December 23, 2013


SyerahDear Members,

Two years ago, we launched a special christmas initiative asking readers to submit photos of what Christmas means to them.  The response was overwhelming.
No matter what your faith or religious belief, more and more desi families celebrate the spirit and tradition of Christmas in their own special way.  The photos and messages we received were so visual, so meaningful and so heart warming that I simply feel compelled to share their message with all of you once again.

I hope that some or all of these sentiments will resonate with you.
And while we're on the subject of a DESI Christmas, we invite you to Jingle Bhang and celebrate the CHRISTMAS and holiday cheer with Simply Gaurav & Jus Reign's Bhangra party this Wednesday!
Jus Reign hosts & performs from his new upcoming Bhangra Album "P.O.P. BOYZ"


When: Wednesday, December 25, 2013 (CHRISTMAS DAY!)
Where: 6 Degrees
Time: Doors open at 10:30pm 
Tickets: Online advance tickets $20
To purchase tickets please click HERE

Please Note: This is not a Guestlist event, advance/door tickets Only. Door Tickets will be higher in price than advance tickets.


Join the talented "Luv To Bhang" Family: Double AA & J Raj Music alongside special guest DJs, DJ Guru DJ Alfa


Come Bhang to the Rythmic Sounds of :  

Bhangra | UK Fusion | Top 40 | House | Hip Hop | R&B

For more information please click HERE
From all of us at MyBindi.com we wish you and your family a memorable Christmas and our very best wishes for the holiday season


Syerah Virani
Editor-in-Chief & CEO



PS: Click HERE to view our entire album of how South Asians celebrate the holidays!   


Aastha Sahni
Family & Love

"Our Desi Christmas involves me and my mom going to Niagara Falls on Christmas Eve to see the fireworks." :) ~ Aastha Sahni

Tina George
Giving and Compassion

"Our Christmas tradition is to take the time and resources to share the joy and good news of Christmas to those lesser privileged than us. We contribute money to good causes, buy gifts for the annual Christmas dinner at the local food bank, sing Christmas carols at a seniors' home, and take yummy treats for the seniors! At home, we always have our Santa hats on!" ~ Tina George.

Ekta Chauhan

"We celebrate Christmas with our family Desi Style: 
1) We make gingerbread cookies 
2) We make Christmas ornaments 
3) My husband dresses up as Santa" ~ Ekta Chauhan 

Anu Chopra
Christmas is Believing

"We love Christmas time!" ~ Anu Chopra

Paul Sethi

"My wife and I were engaged 20 years ago on Christmas Day. Over the years we had a tradition of going to my wife's brother's place to celebrate Christmas; carry all the gifts for the kids & then one of the guys becomes Santa & gives the gifts away...real good times!"
~ Paul Sethi

5thE Header
Red, White and Green

"I love Christmas." ~ Mallika Das. 

Supriya Arora

"Christmas is a time of togetherness, and as my family is not in Canada, I like spending time with my friends, going to the malls and shopping for gifts during the festivities. The energy and decor is so wonderful!" ~ Supriya Arora

Lachman Balani
Festive Feast

"Zabaoine topped with ferrero rocher! Total heavenly bliss!"
Lachman Balani.

Zhaida Uddin
"I embrace as much of the holiday season as I can. I love shopping so decorations are a must, and then of course there has to be presents and a tree to put them under. Happy Holidays! And "Let it snow...let it snow...where's the snow?" ~ Zhaida Uddin


"Here we celebrated the Eighth Annual Kris Kringle Bash at Chez Sy. Once a year, we get together and reminisce and catch up and also share our hopes for the year to come. It's a tradition I feel so happy to have created and I am sure everyone in attendance feels the same way. ~ Syerah Virani