March 2013
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QCMG Alumni Gathering
 The QCMG alumni will meet for lunch on April 17th at 12 noon at O'Melia's in Rock island.  Enter from the back entrance from parking lot on lower level. Please bring written or typed memories of your favorite things about QCMG.  Everyone is welcome. We order from menu with individual tickets. Please call Cathie Anderson at 309-762-3259 if you wish to attend. 
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Please join us for our next production, Something's Afoot, running April 4-7. Contact our box office for tickets at 309-762-6610 or by visiting our website,

Season Tickets Still Available!
Season ticket packages for our 2013 season are now on sale.  Three-, four- and five-show packages are available.  For more information, please visit our website, or call our box office at 309-762-6610.  A volunteer will be happy to return your call!
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Thank you....
A big thank you to all who volunteered to work at our January and February auditions.  Your efforts made things run very smoothly, and we appreciate you!
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Congratulations to the Cast of Something's Afoot
Directing Staff
Director: Martha Taylor
Assistant Director: Sue Woodard
Music Director: Dave Blakey
Assistant Music DIrector: Sue Williams 
Choreographer: Kathy Taylor
Costume Designer: Deb Holmes
Set Designer: Mark Holmes
Props: Adam and Heather Beck
Sound Designer: Sean and Mark McGinn

The Cast:
Dr Grayburn - Tom Naab
Lady Grace - Heidi Pedersen
Geoffrey - Dan Pepper
Hope - Melissa Pepper
Nigel - Tommy Ratkiewicz
Clive - Bruce Rickert
Flint - Steve TouVelle
Lettie - Pami Triebel
Tweed - Sara Nicole Wegener
Colonel - Mike Schmidt
Congratulations to the Cast of Cabaret!
 Directing Staff
Director: Bob Williams
Assistant Director: Deb Shippy
Music Director: Bob Manasco
Assistant Music Director: Deb Swift
Choreographer: Emma Williams
Costume Designer: Deb Holmes
Set Designer: Mark Holmes
Props: TBD
Light Designer: Kevin Pierce 
Sound Designer: TBD
Producer: Dave Blakey

The Cast:

Emcee - Bryan Tank
Sally Bowles - Melissa Anderson-Clark
Cliff Bradshaw - Tristan Tapscott
Fraulein Schneider - Nancy Teerlinck
Herr Schultz - Mark McGinn
Fraulein Kost - Abbey Donohoe
Ernst Ludwig - Eugene Pavinato
German Tenor - Joe Maubach

Ensemble:Stacy Speidel-Holke, Hillary Pieper, Kate Moran, Emma Evans-Peck, Sara Wegener, Lindsay Zahniser, Elizabeth DeReu, Gina Cox, Kristine Oswald, Sara Laufer, Chelsea Crumbleholme, Aaron Benson, Joe Maubach, Alex Raya, Tommy Ratkiewicz, Nick Munson, Anthony Greer, Daniel Williams, Axel Box, Steve TouVelle, Blake Kelley

Congratulations to the Cast of Peter Pan! 
 Directing Staff
Director: Beth Marsoun
Assistant Director: Jodi McGinn
Music Director: Ben Holmes
Assistant Music Director: Cheryl Bolt
Choreographer: Sunne McGinn
Costume Designer: Cathy Marsoun
Set Designer: Bill Marsoun
Lighting Designer: TBD
Sound Designer: Sean McGinn
Props: Sue Woodard
Producer: Dave Blakey

The Cast:
Peter Pan - Sarah Lounsberry
Wendy - Autumn Loose
Captain Hook - Tom Naab
Smee - Mike Millar
John - Spencer Clark
Michael - Nelson Lindmark
Tiger Lily - Lauren VanSpeybroeck
Mr. Darling - Adam Lounsberry
Mrs. Darling - Jeanine Link
Nana/Crocodile - Tara Scott

