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Meet your Mentor with CultureLink!
CultureLink Generic

Attention Internationally Trained Professionals New to Canada!

CultureLink is here to help you find your career path and overcome employment barriers.

Come to the speed-matching sessions to choose a right Mentor!

You are going to meet Mentors from different fields, such as: 

  • Finance/Banking
  • Health/Social Service
  • IT
  • Human Resources
  • Legal/Administration
  • and more...

To participate, you must: 

  • Be a Landed Immigrant or Convention Refugee (bring your PR card to the session)
  • Be 19 years or older
  • Have a job-ready level of English proficiency
When: Thursday, June 27, 2013
Where: CultureLink
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30 pm

Tickets: No purchase necessary but registration is required as this is a by-invitation-only event! 


To register please contact Tanya via EMAIL or call 416.588.6288 ext. 210.

Refreshments will be provided. All services are free.

Click HERE for more information on Career Mentoring Events and/or CultureLink.


This event is proudly sponsored by
Celebrating Women - 'A Promise is a Promise. Time to Stop Violence Against Women'
India Rainbow

India Rainbow's annual celebration of women concluded with a strong message from Archana Medhekar, a family lawyer and member of India Rainbow's Policy Advisory Committee who stated: 'You are stronger than you know. You are worthier than you believe'.


Not only this, but other messages of support and encouragement was the thread that brought together over 100 women clients of India Rainbow's Violence Against Women Prevention program - to help celebrate their strength, acknowledge their struggle and give hope for a better life for themselves and their children.


Held on May 24th, the theme of the day was 'A Promise is a Promise - Time to Stop Violence Against Women'. Gurpreet Malhotra, the newly appointed Executive Director of India Rainbow welcomed the guests, and spoke about a special place that women have in the community. He asked them to find allies among the men in their lives and in the community, and to reach out to help and support each other.


Sanjukta Das, Business Placement Advisor at Humber College, and a volunteer with Art of Living, led everyone through a visioning exercise to believe that they will be taken care of by this vast universe of which we are a tiny microscopic element.


Click HERE to read more. 


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CAMP Networking Event: Build Strong Relationships to Build Your Career
CAMP Networking Event: Build Strong Relationships to Build Your Career

CAMP Networking is back with another event! The relationship master, Michael Santonato, will be the guest speaker for the evening, providing tips on how to build strong relationships in order to build your career! 


Learn how:

  • To improve your impression and communication with others
  • The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life
  • To have success at any age
Date: Thursday June 27, 2013
Time: 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm
Where: Committee Room #4 - The North York Civic Centre

Cost: Free but registration is required


EMAIL CAMP Networking and confirm your attendance.


Click HERE for more information on CAMP Networking.

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More than four million visitors helped by new CIC online Help Centre
More than four million visitors helped by new CIC online Help Centre

More than four million people have been helped by Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) new online Help Centre since it was launched just six months ago, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced.


"The government is committed to improving service and the new online Help Centre is part of that plan," said Minister Kenney. "People have questions about how to come to Canada and this new user-friendly and convenient Web tool provides the practical information that they need in a quick and effective manner."


The Help Centre is a one-stop Web portal with an advanced search function where visitors can find quick and direct answers, including how to complete application forms, extend visas as well as other permits, and replace lost documents, such as permanent resident cards. The portal contains more than 600 commonly asked questions and answers as well as more than 200 glossary terms, which may be found easily by searching by keyword or simply by browsing. The Help Centre also enables people to easily access help tools, how-to-videos as well as application forms and guides.


Click HERE to read more. 


Improving the Citizenship Application Process
Improving the Citizenship Application Process

Citizenship applicants who fail their first citizenship test will now have the opportunity to rewrite the test rather than wait for an appointment with a citizenship judge, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced.


"The Government of Canada remains committed to maintaining Canada's tradition of high numbers of permanent residents taking up full citizenship, and this is one of many recent improvements that have been made to the citizenship process to ensure the timely welcoming of new citizens," said Minister Kenney. "Since 2006, Canada has welcomed the highest sustained levels of immigration in Canadian history. Accordingly, the demand for citizenship has increased by 30 percent, with Canada averaging approximately 200,000 new citizens each year."


In the past, individuals who failed their knowledge test would be required to wait a number of months for an appointment with a citizenship judge, who would make a final decision on their case. However, as of today, applicants will be informed of their results immediately following their test. Individuals who fail but have met all other criteria will be provided with a date to rewrite the test a few weeks later. Those who pass their test will be scheduled for a citizenship ceremony.


Moreover, individuals who are currently waiting to see a citizenship judge because they had previously failed the test will also be invited to rewrite the test.


Click HERE to read more. 

RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards winners announced
RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards winners announced


NBA All-Star and philanthropist Steve Nash, dancer and choreographer Wen Wei Wang, physician and activist Izzeldin Abuelaish and other community leaders from across Canada are among the winners of the fifth annual 2013 RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant awards, presented by Canadian Immigrant Magazine.The awards celebrate the inspiring stories and achievements of immigrants to Canada.


Click HERE for the complete list of award winners and their profiles.


"These 25 award winners are a diverse group, ranging from artists to philanthropists to entrepreneurs from a variety of ethnicities across the country," says Margaret Jetelina, editor of Canadian Immigrant Magazine. "Each of these winners has an inspiring story about overcoming challenges and making their country a better place to live. We are proud to present our top 25 award to these very deserving recipients."  


Over 600 nominations were received in just two months, from which 75 finalists were shortlisted by a panel of judges comprised of past winners and dignitaries. More than 30,000 votes were cast online, the highest number received in the award's history.


