book Director/Set Designer - John Weigandt
Music Director - Randin Turner
Choreographer - Susie Adams
Assistant Director - Jaci Weigandt
Costume Designer: Sue Woodard
Light Designer: Sara Laufer
Producer: Tom Morrow

We are really looking forward to auditions for "A Christmas Survival Guide"  The show is billed as a miniature Christmas spectacular. 

The only thing about this show that is miniature is the size of the cast.  The show itself is quite large and energetic.

The show is a musical review in which our characters are seen in various vignettes which are tied together in a big Christmas bow by excerpts from the fictitious self help book  "A Christmas Survival Guide"
by Doctor Ted Ph.D.


The setting is much like your favorite musical variety special.  The band is on stage, and the stage will be extended forward toward our Guild audience for a more intimate link between performers and audience.  It is a standing set, with quick transitions between numbers. 


Some set pieces roll on and off to suggest settings, and situations, but we will be relying heavily on the actors ability to create the scene, and pantomime elevators, sleigh rides, street scenes etc.


The music varies from Marlene Dietrich, to Elvis, and from Rudolph to O Holy night.  Some pieces are very traditional, and others more resemble a fractured fairy tale. There are songs that are immediately familiar, and a couple of songs for the ladies that grab you by the heart, and you would swear they have been your favorite for years despite it being the first time you've heard them.


The cast consists of 3 women, and 3 men.  Ranges are not challenging on the high end, but the harmonies are challenging.  Men can be Tenor 2, or Bari/Tenor.   Ladies parts are available for Mezzo/alto.  We really need that g3 for two of the most beautiful solo ballads in the show.  So dig deep ladies. 


Each performer has at least one solo song which is their time in the limelight, sometimes bare stage, sometimes with backup from your cast mates.


Bring 16 or so bars of something up tempo, and 16 bars of something melodic.  (or a piece that has a bit of both)  Keep in mind that the accompanist is sight reading audition pieces.


So I'm a Bass and now I'm dejected.. what to do.. what to do...  We also need a good non singing voice talent for the part of Dr. Ted narrating his book.  Depending on your desired level of participation, this could be recorded work, but we are leaning toward a live performer for this part.


We are not looking for a specific age range, but we need a reasonable match between characters who appear onstage as couples.

            FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2013, FROM 6:30-9:00 P.M.
            SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2013, FROM 1:00 - 4:00 P.M.
 Audition information forms may be downloaded from the Quad City Music Guild web site.  There will also be blank forms at the sign-in table on the days of auditions.

2013 Voting Member List as of August 19, 2013 

Ade, Mary
Ade, Sara
Anderson, Cathie

Anderson, LaDonna and Gary
Anderson, Stephanie

Arner, Lauren
Bailey, Dave and Sandy
Bates, Nate and Natalie

Bauschka, Jamie
Bauschka, Mike
Beck, Adam
Beck, Heather
Beckmann, Dolores
Blakey, David
Blomquist, Mary Lane
Bouljon, Greg and Mary
Bovenmyer, Dan and Helen

Box, Axel
Brahm, Terry and Nancy
Brandt, Warren and Nora

Brasher, Payton
Brown, Larry and Corinne
Carmack, Dave

Carmack, Sue
Carmen Law Office
Carsell-Schaecter, Susie
Casey, Katie
Churchill and Churchill
Churchill, Erin

Clark, Gary
Collins, Susan
Cosentine, Sherry
Cox, Gina
Crow, Diane
DCamp, Chuck
Decker, Mary and Larry
Driscoll, James
Eberts, Amy
Engeman, Matt and Beth

Engle, Mary
Faith, Curtis and Sandy

Faust, Don
Finley, Tyler
Garrels, Barry and Joann
Gehrls, Janet
German, Raymond

Golz, Gregory
Gonzalez, Elisabeth
Grafft, Ann
Granet, Susan
Greer, Anthony
Hall, Rolland
Hansen, Paul
Hanzelka, Dick and Mylene
Harris, Hunt and Diane*
Hendren, John and Rosemarie
Holmes, Deb

Holmes, Mark
Hunt, Kathy
Jacquin, Joyce
Johnson Watkins Family Foundation
Jones, Paul and Irma
Kannenberg, Jared
Kendall, David and Linda
Kolander, Joel
Kulhavy, Shana
Laufer, Sara
Lewis, Don
Lowell N Johnson Charitable Foundation
Lyman, Cheryl
Lyman, Stew 
Malley, Maureen

Manasco, Bob

Manasco, Nicole
Mandle, Ryan
Marsoun, Bill
Marsoun, Cathy
Martens, Allyson
Moran, Kate
McDermott Construction

McGinn, Connie
McGinn, Dan
McGinn, Jodi
McGinn, Mark
McGinn, Sunne
McKenzie, Mary
Michalek, Barb
Millar, Mike and Barb
Mitchell, Cole
Morrow, Tom
Naab, Tom
Neuleib, Carol
Neuleib, Gregg
O'Brien, Kay
Olson, Sheri

O'Shea, John Donald
Parmley, JoAnn
Patton, Carol
Pavinato, Eugene
Pavinato, Gene and Stacy
Pedersen, Dave
Pedersen, Heidi
Pepper, Dan
Pepper, Melissa
Philhower, Peter
Pieper, Kevin
Pieper, Valeree
Pierce, Kevin

Pike, Dale
Pike, Tamara

Ramos-Parmley, Cindy
Ratkiewicz, Tommy
Renaud, Marcia
Renaud, Paul
Rickert, Bruce
Riggins, Ron and Amy*
Roman, Heather
Salley, Gordon and Cheryl

Schaecter, Susie
Schmidt, Jane
Schmidt, Mike

Schmidt, Jess
Schmidt, Michael
Shippy, Deb

Siddique, Yvonne
Sierra, Dolores
Sierra, George*

Sondgeroth, Jennifer
Sondgeroth, Nathan
Starr-Taylor, Sue

Strauss, Jim
Swift, Deb

Swift, George
Taylor, Gerald and Martha
Taylor, Kathy
Thompson, Kelly
TouVelle, Steve
TouVelle, Therese
Triebel, Pami

TouVelle, Steve
Turczynski, Mike
Vaccaro, Tom
VanDeWoestyne, John
VanSpeyBroeck, John and Nora
VanWinkle, Leigh
Varga, Janet

Wehr, Kyle
Wegener, Sara
Williams, Bob
Williams, Daniel
Williams, Jenny
Williams, Sue
Winn, Jenny
Winn, Kirby
Wirtz, John and Ruth
Womack, Peg
Woodburn, Nancy
Woodard, Craig
Woodard, Sue

Zahniser, Lindsay



Questions about Overtones?  Need to change your contact information?  Please contact Jen Sondgeroth at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com.  Be sure to put 'Overtones' in the subject line.