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June 2, 2013


Hello, MyBindi fans on the West Coast!

Hope you're making the most of the 9th Annual HSBC City of Bhangra Festival!!

The festival comes to a close on June 8th, 2013, so be sure to join in and celebrate Bhangra music, performances and culture from all over the globe. 
On June 15 and 16, all roads lead to the Apna Truck Show 2013 which will will be held at the Abbotsford's Tradex Center.
On June 19, connect with some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs & enhance your network with fabulous NEW resources to create a successful business.


Be Your Own Best Friend (BYOBF) Network reveals "The Truths and Myths of Successful Entrepreneurs", a two-part panel discussion with experts who help others succeed in businesses and young successful entrepreneurs who are living their dream. 


Speaking of dreams, if you're single and looking to connect with the man or woman of your dreams, you should head right over to BindiDates.com.  All new registrations get two weeks of complimentary premium membership.  Browse through thousands of profiles and, you never know, your dream match may be just a click away.



You can get a complete listing of all the events on the West Coast and in the Greater Vancouver Area on this convenient link.  


As always, if there's an event or an initiative in Vancouver that you'd like us to promote on MyBindi West - please send me an email.


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Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration
VIBC Bhangra 2013

Indulge in the largest event that the HSBC City of Bhangra Festival has to offer!


Hundreds of dancers, dozens of musicians and thousands of attendees converge for the largest gathering of Bhangra talent in North America.


One day is not enough to contain all the energy of the crowd and the talent that this lineup has to offer.  Stretching over two days, Downtown Bhangra brings artists such as Saini Surinder, Gupsy Aujla, D-Sarb, Shava, Sunil Kalyan, Inder Kooner, DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid and featuring bhangra teams from New York, Pittsburgh, California and Metro Vancouver.


Experience the energy that Downtown Bhangra brings on

Friday, June 7, 6pm - 10pm and Saturday, June 8, 12pm - 10pm!


Click HERE for details on all the specific events. 


Click HERE for more information.


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Dare to be You :: 22nd Annual NetIP Conference
NetIP NA Conference 2013

NetIP North America is excited to launch the  22nd Annual Conference centered around "Dare to Be You".

As South Asians are beginning to break away from social norms, we can spearhead the movement toward diversifying our lives and professions.

As NetIP's mission is to improve and enhance our community through our 4 pillars, we are sure we can be the forum for South Asians to explore diversity.

As many of us strive to find our place in society and break away from the traditional career and life paths, we realize we are inundated with infinite opportunities and it is important to find avenues to diversify our professions and lives!

Attend the  22nd Annual NetIP Conference and "Dare to Be You"!

When: August 30 - September 2, 2013
Where: Hilton San Francisco, San Francisco Bay area
Tickets: $325 until May 31

Click HERE to register for the conference and purchase tickets.

Click HERE for more information on the conference.

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Bombay Wali and Other Stories by Veena Gokhale
Bombay Wali and Other Stories

Bombay Wali and Other Stories by Veena Gokhale, Guernica Editions, 2013


Journalist Vishwanath Iyer goes on a wild goose chase when a page with important information disappears! At the glamorous Jazz Yatra, stay-at-home professor and caregiver Feroza Billimoria is suddenly confronted with her tragic past. Can Dilip Bodhare, a dalit student on scholarship, survive Big, Bad Bombay?


Twelve tales that transport you to tough, tantalizing Bombay and beyond - Kathmandu, Tokyo, a tropical island.


Click  HERE to order your copy, and also enjoy a video intro, interviews, reviews, excerpts, words and images on pinterest and more!  


Like, discover and read Bombay Wali and Other Stories on GoodReads


A former Bombay Wali who now lives in Montreal, Veena would love to hear from you, and read at your event.


"... this collection offers some gems that are both evocative and visually pleasing." - The Rover, an independent review of art and culture.
Apna Truck Show 2013
Apna Truck Show

Welcome to  Apna Truck Show 2013, where all roads will once again lead to Abbotsford's Tradex Center.

For 2013, Apna Truck Show will highlight an even bigger and more diverse exhibitor list.


Event includes:
  • Trade Show
  • Job Fair
  • Show & Shine
  • Food + Entertainment

Apna Truck Show will provide all exhibitors with a venue to promote themselves and build strong relationships with owners, operators, managers, and senior staff members of top-notch trucking companies.


Apna Truck Show 2013 will not just be about serious business. There will be continuous entertainment


Finally, Apna Truck Show 2013 will once again feature their Show & Shine, one of the most watched, enjoyed and fun-filled parts of the event.


When: June 15 - 16, 2013
Where: Tradex Centre
Time: 11am to 5pm

Tickets: Entry is FREE


Bring your families, relatives, and friends to the Abbotsford Tradex and be part of Apna Truck Show 2013, the truckers' own Gala Festival.


Click HERE for more information.


This event is proudly supported by MyBindi.com.

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The Truths and Myths of Successful Entrepreneurs Networking Event


Connect with some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs & enhance your network with fabulous NEW resources to create a successful business.


Be Your Own Best Friend (BYOBF) Network is the first professional South Asian women's networking group in Metro Vancouver. 


Thinking of starting your own business? Wondering, how does one run a successful business? This is an exciting, educational opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs in our community.   


"The Truths and Myths of Successful Entrepreneurs" is a two-part panel discussion with experts who help others succeed in businesses and young successful entrepreneurs who are living their dream. 


Click HERE to learn more about the agenda and panelists.


When: Wednesday, June 19, 201
Where: Club Viva, BC 
Time: 6.30pm to 9pm 
Tickets: Early Bird $25 till June 14th | Regular $30


Click HERE for more information.

This event is proudly supported by MyBindi.com.
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In This Bulletin
Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration
Dare to be You :: 22nd Annual NetIP Conference
Bombay Wali and Other Stories by Veena Gokhale
Apna Truck Show 2013
The Truths and Myths of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Volunteer Internship Opportunity To Travel & Work in India!

World Literacy Canada has launched an opportunity for Canadians to volunteer with their programs in India.


For information on this exciting new opportunity, and how you can apply, please click HERE.


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Word Sy

A Passage to Bombay and Beyond...

Are there any stories left to tell about India's most fascinating city?

Yes, most definitely yes, says Veena Gokhale, author of Bombay Wali and other stories, recently released by Canadian publisher Guernica Editions.


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Salimah My Body My Temple

Your Power is Where Your Mouth Is

I asked my students, "what do you do most with your mouth?" The top two answers were eating and talking.  Kissing was a close runner up. . .

Your mouth is the beginning of your relationship with the food you eat and your place in the universe. Let's explore these topics from a yogic perspective.


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Wellness Shamira


I love nutrition and all things healthy - but one thing I'm not is a baker. I enjoy cooking, not baking. I've been told people are usually one or the other - I am definitely more of a cook. If I'm going to slave in the kitchen, I want a meal out of it, not something to have with tea!


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Listen Up!
'Nautanki Saala' soundtrack catchy and entertaining

The soundtrack of director Rohan Sippy's forthcoming romantic-comedy "Nautanki Saala" has a long list of songs and composers have managed to blend elements of romance and comedy very well in the songs. The eight original songs and their reprised, unplugged and remix versions are likely to woo music lovers.    


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Bollywood Bites
Deepika Padukone, who already has over 2.8 million followers on Twitter, is now reaching out to her fans through an official Facebook page.


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