August 22, 2013 


Welcome to another edition of MyBindi's newsletter!

MyBindi congratulates Ms. Harleen Malhans of Toronto, Ontario who won the esteemed title of Miss India-Canada 2013
MyBindi also extends special congratulations to Asma and Arshad Mahmood and the entire team of Mosaic 2013. This past weekend, Mississauga truly rocked to the Rhythms of TD Mosaic 2013

This Saturday, Luv to Bhang transforms Toronto into Bhang Nation.  Join the Luv to Bhang family at Six Degrees and bhang to the rhythmic sounds of bhangra, UK fusion and more!

If you're in Mississauga then just saunter over to celebration square for the 3rd Annual Bollywood Monster Mashup! It's a FREE concert from 1 pm to late!  
So, get planning!! 



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Luv to Bhang turns T.O. into a Bhang Nation!
Luv 2 Bhang

Simply Gaurav Events presents Canada's Longest Running Bhangra Party ... Luv to Bhang: Bhang Nation


Hosted by Humble The Poet, alongside the talented Luv To Bhang FamilyDouble AA | K-Square | J Raj Music 


With special guest DJs, DJ Guru DJ Alfa


Come Bhang to the Rythmic Sounds of: BHANGRA | UK FUSION | TOP 40 | HOUSE | HIPHOP | R&B


Click HERE to purchase advance tickets online.

Click HERE to view the Bottle Service Menu


When: Saturday, August 24, 2013
Where: 6 Degrees
Time: Doors Open at 10:30pm
Tickets: $20 advance tickets - price highter at door

Dress Code: Fashion Forward & Bhang Ready


For more information, guestlist and/or bottle service please click HERE or contact: 
  • Gaurav - 416.899.8860 or EMAIL
  • Amar - 416.414.2141 or EMAIL
This event is proudly sponsored by MyBindi.com
Desi Grocery at FreshCo :: Taaza aur Cheaper


Freshco Zabardast Savings
At FreshCo, fresher doesn't mean more expensive.
Click HERE to view a list of stores with a wide variety of Desi grocery products. 


Pick up Your Copy of The Family Took Shape
The Family Took Shape

Shashi Bhat's debut novel The Family Took Shape is a touching and honest story of one unique family's search for happiness in Canadian suburbia. 

Check out the critics have to say:

"A refreshing break from convention... Bhat seamlessly interweaves Canadian suburban life with Indian cultural life... moving and beautifully crafted..." - The Globe and Mail


"The Family Took Shape has a strange and very beautiful ending, proof of Bhat's tremendous promise. -National Post


Order your copy online

TATA Tea now available in Canada!

Shahrukh Khan's favorite tea has arrived in Canada! India's #1 Tea is now available in Canada from coast to coast.

You can brew TATA's bold malty flavor at home for an authentic taste of India. Welcome India's #1 tea by helping us brew some magic in Canada. TATA Tea, now available at major retailers.


TD Celebrates Bollywood Monster Mashup
TD Bollywood Monster Mashup

Click HERE for more information.


Article Headline
NetIP Toronto


NetIP Toronto is a proud supporter of Bollywood Monster Mashup.
The all-day concert is taking place at Celebration Square in Mississauga on Saturday, August 24th.  
In addition, NetIP will be holding a special Mississauga "Meet-Up Before The Mash-Up" at Spring Rolls.
When: Saturday, August 24, 2013
Where: Spring Rolls (90 Burnhamthorpe Rd. West)
Time: 11:30am to 2pm
Tickets: FREE Admission

Come out and network with fellow Young Professionals, learn more about NetIP Toronto and our upcoming events, and get ready for what's sure to be an amazing experience at Bollywood Monster Mash-Up. 

FREE Admission | Door Prizes | Drink Specials | Networking
Click HERE for more information.
This event is proudly sponsored by MyBindi.com


South Asian Art at the Art Gallery of Mississauga!
Art Gallery of Mississauga

This summer, the Art Gallery of Mississauga presents four exciting exhibitions that explore notions of home and identity.

