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Nielsen Homescan Program Visa


Throughout 2013, you can get a $15 Visa (R) Prepaid Rewards Card simply for scanning and transmitting all your purchases each week in a month*.



Your Homescan (R) panel participation earns sweepstakes entries, as well as gift points that are redeemable for name-brand merchandise from a members-only gift catalogue, including electronics, jewellery, household items, toys and more! And the longer you stay on the panel, the more rewards you'll earn! 


How it works

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Simply click on the Sign up HERE button below and fill out a simple registration form to join the panel. You will be provided with a hand-held scanner designed to track your household's barcoded purchases. 
1. After shopping, simply scan the barcode on your purchases when you get home. 
2. Once a week, send your purchase information to Nielsen via the scanner.


For each week that you participate, you'll earn gift points and entries into exciting sweepstakes - increasing your odds of winning! For instance, with the

Grand Prize Super Scanner Sweepstakes you could win a $2,500 gift card! It's that easy.

Have your say. Make an impact. Enjoy the rewards!


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Join the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel today!

*Conditions apply

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