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April 26, 2013


Hello, MyBindi fans on the West Coast!

Are you looking forward to seing U.K. sensation Kuldeep Purewal who will be performing live tonight at the Michael J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby, B.C.?

It's the end of April and that means we're just about a month away from 9th Annual HSBC City of Bhangra Festival!!

Running from May 30th to June 8th, 2013, this ten day event is brought to you by Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration society (VIBC)  and it showcases Bhangra music, performances and culture from all over the globe. 
Check out what's in store for you this year: 


As always, if there's an event or an initiative in Vancouver that you'd like us to promote on MyBindi West - please send me an email.


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TD :: Flexible Mortgage Features

At TD, we're used to working with desi financial priorities and ideals.

And we understand the way you feel about a mortgage: the sooner you fully own your own home, the better. So we've designed our TD flexible mortgage to let you manage your mortgage, desi style.

You can increase your payments, pay more frequently or make extra lump sum payments. Pre-payment even lets you take a payment chutti (1) when you need one.

Whatever you choose, you're in control. And that lets you focus on things that are more important than money - like looking after your family or investing in education.

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(1) Some conditions apply and subject to approval.

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Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration
VIBC Bhangra 2013

Indulge in the largest event that the HSBC City of Bhangra Festival has to offer!


Hundreds of dancers, dozens of musicians and thousands of attendees converge for the largest gathering of Bhangra talent in North America.


One day is not enough to contain all the energy of the crowd and the talent that this lineup has to offer.  Stretching over two days, Downtown Bhangra brings artists such as Saini Surinder, Gupsy Aujla, D-Sarb, Shava, Sunil Kalyan, Inder Kooner, DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid and featuring bhangra teams from New York, Pittsburgh, California and Metro Vancouver.


Experience the energy that Downtown Bhangra brings on

Friday, June 7, 6pm - 10pm and Saturday, June 8, 12pm - 10pm!


Click HERE for more information.


This event is proudly sponsored by MyBindi.com.

MyBindi Sponsored by
Dare to be You :: 22nd Annual NetIP Conference
NetIP NA Conference 2013

NetIP North America is excited to launch the  22nd Annual Conference centered around "Dare to Be You".

As South Asians are beginning to break away from social norms, we can spearhead the movement toward diversifying our lives and professions.

As NetIP's mission is to improve and enhance our community through our 4 pillars, we are sure we can be the forum for South Asians to explore diversity.

As many of us strive to find our place in society and break away from the traditional career and life paths, we realize we are inundated with infinite opportunities and it is important to find avenues to diversify our professions and lives!

Attend the  22nd Annual NetIP Conference and "Dare to Be You"!

When: August 30 - September 2, 2013
Where: Hilton San Francisco, San Francisco Bay area
Tickets: $325 until May 31

Click HERE to register for the conference and purchase tickets.

Click HERE for more information on the conference.

This event is proudly sponsored by MyBindi.com.
MyBindi Sponsored by
Kuldeep Purewal LIVE in Concert!
Kuldeep Purewal LIVE in Concert!

U.K. sensation Kuldeep Purewal will be performing live!

The stage will be set for Punjabi-born, international Kuldeep Purewal who has produced many mind-blowing albums such as; 'Diljanni', 'Make or Break', 'Kaun Kuddi Aee', and the ultimate dance floor hit "Balle".


He has worked, produced and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Asian music industry. Kuldeep Purewal is one of the very few artists to come out of Bradford, despite its strong Asian links.  


This event is expected to sell-out and to have a direct exposure to an audience of 600+ ranging from 20-65 years old from South Asian community.  


When: Sunday April 28, 2013
Where: Michael J. Fox Theatre
Time: 6pm to 11:30pm

Tickets: $25, 35 & VIP


To purchase your tickets please contact Drishti Media at 604-572-9600 or via EMAIL.


Click HERE for more information. 

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Concert 
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Concert

New Waves Production presents ... Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Live in concert on Mother's Day!


This is your chance to listen to the award-winning Qawwali singer and his party at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, whose distinctive, high pitched voice can be thrilling in its mystical, leaps of passion and at other times soothing in the sustained warmth of its classical progressions, effortlessly embraces the elevating aesthetic of qawwali tradition. Rahat carries a message of love, peace and spiritualism.


When: Sunday, May 12, 2013
Where: Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Time: 6:30pm to 12am

Tickets: $65, $75, $85, $100, $150


Get your tickets today from these participating contacts: 

  • Surrey: Ravi Video 604.599.1110 or Surinder Sanghera 604.825.9133
  • Vancouver: Main Video - 604.322.5551
  • Burnaby - DVD Palace - 604.434.4786
  • Abbotsford - Mehta Video - 604.864.4999

Click HERE for more information. 

World Partnership Walk :: Vancouver
World Partnership Walk

The World Partnership Walk is Canada's largest fundraising event to help end global poverty.