Lost Boys:
Andrew Park, Joie Stoeffen, Lillian Cobert, Katie Makleust, Anna Winn, Carson HEath, Logan Ewing, Maidson Crumbleholme, Quincy Keele, Grace Peckenschneider, William Rudzinski, Nora Rudzinski, Harper Clark, Anna Baker, Laila Haley
Greg O'Neill, Tim Dominicus, Edward Sierra Lee, Adam Lounsberry, Stephanie Schultz, Gary Andeson, Harold Truitt, Brandon Bern

Kayla Lee, Alyssa Castro, Estelle Hgdon, Jeanine Link, Siena Fah, Murphy Bolt, Molly Williams, Sophia PIke, Claire Rittenhouse, Olivia Lyman
Congratulations to the Cast of 9 to 5! 
 Directing Staff  
Director: John VanDeWoestyne
Assistant Director: Heather Beck
Music Director: Gregg Neuleib 
Assistant Music Director: Marcia Renaud
Choreographer: Erin Churchill
Costume Designer: Cindy Monroe
Set Designer: Kevin Pieper
Sound Designer: TBD
Light Designer: TBD
Props: TBD
Producer: Bill Marsoun

The Cast: 

Violet Newstead - Valeree Pieper
Doralee Rhodes - Elisabeth Gonzalez
Judy Bernly - Jenny Winn
Roz Keith - Dolores Sierra
Franklin Hart - Kevin Pieper
Joe Perkins - Joel Kolander
Dwayne Rhodes - Cole Mitchell
Josh Newstead - Edward Sierra-Lee
Dick Bernly - Tom Vaccaro
Margaret Pomerance - Shana Kulhavy
Kathy Jones - Katie Casey
Missy Hart - Carol Neuleib
Maria Delgado - Kelly Thompson
Bob Enright - Paul Hansen
Russell Tinsworthy - Mike Schmidt
Candy Striper - Allyson Martens
Intern - Payton Brasher
Detective - Don Faust
Doctor - Adam Beck

Ensemble: Jamie Bauschka, Adam Beck, Payton Brasher, Caitlin Breedlove, Susie Carsell-Schaecter, Katie Casey, Amy Eberts, Don Faust, Paul Hansen, Ann Keeney-Grafft, Joel Kolander, Shana Kulhavy, Allyson Martens, Cole Mitchell, Carol Neuleib,  Heather Roman, Kelly Thompson, Tom Vaccaro, Leigh VanWinkle, Dan Williams


New Invited Dress Rehearsal Policy
QCMG has updated our policy regarding who may attend our free invited dress rehearsal, and we want to keep you informed. The reasons behind the change in dress rehearsal policy are as follows:
1) To encourage more people to volunteer in all areas of the organization, particularly on the days of performances
2) To increase the number of tickets sold per performance and overall season
3) To put our policies more in line with other area community theaters.

-Persons cast or involved with an individual show will no longer be invited to attend dress rehearsals for the remaining shows.

-Persons invited to dress rehearsals include:
-nursing homes, group homes, etc that are invited in writing 
-neighbors as identified in writing
-board of directors
-persons involved in that specific production that are not participating in the actual performances including:
-Mon-Thurs and Daytime Box Office Volunteers
-Persons involved in tech such as painters, carpenters, seamstresses, lighting, and sound assistants
-1 guest for each person involved in the actual performance (i.e. cast, crew, orchestra, production staff)

-The following volunteers are invited to attend the performance the night or matinee they volunteer.  This is for the volunteer only and for that performance only. These volunteers can bring a guest only if that guest purchases an individual ticket for the performance that night.
-Box office
-Bus Greeters
-Parking Attendants
-Lobby Pianists
-Lobby Sales (t-shirts, etc)

Cast members and others involved in a single show may see the remaining shows of the season for free only if they volunteer in one of the above areas.  This will allow them to see the performance(s) the day they volunteer.

Committee chairs will enforce the number of people who volunteer. For example, if concessions needs 6 volunteers and one volunteer brings a friend, the friend will be required to purchase a ticket.

Thursday night Dress Rehearsals will be ushered by the Board of Directors until the policy is understood by our volunteers.

Thank in advance for your patience and understanding as we work to implement the new policy!








Questions about Overtones or need to update your email address?  Please contact Jen Sondgeroth at  Just put 'Overtones' in the subject line.