August 28, 2013


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Ottawa Highlights newsletter which now also serves the South Asian community in

This Saturday, Kabir Cultural Centre proudly presents "Kumar Gandharva Darshan" in Montreal!  This is a unique LIVE concert with historic audio-visuals.  See details below.
Coming up in Ottawa this September is the India Cup Cricket Tournament.  See details below.


If you are a business or an organization in Ottawa that would like to do outreach with the South Asian community in Ottawa or Montreal, please send me an email at syerah@mybindi.com.   


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TATA Tea Now Available in Canada!

Shahrukh Khan's favorite tea has arrived in Canada!  India's #1 Tea is now available in Canada from coast to coast.

You can brew Tata's bold malty flavor at home for an authentic taste of India. Welcome India's #1 tea by helping us brew some magic in Canada. Tata Tea, now available at major retailers.

Money Lessons: Undergrads say Their Budgets Did Not Make the Grade
TD Freshman

Student debt can quickly escalate in a number of different ways, like dipping into the semester's food budget for a Spring Break vacation or withdrawing cash from a credit card to pay the rent.


According to research from TD Canada Trust, 38% of undergraduate students wished they had stuck to a budget during school, and 43% said they wished they had curbed spending on discretionary items like nights out with friends, gadgets and coffee. Quick-fix approaches to spending can have implications that linger for decades, so it is essential that freshman put their best financial foot forward from day one.


To help post-secondary students make the grade in money management, TD Canada Trust provides advice on how to avoid the top three freshman fiscal missteps:

1. Earning a failing mark on a credit rating  

2. Treating a credit card like a debit card 
3. Spending without a plan


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Kumar Gandharv Darshan by Pushkar Lele in Montreal
Puskhar Lele

Kabir Cultural Centre is proud to present "Kumar Gandharva Darshan" in Montreal!

A unique LIVE concert with historic audio-visuals with rising star Pushkar Lele, in the firmament of Hindustani Vocal Music. Sanjay Deshpande on tabla & Vyasmurti Katti on harmonium.

Kumar Gandharva was an outstanding musician known for his innovative style & refusal of traditions. Through historic visuals and uncanny recreations, Pushkar, the young prodigy from Pune, India reveals the unexplored genius of Kumar Gandharva to present day listeners.

When: Saturday, August 31, 2013
Where: Kabir Cultural Centre, Montreal
Time: begins at 7:30pm
Tickets: $22 Member | $27 Non-members | $42 Member VIP | $52 Non-member VIP

Click HERE to purchase tickets.

Click HERE for more information.

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India Cup Cricket Tournament in Ottawa
India Cup Cricket

India Canada Association presents India Cup Cricket Tournament in Ottawa!

Winner's Cup Best Bowler, Best Batsman & more.

When: September 7, 2013
Where: Lynda Lane Cricket Ground 5 - Ottawa
Time: 9:30am to 6pm
Tickets: $15 per players (lunch included) | FREE for women & children

Lunch/Snacks will be available for visitors at a nominal price.

For more information or to register as a player please contact Inderpreet at 613.240.4116 or via EMAIL.

For ladies and children please contact Deepali Jamwal via EMAIL.

In case of rain, date to be rescheduled to September 14th, 2013.

Click HERE for more information.

This event is proudly supported by MyBindi.com.
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The Akkarai Sisters in Montreal!
Akkarai Sisters

The Akkarai Sisters will be delivering a traditional Carnatic violin concert.

They shall be accompanied by Ghatam Karthik, India's top-ranked percussionist.

When: Saturday, September 21, 2013
Where: Maxwell Cummings Auditorium, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Montreal
Time: 7pm

Click HERE for more information.

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Cine Music Ottawa: Music for a Cause
CineMusiq Ottawa

Cine Musiq 2013 is made up of 7 Swaras that bring together South Asian music lovers under one roof for a good cause.

More than 40 local artists (singers/dancers) will participate along with John Sathya's Chennai Rhythms (a professional orchestra from Toronto) to raise funds for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

The night will consist of artists singing a wide variety of songs in different languages including Thamil, Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit and English.

When: Saturday, September 21, 2013
Where: Kailash Mital Theatre - Carleton University
Time: 5.30pm
Tickets: $10 advance tickets | $15 at the door

To purchase your tickets please call 613.898.7482.

Click HERE for more information.

This event is proudly supported by MyBindi.com.
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Lowest Airfares from Nanak Flights
TATA Tea Now Available in Canada!
Money Lessons: Undergrads say Their Budgets Did Not Make the Grade
Kumar Gandharv Darshan by Pushkar Lele in Montreal
India Cup Cricket Tournament in Ottawa
The Akkarai Sisters in Montreal!
Cine Music Ottawa: Music for a Cause
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Travel Tips from the Yogis 


Just back from Italy. First trip abroad with the beloved. We bent time and space and faced all of the required demons and angels masquerading as pizza.  Here's what we learned:

1. Set your intention as you plan
Is this a time for personal reflection? Developing a relationship? Writing? Health?  Make it clear in your heart and mind why you are going and be clear who you want to be along the way. And if the Plan changes as a result so be it.

2. Essential oil
Take some with you. Pack it in your suitcase and you have a fool proof way of altering and enhancing your mood. Lavender is relaxing and peppermint is invigorating for example.  Choose a scent to wear along your way to remind you of your intention.  Use your intuition when you pick your scent.  I like www.youngliving.com for organic oils.   


Click HERE to read more. 


Word Sy 


Book Review by Wendy Aujla


"Tears of Mehndi" is Raminder Sidhu's first debut novel that explores the tight-knit community in Vancouver's Little India.

Raminder opens up the dialogue around the social issues that some South Asian's encounter when caught between two cultures and struggling to follow Indian traditions while embracing the values of the Western culture. This novel is written in a unique way, where the reader is introduced to characters that are searching for their dreams and happiness in Canadian society. The painful stories of the eight fictional women are shared as the author intertwines their lives by weaving one story into another which is not an easy task. The eight women each have unique names where the meaning is provided for the reader to follow their personal story, for instance, Satinder - Truth, Gian - Wisdom, Asha - Hope, Roop - Beauty and so forth.


Click HERE to read more. 


Shamira Wellness 

I love reading. Most of it is non-fiction (if not all) and fall under the categories of: Health/Wellness, Spirituality and Self-Help. Love it - I could read all day about this! In particular, I absolutely love Geneen Roth. She has written numerous books - one of which I've blogged about before: Women, Food & God. She is the most eloquent writer and just gets to the heart of the matter - whether it be about food, money, be present, living your life. She really knows what she's talking about. 

I've been reading her works for years and also get her newsletters. Recently I received one and I absolutely knew I needed to share it with you.

Click HERE to

Music Savia

 Musical Bliss: The Piano Guys feat. Shweta Subram - Khushnuma

What happens when you fuse a creative American musical group with a dynamic Indian vocalist? Musical nirvanva, as presented by The Piano Guys and Shweta Subram in their latest single Khushnuma.


Shweta Subram, an accomplished vocalist from Canada, is well-known in the South Asian music scene. Besides performing with Salim-Sulaiman at the IIFA Awards, Shweta has also won Shankar Mahadevan's global singing competition and has worked with renowned artists like Shankar Tucker, Karthik, and Pravin Mani.

The Piano Guys' creative renditions and mashups of popular songs coupled with breathtaking videos have made them an online musical sensation. 


Click HERE to read more.