By participating in the World Partnership Walk you can help Aga Khan Foundation continue its commitment to dozens of poor communities in Asia and Africa where simple yet innovative initiatives are targeting basic needs and empowering citizens. The World Partnership Walk is the only national, grassroots event that allows you to contribute directly to programs that give poor communities a chance to become self-sufficient.

Since its inception, the World Partnership Walk has raised more than $70 million across Canada. In 2011, close to 40,000 participants helped to raise more than $7 million.

Getting involved with World Partnership Walk is easy! You can participate as an individual or as part of a team. Create or join a team, or  register to walk.

When: Sunday, May 26, 2013

Where: Lumberman's Arch, Stanley Park


Click HERE for more information.

Kirpan to be Accommodated at BC Courthouses
Kirpan to be Accommodated at B.C. Courthouses

The World Sikh Organization of Canada has worked with the British Columbia Ministry of Justice as well as the BC Sheriff Service to develop accommodation guidelines for the kirpan in BC courthouses. The accommodation began April 12, 2013.


The kirpan is an important article of faith worn by Amritdhari or initiated Sikhs which represents spiritual wisdom and the duty to stand against injustice.


The BC courthouse accommodation follows a similar accommodation procedure that was announced last year for Toronto courthouses and earlier this year for Alberta courthouses. Sikhs will be permitted to wear the kirpan in public areas of British Columbia courthouses, subject to an individualized risk assessment and the following guidelines ...


Click HERE to read more. 

TOIFA Tribute Video to South Asian Pioneers
TOIFA Tribute

The Times of India Film Awards recently took place in British Columbia. It recognized the best in Bollywood and showcased the awards by hosting a lavish ceremony at the B.C. Place.

However, such a South Asian event in North America would not even exist had it not been for our South Asian pioneers who paved the way for the next generation.


Founder of Vancouver-based Response Advertising, Jatinder Rai wanted to show his gratitude on behalf of the entire South Asian community for the sacrifices our forefathers and foremothers made when they immigrated to BC.


Rai produced a tribute video, thanking them for allowing us to lead successful lives as a result of their hard work.


Click HERE to view the video. 

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Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration
Dare to be You :: 22nd Annual NetIP Conference
Kuldeep Purewal LIVE in Concert!
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Concert
World Partnership Walk :: Vancouver
Kirpan to be Accommodated at BC Courthouses
TOIFA Tribute Video to South Asian Pioneers

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Word Sy

"False Sanctuaries: Stories from the Troubled Territories of South Asia"

You cannot shun war and run away from the
death and destruction that follows you. You cannot dodge the fear of terrorism, bomb blasts or a fidayeen. You cannot shut yourself to the latest round of intifada or Kani Jung, threatening to suck life out of your hinges.

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Practical Parenting
Motherhood full of contradiction: Nandita Das

Terming motherhood as a "contradiction" of life, actor-director Nandita Das said the happy stereotypical perception about motherhood is very different in reality.

Das was speaking at a book launch of an anthology "Of Mother and Other" at the Indian International Centre here.


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Salimah My Body My Temple

Your Focus Becomes Your Life

The way we use our body, mind and emotions creates our reality, even if that reality is untrue or incomplete.  If we think a thought enough times it starts to feel like the real thing.


In yoga, a visual focal point is called a drishti.  Focusing the eyes on a specific spot steadies the body, keeps the mind alert and directs energy.  A drishti can be used during a physical practice or during meditation.  Each  focal point creates a different effect.

  • Brow Point -- stimulates the pituitary gland, strengthening intuition.  

  • Tip of the Nose -- stimulates the pineal gland and the frontal lobe of the brain, creating new pathways in the brain.  

  • Chin -- This is the moon center gaze, and like the energy of the moon, it brings cooling and calming energy.  It also is very reflective, allowing introspection

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Wellness Shamira


Now that I've reopened my practice, Art of Wellness, I've had patients ask me about natural beauty products and what I use in particular, so I thought this week I'd share my regime with you all!  


By no means are these the only products out there, it just happens to be what I am currently using and enjoying. I do tend to try new things to experiment with product quality and results, but there are some things that are tried, tested and true for me.  


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Listen Up!
'Nautanki Saala' soundtrack catchy and entertaining

The soundtrack of director Rohan Sippy's forthcoming romantic-comedy "Nautanki Saala" has a long list of songs and composers have managed to blend elements of romance and comedy very well in the songs. The eight original songs and their reprised, unplugged and remix versions are likely to woo music lovers. 

However, a couple of tracks would have niche listeners as they won't appeal to the masses. 

The album starts with romantic number "Mera mann kehne laga". Sung by Tulsi Kumar, the soothing, happy song can make you dream. The lyrics are dipped in romance and beautifully describe a lover's feelings.   


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Bollywood Bites
Deepika Padukone, who already has over 2.8 million followers on Twitter, is now reaching out to her fans through an official Facebook page.

After two successful films - "Cocktail" and "Race 2", Deepika is extremely excited about her recently launched Facebook page.

"I have never been on Facebook before. Now with this launch, I am really excited to be on this interactive platform and be able to connect with my fans," Deepika said in a statement.


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