Voices of The Project
With the funds raised on GiveNOLA Day, The Project can do more for the many underserved populations that come to us each year: seniors, children, families, wage earners, other non-profits, and the many who simply do not earn enough to afford the civil legal services they need. 
Here's just one example of the important role The Project plays in our community. 
Attorney Ira Gonzales of Adams & Reese took on a case of a single mother who was owed back wages from a previous employer.
What seemed like a simple phone call, turned in to a full-blown court case when the employer was unresponsive. The court resolved in favor of the wage earner and awarded penalties in addition to the back wages.
"Needless to say, justice was truly served. The client's commitment and determination to prove the legitimacy of her claim while struggling to support her family was the driving force to a successful outcome. 
Although the client certainly benefitted by pursuing her fight to protect her rights, assisting a voiceless victim realize a resolution to a wrong committed against her was just as rewarding an experience for me as it was for her. 
This encounter epitomized to me the meaning of sleeping a little better at night by helping to better the lives of other less fortunate," said Mr. Gonzales.
This client is just one voice among the thousands that The Project has served since its formation in 1986. 
Your generosity on GiveNOLA Day helps us to open the doors to so many who otherwise would be voiceless. 


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Our Mission

The Pro Bono Project's mission is to provide free, quality civil legal services to the underserved by engaging volunteer lawyers to render pro bono services. The Project serves Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Tammany and Washington Parishes with funding from the Justice For All Ball and other sources. The Project works in collaboration with other legal and social service providers to improve the quality of life for our clients and our community.

Ready, Set, GiveNOLA Day ...

The excitement is building for GiveNOLA Day, as thousand of metro area residents get ready to show their support for their favorite non-profit on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, GiveNOLA Day is an all-day online giving event to inspire the community to give generously to strengthen the non-profits in the metro New Orleans area. 


On GiveNola Day, every donation The Pro Bono Project

gets will go a little further and help us claim our share of $200,000 in bonus dollars from the Lagniappe Fund, plus an additional $96,000 in prizes.


The Project has set a fundraising goal of $11,665 for this 24-hour giving effort. What's the meaning behind this odd number? This is our way of acknowledging the 1,665 cases that The Project serviced in 2013, and of asking you to help us do even more to open the doors for those in need in 2014.


You Can Help


You can help The Project meet its GiveNola Day giving goal of $11,665 during the 24-hours of Tuesday, May 6th by taking these four key actions:  

  • Mark your calendar for GiveNOLA Day on Tuesday, May 6th and bookmark this link in your favorite website browser: http://www.givenola.org/#npo/the-pro-bono-project 
  • Take action from midnight to midnight: go online and make a donation through The Project's direct link: http://www.givenola.org/#npo/the-pro-bono-project 
  • Share this link with your colleagues, friends, family and on your personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media pages. Ask them to share and retweet through their personal social media and to take action by making a donation of at least $10 to The Project.
  • Make it easy on yourself and forward this email to your circle of colleagues, family and friends here, across the country and around the world and ask them to make the minimum donation of $10 or whatever they can afford to give.

Yes everyone, anywhere can participate by giving the minimum donation of $10, and of course, we encourage you to you give as much as you can afford to give. Every dollar you contribute helps The Project multiply your donation through 'lagniappe dollars' and special prizes that GNOF and their many generous sponsors have set up to help all participating non-profits maximize this day-long fundraising opportunity.


Once again, here's the link to use on TuesdayMay 6, 2014 from midnight to midnight: http://www.givenola.org/#npo/the-pro-bono-project 


Hear Allen Toussaint Sing About It!!
Hear Allen Toussaint Sing About It!!


Thank you in advance for your generous support!! We're excited to celebrate the difference your generosity will make for The Project and in the lives of the individuals, families and other non-profit organizations we serve!


From the Board and Staff of The Project, our thanks for your continued support!

Rachel (Signature)
Rachel Piercey
Executive Director
The Pro Bono Project