15 of the Top 25 winners were honoured at an award ceremony in Toronto on June 20. The Vancouver ceremony will be held on June 26.

Click HERE to read more.
The new Canadian millionaires: women and immigrants
The new Canadian millionaires: women and immigrants

Almost half of Canada's richest residents are new immigrants or first generation Canadians, according to research conducted for BMO. The survey found that two-thirds of Canada's millionaire respondents were self-made, with only 20 per cent attributing at least part of their wealth to an inheritance.


And 48 per cent were either immigrants to Canada (24 per cent) or described themselves as first generation Canadians, with at least one parent born outside of Canada (24 per cent), according to the research.


That's a far cry from the U.S, where new Americans account for only one-third of millionaires. The survey also found that women respondents made up one-third of Canada's millionaires, up from 21 per cent three years ago. Among women, 40 per cent of respondents said they generated their own wealth and one-third managed their own investments, compared to 59 per cent of men who said they do.


For the purposes of the study, wealthy was defined as respondents with investible assets of $1-million or more. "Today's women are controlling more and more wealth in Canada, and that number is increasing by eight percentage points annually," said Alex Dousmanis-Curtis, senior vice-president and head, BMO Harris Private Banking, in a statement.

Click HERE to read more.
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Volunteer for Luminato 2013 with CultureLink
Celebrating Women - 'A Promise is a Promise. Time to Stop Violence Against Women
CAMP Networking Event: Build Strong Relationships to Build Your Career
More than four million visitors helped by new CIC online Help Centre
Improving the Citizenship Application Process
RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards winners announced
The new Canadian millionaires: women and immigrants
What's New on NewBindian
RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards winners announced

The new Canadian millionaires: women and immigrants

More than four million visitors helped by new CIC online Help Centre

Improving the Citizenship Application Process

 Community Connections Mentorship Program

CAMP Networking Event: Build Strong Relationships to Build Your Career

Celebrating Women - A Promise is a Promise. Time to Stop Violence Against Women'

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What's New on Bindi Blogs
Salimah My Body My Temple

Imagine your liver.  It sits in the upper right area of your abdomen, protected by your rib cage.  This reddish brown organ weighs about 2 kilograms and is does everything from help digest the French fries you ate last night, helps to heal the cut on your baby finger and stores that extra bit of glucose you used up running for the GO Train.  It's a multitasker for sure.

In both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver, ensures energy and blood flow smoothly throughout the body. It also regulates bile secretion, stores blood, and is connected with the tendons, nails, and eyes.


Emotions like anger, resentment, frustration, irritability, bitterness, "flying off the handle" are also connected to the liver.


Both TCM and ayurveda attribute liver challenges to heat that is trapped in the liver, and they seek to clear and cool the organ through lifestyle changes and herbal treatments.


Ayurveda views the liver as "hot" or "pittic" because the fiery, dynamic energy of pitta-one of the three doshas (along with vata and kapha) that regulate the physiological functions of the body-guides and supports these myriad functions of the liver. Too much fiery energy, can accumulate in the liver and lead to physical problems. Ayurveda describes symptoms caused by excess pitta that are very similar to what is called "liver fire" in TCM: headaches; flushed face; red, burning eyes; acne; nosebleeds; and outbursts of anger. Ayurveda adds inflammation, allergies, and symptoms of indigestion (like heartburn) to the list.

Live for Your Liver

Overall, both ancient wisdom and modern science agree that how we live has a huge effect on our livers. So even though you can't avoid chemical contaminants completely, you can keep your liver healthy if you just take care of it by following these 5 suggestions ... 

Click   HERE to read more.

Shamira Wellness
Non-toxic Nails & Toes!

Hello healthy readers! I wanted to provide you some info regarding safer, non-toxic nail polish now that summer is here and that means showing off our beach-ready mani/pedi's!

As you may know, nail polish is VERY toxic - with a list of cancer-causing and other detrimental chemicals as common ingredients. Luckily there are great companies who are producing non-toxic, earth-friendly nail polish which have just the same staying power and colour range as our traditional favourites.


From popular brands, OPI and Essie are common brands that are 'Big 3 Free' - that is Toluene, DBP and Formaldehyde. But other brands go even further. Here is a link to a great review with some brands to look for ...

Click HERE to read more.

Savia Music

The soundtrack of director Rohan Sippy's forthcoming romantic-comedy "Nautanki Saala" has a long list of songs and composers have managed to blend elements of romance and comedy very well in the songs. The eight original songs and their reprised, unplugged and remix versions are likely to woo music lovers. 

However, a couple of tracks would have niche listeners as they won't appeal to the masses. 

The album starts with romantic number "Mera mann kehne laga". Sung by Tulsi Kumar, the soothing, happy song can make you dream. The lyrics are dipped in romance and beautifully describe a lover's feelings.

Its reprise version is sung by Falak Shabir and maintains the romantic flavour, but is slow in pace.


Click HERE to read more. 



Amreen - bollywood


"Dum hai, Boss!" - the perky young Miss Congeniality in David Dhawan's "Chashme Baddoor", a far cry from the shastriya sangeet trainee tutti fruti-eating Deepti Naval in Sai Paranjpye's film, exclaims whenever she is impressed by her loverboy's dialogue-baazi. 


Exclamation marks are the only punctuations in this seamless comedy of courtship played at an impossibly high octave, without getting shrill.


'Farce' things first. Barring the core theme of two friends maliciously nipping the third friend's romance in the bud, and some mischievous sequences and characters from the original, which have been entirely re-interpreted as 'swines of the times', Dhawan's "Chashme Baddoor" is far(ce) removed from Paranjpye's original.


Click HERE to

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