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Last Chance to Upgrade Autodesk Products
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There are three things of note in this newsletter!
  • This week is the last time you can upgrade your Autodesk products. Ever.
  • We are switching to a new download system
  • We will be closed Tuesday due to a snowstorm
Last Chance to Upgrade AutoCADs
As previously announced, Autodesk has stated that after January 31, 2015 it will no longer be possible to purchase upgrades for any non-current product versions. You must either be on subscription or buy a new seat if you want a newer version.

This is the last week!

This means that you should upgrade and get your seats on subscription, if they are not already on it!
Please contact us before Friday.
New Customer Download System
binary-beams-abstract.jpg On March 1st we will be switching over to an entirely new download system to be used by Hydratec subscription customers. This system will give us and you much greater flexibility and reliability for downloading large files and allow you to access older installs, too, if necessary.

We will be utilizing an entirely new mechanism for logging in, one which requires an email address and password instead of the current username and password. You will have the ability to change your password immediately and you will be able to reset it by email if you forget it. For this reason, the email address needs to be a legitimate one, as you will need to verify it as part of the access process.

Because of this, every user will need to set up a brand new account - the old accounts will not carry over. Furthermore, in order to verify that users actually work for the company they say they do, we will be verifying their employment with known contacts within their company, if the email address used is not known to us.

The link to create a new subscription account will go live on or about Feb 2nd. You will use your old login to go to the current download center until we verify your new account. At that point, you may use the new Hydratec subscription center.
 Closed Tuesday January 27th

Due to an anticipated doozie of a blizzard, we expect to be closed tomorrow, January 27th and possibly Wednesday morning as well. We love snow up here, but the forecasted 2 to 3 feet is expected to slow us down a bit.


Some of us will attempt to check our email anyway, and help as we can. At least until the power goes out. 

Stay Warm!



Arthur Dove
Hydratec, Inc.