January 7, 2013  


Happy New Year and welcome to another NewBindian Newsletter.


I recently returned from a holiday in Miami and a cruise to the Caribbean islands of Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Grand Turks.  During this time, I had a chance to speak with so many staffers on the cruise ship and some local residents of the islands.  When I mentioned to them that I am from Canada and when they learned (after asking me what I do here) that I am a lawyer, the one thing that each one of them wanted to know was, "How can I come to Canada?  I would love to live there, can you help me?".

I am sure that you have similar stories from when you visit friends and family or interact with strangers from other parts of the world.  Living in Canada is truly a privilege and, as an immigrant myself, I am always so grateful for having had that opportunity.

Over the past year, our Government has made some sweeping changes to our immigration system and it's even more difficult now to gain admission into Canada. Here is a primer on some of the most critical changes.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program's (FSWP) new selection system that will take effect on May 4 will take factors of youth and language proficiency into consideration when accepting applicants under the re-worked program.


As a result of the changes, there is an increased emphasis on younger immigrants who are most likely to acquire valuable Canadian experience and who will spend a greater number of years contributing to the Canadian economy, a boost in the minimum official language thresholds and increased points for official language proficiency, making language the most important factor in the selection.


For the fortunate few that are able to make Canada their home, there are some amazing organizations here in Canada that are committed to making this transition easy for them.


NewBindian is proud to be allianced with these organizations and I hope that you find these newsletters to be useful and informative.  Please do share your feedback with us.  

If you'd like to feature your event or organization, or share a valuable resource for newcomers, feel free to contact us at We'd love to hear from you. :)


Best regards,  


Syerah Virani 


Editor-in-Chief & CEO

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Canada's controversial 2012 changes to immigration and refugee system
Canada's controversial 2012 changes to immigration and refugee system

Over the past year Ottawa has made some sweeping and controversial changes to the immigration, asylum and refugee system, and the rules involving Canadian citizenship. In doing so, the federal Conservative government has radically changed the landscape and made it much tougher for many to make Canada their home.


Here is a primer on the most critical changes.


  • Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced he was going to wipe out the federal skilled workers program backlog and establish a new pool of immigrant skilled workers. The announcement triggered a legal challenge to be heard in Federal Court in January 2013.

    Known as the Expression of Interest System, the new program will allow employers to choose potential candidates from a ready pool of pre-screened skilled workers. It's similar to a program currently used in New Zealand and Australia.  
  • Kenney announced a new direction in the federal skilled workers program, opening the door for skilled trades workers and offering permanent residency to electricians, welders, heavy-duty equipment mechanics and pipefitters to help relieve the labour shortage amid a construction boom in places such as Alberta and Ontario, which will host the Pan American Games in 2015.  
  • Kenney has given himself, in Bill C-43, legislation that is still before Parliament, sweeping powers to bar people from being allowed into Canada for "public policy considerations."
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Changes to international student program proposed
Changes to international student program proposed

New measures to prevent fraud in the International Student Program  were proposed by Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney.


Attracting the best and brightest young minds from around the world is key to the continued success of Canada's economy and long-term prosperity, said Minister Kenney. But there are too many stories of international students who pay a lot of money and leave their families back home to study in Canada, only to find out they have been misled. These changes will help us better protect international students and the reputation of Canada's post-secondary education system by making sure that international students are coming to quality institutions that comply with basic standards of accountability.


Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is proposing regulatory changes to limit study permits to students attending institutions designated by provinces and territories.  The proposed changes would address concerns that some institutions are providing poor-quality programs or facilitating, knowingly or not, the entry of foreign nationals to Canada for purposes other than study.


Under the proposed amendments, CIC would work with provinces and territories (which are responsible for education)  to develop a framework to designate educational institutions that will be permitted to host international students.  If a school is not designated, it would be able to continue offering programs of six months or less to foreign nationals in Canada on regular visitor visas. Visitors who wish to enroll in short-term courses do not currently require a study permit, and this would continue to be the case.