In 011+91 | 011+92, telephone calling codes to India and Pakistan begin the conversation for eight Canadian artists of South Asian descent. Also on view are P. Mansaram Past | Present, Paisley is a Street in Mississauga, and Alice Wang: The fallacy of misplaced concreteness.

When: On now to September 7, 2013
Where: Art Gallery of Mississuga
Time: 10pm to 5pm
Tickets: Admission is free

Click HERE for more information.

Celebrate summer with the AGM!
Engage. Think. Inspire.

This event is proudly sponsored by MyBindi.com
MyBindi Sponsored by
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Trillium Health Partners
Be the first to drive a beautiful new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Coupe
To purchase your raffle ticket for $100, please contact Aarti via Email and help support lifesaving cardiac care services at Trillium Health Partners! 
Bollywood Monster Mash-Up
Bollywood Monster Mashup 2013

The Bollywood Monster Mash-Up free concert is coming back to Mississauga Celebration Square on Saturday, August 24th!

This year, the day long event includes free Arts and Crafts activities for kids, free dance lessons in the square, free film screenings and a wide variety of delicious food all at one place!

In the evening we will have performances by a Bollywood dance group, a West Indian Bollywood band, the singing sensation Kamal Khan will headline, and a special never-seen-before surprise act!

When: Saturday, August 24, 2013
Where: Mississauga Celebration Square
Time: Starts at 1pm
Tickets: This is a FREE event!

Please note parking is FREE in the City Centre (City Hall, Library) & Living Arts Centre

Click HERE for more information.

This event is proudly sponsored by MyBindi.com
MyBindi Sponsored by
Now Playing: Chennai Express
Albion Cinemas

The film tells the story of Rahul, who embarks on a journey to a small town in Tamil Nadu. Rahul travels there only to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather - to have his ashes immersed in the Holy water of Rameshwaram


En route, Rahul meets a South Indian girl hailing from a unique family down South. As they find love through this journey in the exuberant lands of South India, an unanticipated drive awaits them. What follows is a series of adventures where he finds himself in estranged situations, challenged with an unfamiliar language! This film is an action packed romantic journey.


Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone
Director: Rohit Shetty
Where: Albion Cinemas, York Cinemas, Woodside Cinemas

For more information on showtimes at Albion Cinemas, please click HERE.

For more information on showtimes at York Cinemas, please click HERE.

For more information on showtimes at Woodside Cinemas, please click HERE.

MyBindi is a proud promotional partner of Albion Cinemas and York & Woodside Cinemas - delivering the best of Bollywood Cinema in the GTA!



Dare to be You :: 22nd Annual NetIP Conference
NetIP NA Conference

NetIP North America is excited to launch the 22nd Annual Conference centered around "Dare to Be You".

As South Asians are beginning to break away from social norms, we can spearhead the movement toward diversifying our lives and professions.

As NetIP's mission is to improve and enhance our community through our 4 pillars, we are sure we can be the forum for South Asians to explore diversity.

As many of us strive to find our place in society and break away from the traditional career and life paths, we realize we are inundated with infinite opportunities and it is important to find avenues to diversify our professions and lives!

Attend the 22nd Annual NetIP Conference and "Dare to Be You"!

When: August 30 - September 2, 2013
Where: Hilton San Francisco, San Francisco Bay area
Tickets: $350 

Click  HERE to register for the conference and purchase tickets.

Click  HERE for more information on the conference.

This event is proudly sponsored by MyBindi.com
MyBindi Sponsored by
In This Bulletin
Luv to Bhang : Bhang Nation
Desi Grocery at FreshCo
The Family Took Shape
TATA Tea now available in Canada
TD celebrates Bollywood Monster Mashup
NetIP Toronto Meetup
Dating Event at the Art Gallery of Mississauga!
Bollywood Monster Mash-Up
Chennai Express
Dare to be You :: 22nd Annual NetIP Conference
Featured Article :: AGM Exhibit: P Mansaram Past | Present
Top Ten Summer Date Ideas
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Savia Music

 Musical Bliss: The Piano Guys feat. Shweta Subram - Khushnuma

What happens when you fuse a creative American musical group with a dynamic Indian vocalist? Musical nirvanva, as presented by The Piano Guys and Shweta Subram in their latest single Khushnuma.


