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May 08, 2015

Welcome to another edition of BindiWeddings - a channel dedicated exclusively to South Asian Weddings.


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Planning a wedding can be exhausting and exciting at the same time. To make this special occasion memorable, browse through our features on Unique Wedding Venues, Top Essentials to have on your Wedding Day and 10 tips for planning the perfect honeymoon. Whatever you are looking for is just a click away with BindiWeddings.


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The Most Beautiful Destination Wedding Ever!

Indian weddings are gorgeous. It's a fact. But to pull of a desi wedding thats stunning, intimate and  well, perfect is not easy.  POPxo Style Council member Melanie Kannokada's fairytale wedding was just that. The location helped, it took place at Amanyara in Turks and Caicos but it was the little touches that made all the difference! 


Read More HERE to check out the cutest couple in the spotlight at their fairytale wedding!

Quirky Wedding Cards!


Gone are the days when wedding invitation cards were dull and dreary with each one sounding like the other.


As the world increasingly breaks away from tradition and embraces technology, new trends and innovation, wedding cards reflect the same. Now it's all about quirky and fun invites that reflect the unique personalities of the couple and the story of their romance.


Wedding cards now look like anything but invitation cards. They are not flamboyant and intricate and expensive like the ones we often see. These are fun, minimalistic and out-of-the-box where concepts rule over intricacy. Some are designed like a boarding pass, others like a newspaper clippings, a Bollywood film poster or even comic book strips with the story of the couple's romance doodled in. 


Read More HERE.

Your Wedding Cake Guide for the Spring!


Spring is a time that represents fresh colours, renewal and birth. It's also a popular time to throw your perfect Spring wedding. 2011 is all about fresh palettes and colours. Taking cue from this year's fashion week here are a few colours, style, and filling ideas for your wedding cake.


Colours: Cake colours making the biggest comeback this year are tiffany blue, nude pink and white. A white cake is classy and elegant. With a basic, white cake you can go with add-ons like a white rose - always a nice touch to a simple, lace cake that could potentially go with the bride's dress.



Read More HERE.

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