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July, 2013     
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Save the Date

Volunteer Appreciation
CLE, Awards & Reception 
Wednesday December 4, 2013
Jones Walker
3:30 pm
CLE: 4-5 pm
Awards & Reception
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October 20-26, 2013

PS - The Celebration Store is now open!

Invitations in the mail soon for the ...

25th Anniversary Justice For All Ball
Presenting Sponsor:
Blessey Marine Services, Inc.
September 20, 2013
8:00 pm to Midnight
Audubon Tea Room

George Porter, Jr. & Runnin' Pardners
Dave Hansen's Garden District Trio

For Sponsorship Information, please contact Rachel Piercey or at 504.581.4043.
Take A Case

What's on your plate this month? We have something for every interest on this month's CASE LIST


As you will see, we have two new intrafamily adoptions, one in which there are no parents. We also have a simple custody case, but one that requires someone who can communicate in Spanish. 


Also for anyone who speaks Spanish, we have a name change that can be done through forms filed with Vital Statistics since the parents only want to change the minor's first and middle name.


To round out the family law cases, we have four clients who need help with interdicting relatives, a dative tutorship and visitation rights for a homeless person who has been paying child support but is denied all access to his child.


In the consumer area, we have several bankruptcy cases, all Chapter 7 cases that have been triaged though our bankruptcy clinic for merit. 


There are also three cases for people who have been victimized by contractors, one of which involves ongoing work that may just require some good advocacy to get the project rolling again.


Finally, there is an interesting mixture of cases: an intellectual property matter; a new immigration case; helping a group incorporate and get nonprofit status; removing a prescribed lien from a nonprofit's property; a Road Home issue; revoking a power of attorney; and a wage claim that also requires ability in Spanish. 


 Take a look at our JULY CASE LIST - there's something for everyone. Thanks for your help.

Open The Doors
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Follow-up Links
JFAB 2013


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead

     We have the potential to change the world at The Pro Bono Project - at least the world of those underserved citizens in our region who come to The Pro Bono Project with pressing civil legal needs. Thanks to our group of thoughtful, committed volunteers willing to share their legal skills and talent to change our clients' lives, we are making a difference - one person at a time.


     With every civil legal case resolved, we help our clients achieve peace of mind, and in the process, we help them reclaim their lives as productive members of our community. And doing so benefits us all.


     Who are The Project's clients?

  • The mother who no longer has to worry about an abusive spouse and whether she will lose custody of her children.
  • The worker who finally receives the back wages owed to him/her by an unscrupulous employer.
  • The senior or veteran who finally receives the social security or disability benefits to which he/she is entitled.
  • The child who feels safe, protected by a lawyer advocating on his/her behalf.
  • The father who is ensured custody of his children when his estranged wife suddenly dies, leaving no explicit instructions for the children's custody or well-being.
  • The young, professional, hard-working single mother or senior, relieved of the burden of credit card debt and able to start fresh.

      Sad child But helping our clients regain peace of mind comes at a cost. And that's where The Pro Bono Project plays its most critical role - matching those in need of civil legal services with lawyers willing to do pro bono work.


     Funding at the state and federal levels continues to shrink while the need for civil legal services in our community continues to grow.  When you financially contribute to The Project, we are able to leverage every single dollar of your donation to do more to serve the needs of our residents dealing with civil legal issues but who cannot afford a lawyer. Your contribution to The Project is a smart investment in our community.


     As part of that group of thoughtful, committed volunteers and donors who support the work of The Project with your time, talent, and financial generosity, you make a profound change in our world - one client at a time.


     We are asking you to make an individual contribution in the amount of $100, or the maximum you can afford to give, in order to help The Project continue to ensure that all Louisiana citizens can be productive members of our community.


LA Gives logo      You can make your individual pledge for 2013 securely online, through Louisiana Gives (Just Give)by downloading a Pledge Form or by calling the office at 504.581.4043.  


     You can designate how you want your funds to be used - whether towards a specific program, in honor, celebration or memory of someone or some event, or as part of our general operating efforts. 


     Our thanks in advance for your generous support and continued commitment to our work - we couldn't do it without you.