Shweta Subram, an accomplished vocalist from Canada, is well-known in the South Asian music scene. Besides performing with Salim-Sulaiman at the IIFA Awards, Shweta has also won Shankar Mahadevan's global singing competition and has worked with renowned artists like Shankar Tucker, Karthik, and Pravin Mani.

The Piano Guys' creative renditions and mashups of popular songs coupled with breathtaking videos have made them an online musical sensation. With Jon Schmidt on piano, Steven Sharp Nelson on cello, Al van der Beek as Music Producer/ Songwriter, and Paul Anderson as producer and videographer, The Piano Guys have over 250 million hits on Youtube and are signed by Sony Masterworks. These guys have been featured on popular TV shows such as The Katie Couric Show, and Jay Leno's The Tonight Show.


Click HERE to read more.

Salimah My Body My Temple 

Stand ankles to ankles with your partner and bend down into downward dog or triangle pose as it's known in kundalini yoga

In this upside down position lock eyes with your partner. Hold and breath long and deep for 2 mins.

Can you stay mad in such an absurd circumstance?

Doubt it.

That is the power of angles and triangles on the body, mind and spirit.


Click HERE to read more.

Word Sy
 Tears of Mehndi: Book Review

by Wendy Aujla

"Tears of Mehndi" is Raminder Sidhu's first debut novel that explores the tight-knit community in Vancouver's Little India.


Raminder opens up the dialogue around the social issues that some South Asian's encounter when caught between two cultures and struggling to follow Indian traditions while embracing the values of the Western culture. This novel is written in a unique way, where the reader is introduced to characters that are searching for their dreams and happiness in Canadian society. The painful stories of the eight fictional women are shared as the author intertwines their lives by weaving one story into another which is not an easy task. The eight women each have unique names where the meaning is provided for the reader to follow their personal story, for instance, Satinder - Truth, Gian - Wisdom, Asha - Hope, Roop - Beauty and so forth.

Click HERE to read more.

Shamira Wellness

Home is Where You Are... Thanks Geneen!


I love reading. Most of it is non-fiction (if not all) and fall under the categories of: Health/Wellness, Spirituality and Self-Help. Love it - I could read all day about this!


In particular, I absolutely love Geneen Roth. She has written numerous books - one of which I've blogged about before: Women, Food & God. She is the most eloquent writer and just gets to the heart of the matter - whether it be about food, money, be present, living your life. She really knows what she's talking about. 

I've been reading her works for years and also get her newsletters. Recently I received one and I absolutely knew I needed to share it with you. Here is an exerpt from it:


Home Is Where You Are

When I first heard the Buddhist description of hungry ghosts -- beings with stomachs as big as caves and throats as narrow as pins -- I was positive I was going straight to hell as a hungry ghost. After all, this was an exact description of my experience with food. And not just with food, but also with life.


Click HERE to read more.

Paisley is a Street in Mississauga
AGM Exhibit: Paisley is a Street in Mississauga

The pattern however has appeared in textiles throughout Europe, and later on, the rest of the world.


Both woven art and a cultural document, the shawl has a history that references technical ability, conceptual thinking and a distinctive aesthetic narrating a design genius that has impacted global trade for centuries.


Paisley is also a street name in Mississauga. 58% of the social fabric in the city speaks Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi among other global languages.


In Mississauga, therefore, the form of the paisley references a kind of cultural history to some of the population, as well as may serve as a homing device.


Even the city streets are emblematic of this pattern; Mississauga is seen by many as a suburban landscape, where the cul-de-sac creates a paisley or mango shape in the urban fabric of the city.


Click HERE to read more.
BindiDates Special
Who doesn't love summer?! And dating in this season is something to love even more!

While winters can result in the usual coffee/dinner dates, summertime in the GTA means getting away from all of that and doing something fun - without breaking the bank!

With so many open spaces, festivals and patios in the city - there's some great things to see and do.


1.  Shakespeare in the Park


Pack a picnic basket, carry a blanket, kick off your shoes and stretch out on the grass with your date & enjoy Shakespeare in High Park!


Click HERE for the complete list of the Top Ten Summer Date Hot Spots in Toronto.