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WoodGreen Makes Opportunities for Newcomers

For more than 40 years, Woodgreen has been helping newcomers settle in Canada and become familiar with all aspects of Canadian life. In fact, more than 8,600 newcomers use WoodGreen's settlement services each year. WoodGreen staff speaks a combined 26 languages, making services easier to access and understand for those whose first language is not English.


Hector Guevara and his wife Katya Tene immigrated to Canada from Ecuador in May 2010. Both are financial analysts, and they hoped to settle in Toronto and continue building their careers. They sent out countless resumes, and waited for a response from a potential employer. 


They didn't get one.


"We sent out resumes, and it was very discouraging because no one would call," said Katya. They registered with WoodGreen's Immigrant Services and started taking English
classes immediately. "Our settlement worker also suggested we enroll in the mentorship program." The mentorship program is part of the Community Connections program, funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. "Community Connections matches newcomers with volunteers who are familiar with Canadian culture, values, workplaces, and everyday life," said John Viktorin, Manager of Employment Supports. Volunteers help newcomers adapt to living and working in Canada, practice English, participate in the community and much more.

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Click HERE to learn about the Bridging Program for Internationally Trained Professionals offered by Woodgreen Immigrant Services

The ACE Principle by Murali Murthy
The ACE Principle - Murali MurthyOne of life's best gifts is that whether a person is six or sixty five, he can change. You can think, learn and apply a fresh perspective anytime to life and improve. You too can make better choices, develop worthwhile habits and create new opportunities; this could be the one for you.

Small act. Big impact. That's how author Murali Murthy would like to describe his book The ACE Principle. Little bits of knowledge applied consistently can create big results. If you are inspired to take action and raise the bar even in any one area of your life, this book would have truly served its purpose.

Absorb. Comprehend. Excel ... ACE your way to success.

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Dreams Multicultural Wedding Show 2013
Dreams Wedding Show 2013
Brides by Payal presents:  Dreams Multicultural Wedding Show 2013.


The only multicultural bridal fashion show in GTA! Highlights include:

  • Multicultural bridal fashion show
  • Jewelry fashion show
  • Flower fashion show
  • Costume fashion show
  • FREE iDreams Fashion Magazine

Where: Red Rose Convention Centre

When: Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tickets: $5


Attention Exhibitors! Please confirm your booth and magazine advertisement now. Booths are on a first-come-first-served basis.

  1. Booth 10'x10' Dreams Wedding Show January 2013
  2. Boost your website and advertise your work FREE for 1 year internet listing on our exhibitor's page and 3 blog postings in one year
  3. Round the year advertisement available in 3 sponsorship packages
  4. Register for free seminar
  5. Sponsorship opportunity
  6. Volunteer hours
  7. Marketing job opportunity
  8. Modelling

Click HERE for more information or contact Dreams Wedding Show via  EMAIL or phone: 647.291.9265.

This event is proudly sponsored by


India Rainbow Community Services of Peel :: FREE English Classes
India Rainbow Community Services of Peel  

We recognize just how difficult it is for new immigrants with language barriers to be able to effectively communicate in a new country. Our language training program helps newcomers in improving their communication skills.

  • National curriculum for English language training with computers and specialized software
  • Part-time classes from Literacy - Level 7
  • Childcare facilities (19 months - 6 years)
  • Certified instructors and childminders
  • Educational workshops, presentations, field trips
  • On-going enrollment and assessment
  • Transportation assistance to eligible clients
  • Bus tickets for eligible candidates 
Learn English! Learn about Canada! Make new friends! Build your future!


Click HERE for more information. is a proud alliance partner with India Rainbow.


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Canada's controversial 2012 changes to immigration and refugee system
Changes to international student program proposed
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The ACE Principle by Murali Murthy
Dreams Multicultural Wedding Show 2013
India Rainbow Community Services of Peel :: FREE English Classes
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