All the best,



Rachel Piercey            

Executive Director       


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Summer School ...


     It's been a busy house at The Pro Bono Project this summer with law school interns from local and regional universities. We always enjoy having the students with us - there's nothing like hands-on experience to add some real life to the theory of law. Here are some of their thoughts about working with The Project in our 'summer school.'


Barry Students
l to r: Linton Carney, Jessica Palomino, Zakiya LaGrange, Ayanna Collins, Angela Goodrum, Debra Owens, Rachel Piercey 

     Working at The Pro Bono Project was a significant milestone in my law school career and in my own personal development.

     Learning successions changed my perspective of property law and showed me how important it is for many families in New Orleans. 

    Thank you for allowing me to experience the great need for legal representation of lower-income persons, and the even greater work that you all do everyday. I am interested in Advocacy work and this internship gave me positive exposure to it.

 - Ayanna Collins, MBA 

Barry University School of Law (Orlando, FL)

1L Part Time Evening Student


     This summer, I've been working with staff attorney Jesse George on CINC cases, organizing materials for a CINC CLE, and helping manager the roster of bankruptcy cases. I've enjoyed attending and participating in bankruptcy clinics the most so far. I've also attended the triage clinics at The Pro Bono Project, and the consumer debt clinics at St. Peter Claver.

     It has been an interesting and rewarding experience to counsel clients and help them determine whether or not bankruptcy is the solution to their problem, as well as listening to their stories and helping them sort through other legal problems. 

    Despite the fact that I knew nothing about bankruptcy before my internship here, this has quickly and easily become my favorite part of working at The Pro Bono Project.

- Seaira Kersch 

Loyola Law/Rising 3L 


     During July and August I was fortunate to work under the supervision of Chief Legal Officer Linton Carney researching legal issues and communicating with clients to develop and assess cases before referring them to volunteer attorneys. I also assisted at the Pro Se Help Desk at the Civil District Court and worked on successions cases with Staff Attorney Chris Coty
- Elizabeth
Tulane Law/Rising 3L 


Summer Interns 2013
l to r: Elizabeth Horn, Dianna Duffy, Seaira Kersch, John Hays 
     I primarily assisted The Project's Chief Legal Officer Linton Carney in legal research and helping match indigent clients' legal needs with local attorneys offering pro bono service.  
I also provided interpretation for Spanish speaking clients and translated documents and correspondence into Spanish. Along with my classmate Elizabeth Horn, I got the experience of providing assistance at the pro se self-help desk at Civil District Court.
- John Hays

Tulane Law/Rising 3L

   I particularly enjoyed learning about juvenile court and going through the bankruptcy clinic with struggling debtors - very eye-opening.

- Samuel Ford

Tulane Law/Rising 3L

     Sam worked as an extern at The Project in May and June, helping Staff Attorney Jesse George on consumer and Child in Need of Care (CINC) cases. 


     It was great to help organize and then work at The Project's latest Divorce Workshop, where I assisted over 115 clients. I'm getting first-hand experience in all aspects of a law office including court runs, client interaction, and research. 

- Dianna Duffy

Loyola Law/2L

     Dianna is a Gillis Long Scholar and will serve as Student Bar Association Secretary during the next semester. This summer, she worked with The Project, focusing on Family Law.  


     I'm providing legal assistance to Louisiana residents filing claims with the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Authority and am helping to broaden outreach to coastal communities. I just spent a day in Terrebonne Parish canvassing the community and helping to set up a clinic for next week.

- Jacquelyn Aaron

Loyola Law/3L

   Jacquelyn is Comment Editor of the Maritime Law Journal and a Moot Court Staff Member.
     Dianna, Jacquelyn and Seaira all received Gillis Long Felllowships for their work this summer at The Project.
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Our Mission

The Pro Bono Project's mission is to provide free, quality civil legal services to the underserved by engaging volunteer lawyers to render pro bono services. The Project serves Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Tammany and Washington Parishes with funding from the Justice For All Ball and other sources. The Project works in collaboration with other legal and social service providers to improve the quality of life for our clients and our community.