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Issue: Vol 2  # 3
March  5, 2010   
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Dechert Attorney, Law Students Pitch In For The Project  With Donations -- Have You Pitched In Yet?

   Dechert attorney and Tulane Law School graduate, Lorien Golaski, who received a 2009 Distinguished Service Awards from The Project  received an award by her firm Dechert for her commitment to pro bono service. 

   As a part of that, Lorien was able to donate $500 to the non-profit of her choice and she chose The Project! 

   How lucky are we that Lorien has been an outstanding  volunteer, returning annually to work with us, and she chose The Project as the recipient of this award by her firm?    Bravo and our thanks, Lorien!

   The law students that come to The Project do so on their own funds.  But, recently, in addition to paying their own way, they have begun to make a donation as part of the opportunity we give them for the experience of learning working with clients and veteran attorneys first hand. 

   We offer our heartfelt thanks to the law students from the University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke Law School and Howard University School of Law for their generous contributions to support our efforts.

   We are so fortunate that Lorien and the law students understand tha financial needs that come with running The Project. 

   Their willingness to Pitch In for Pro Bono financially, as well as with their time and expertise is an important part of our ability to serve clients.

   If you haven't made your personal year-end donation and Pitched In for Pro Bono, it's not too late -- you can do so right now through the secure  Louisiana Giving
website or by mailing a check to The Pro Bono Project, 615 Baronne Street, Suite 203, NOLA 70113.

  Our thanks in advance for your generous support.
The Project

LA Giving B&W

Please support The Project by clicking on the Louisiana Giving logo above or for the future by contacting us at 504.581.4043 about a Planned Giving program.
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JFAB 2009

     Yes, they are back!

     Our Spring Break 2010 law school students are back to join us over the next several weeks to support the many different efforts we're currently handling!  We could use some extra hands to help manage these next generation attorneys and hope a few of you will pitch in!  See story below.

     February was a busy month in spite of all the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras celebrations. March promises to be the same, and there's no stopping us now!  Like our proud Saints, we're on a roll! 

     Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

With gratitude,
Rachel Piercey
Executive Director

Back In The Crescent City: Law Students for Justice

      Beginning, Monday, March 8th, eight law students arrive from the University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law, with loyal supporter Professor Susan Waysdorf leading the charge to work with The Project for the entire week. 

      They will be followed during the week of March 15th, by eight law students from Howard University, seven law students from Drake University and 12 law students from Roger Williams University.  All of these students will be working from the Louisiana Bar Center, except those from Roger WIlliams University, who will be working at the Krebs Farley firm offices at 400 Poydras.

     The Project has several projects and clinics planned during these two weeks for the students and we could use your help in four ways.  We need:
  • Volunteers for the Bridge House clinic on March 17 from 5-7 pm to work with students;
  • Someone to supervise the eight law students from Howard University Law School;
  • A volunteer to supervise the Roger WIlliams students on Thursday and Friday, March 18 & 19; and
  • Volunteers for Wednesday, March 16, from 7-9 pm, Bethany Colony South Ministries Clinic.
     Please send an email to Linton Carney and let him know if you can help with any of these needs.

     Here's a complete list of clinics the students will be manning during their time in the Crescent City:

  • 3/09 & 3/10: Broadmoor Improvement Association Clinic
    4520 S Derbigny Street
    10 am - 5 pm on Tuesday, 3/09
    10 am - 3 pm on Wednesday, 3/10
  • 3/11: Wage Claim Clinic
    120 S. Cortez
    6-7:30 pm
  • 3/16: Bethany Colony South Ministries Clinic
    4114 Old Gentilly Road
    7-9 pm
  • 3/17: Hispanic Resource Center Clinic
    4312 Florida Avenue, Kenner
    6:30-8:30 pm
  • 3/17: Bridge House Clinic
    1160 Camp Srreet
    5-7 pm
     As many of you know, law students from across the country have been coming to The Project during their winter, spring and summer breaks since Katrina.  They have provided much needed help and support for our work during these years. 

     In return, we have given them the opportunity for some hands-on experience in the profession they have chosen for their lives. We are thrilled that through them we are making a difference in the lives of our citizens, as well as in the lives of these soon-to-be attorneys.
There's Always More To Do ...

     People often wonder what else the students do while they are working with The Project.  Chief Legal Officer Linton Carney has plenty for them to do, including some regular case work in The Project's office on divorces, successions and cases identified in the clinics.

     Plus, they will also be doing some case research on some very convoluted issues to determine merit.  They'll also work on helping The Project develop a debt clinic based on successful clinics being run by other organizations around the country.

     Finally, through a cooperative agreement with the Louisiana Civil Justice Center (an agency that came into existence right after Katrina to help get critical information to displaced persons and now performs basic intake for several of the Legal Services programs), our students will be working on three projects:

  • helping to identify a final list of questions, complied from several sources, for their online intake program;
  • identifying agencies that are not identified in the online program from several list sources; and
  • developing some brochures and pamphlets that can be mailed to elderly callers in need.
       The students are definitely hard at work while here performing many tasks that would take time away from staff and volunteers in their direct service to clients.  The law students are working and learning at the same time, practicing for a future moment when they will all be attorneys working in their own communities nationwide in the pursuit of justice for all.

     To get involved with any of the student groups while here, please contact Linton Carney or  Rachel Piercey or call The Project at 504.581.4043.
Our Mission

The Pro Bono Project's mission is to provide free, quality civil legal services to the poor by engaging volunteer attorneys to render pro bono services.
  The Project serves Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Tammany and Washington Parishes with funding from the Justice For All Ball and other sources.  The Project works in collaboration with other legal and social service providers to improve the quality of life for our clients and our community.