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HydraNEWS Volume XXII - Number 2a
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HydraCAD and Revit
Free Year of AutoCAD Subscription
Retirement of 2008
Autodesk Subscription Renewals Going Up
Autodesk Ending Upgrades
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This is a clearer version of the previous newsletter. The formatting of that one did not display properly. This newsletter repeats a couple of earlier topics, due to their importance:


1. Yes, HydraCAD can produce a true Revit drawing




2. There are less than two weeks left to take advantage of special pricing from Autodesk. 

Yes, HydraCAD 'Does' Revit
Although we announced this a few years ago, we continue to get questions about Revit - there are only three things you need to know:

1. All you need to produce true Revit content is to have HydraCAD and Revit MEP. That's it.

2. Draw with HydraCAD the same way you have been all along. At any time in the drawing process, you can produce Revit content.

3. Ask us if you need help. There are videos on our website, and in the help buttons in the Revit Toolkit on the Collaborate toolbar. If you need it, we offer a two hour personalized web class for $200.
Buy AutoCAD Upgrade Now and Get a Free Year of Subscription
Upgrade your AutoCAD 2008 through 2013 from now until March 27, 2014 and get a free one-year subscription! This is worth $545, so act now. See more below.
Retirement of AutoCAD 2008
Autodesk's retirement date of March 27, 2014 for AutoCAD 2008 is fast approaching! This means that after that date you will not be able to upgrade it and you will have to purchase a new AutoCAD if you plan to move to a newer AutoCAD version. The upgrade available from 2008 is 2014.

In short, the price for an upgrade now is $2900. After March 28th it will be $
 Autodesk Raising Prices on Subscription Renewals
AutoCAD 2012 Box ShotAutodesk is raising prices on subscription renewals, effective March 28, 2014. The price for a renewal will be the same as for the first year - $545


Renew your expired or expiring Subscription contracts before prices increase on March 28, 2014. Customers with previously expired or contracts within 90 days of the contract end date are eligible to renew under current Subscription renewal pricing before the increases are effective.

Autodesk Ending Upgrades
Design Suite 2012
Autodesk has announced that as of February 1, 2015, Autodesk will no longer offer the option to purchase upgrades for any non-current product versions. You must either be on subscription or buy a new seat if you want a newer version. This means that you should get your seats on subscription, if they are not already on it.
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Arthur Dove
Hydratec, Inc.