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Greetings from MyBindi!   

Exciting news! TD has hit it for a six with this new offer. 

Now for a limited time when you switch to TD, you can get the latest 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab A FREE. All you need to do is to drop by at a TD branch today and open a TD All-Inclusive or Unlimited chequing account.   

You can do it after work or even on Sunday if you prefer, thanks to TD's longer hours and Sunday banking.    

And you'll be able to enjoy unlimited transactions with these accounts when you keep a minimum balance. As TD likes to say, "aapne kahaa, humne kiya."   

Trust the bank desis trust to keep doing what's right by us. 

To switch now, find the branch nearest to you or click HERE to find out more.

Syerah Virani
Editor-in-Chief & CEO

Start your TD innings with the latest 8" Samsung 
Tab A FREE and enjoy unlimited transactions!

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