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This is the sixth edition of our HydraTIPS technical newsletter. It is a compendium of recent topics that were posted on the Hydratec blog along with other items that may be of interest to you. The first edition can be viewed by picking the View Our Archive graphic on our home page.

The publishing schedule for this newsletter is officially known as 'occasional'.

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Our Top 12 Posts:

The Dirty Dozen
Configuring AutoCAD to Work with HydraCAD and Resetting and Reconfiguring AutoCAD/HydraCAD
Finding Your AutoCAD Serial Number Saving Your Menu Customizations
The Usual Suspects - Popular AutoCAD Setvars Recovering a Lost Drawing
Objectively looking at Object Snaps Shipping HydraCAD Fonts
Getting a DVD of AutoCAD 2013 (or any Autodesk Product) Buying/Using a Previous Version of AutoCAD/Revit/Etc
Contacting Autodesk/Need Help Registering/Licensing your AutoCAD? Mechanical Tees - Fitting Size or Hole Size?


New Topics:


HydraCAD Posts

Using AutoLine to Break Pipes at Head Locations
Using Bayspace and AutoLine to Spot and Connect Heads on Armovers
Using Smart Array and AutoLine to Spot and Connect Heads in a Ceiling Grid
AutoDesk no Longer Shipping Media for Upgrades or New Seats
Manipulating the Command Line via the CUI (Menu) Tool
Operating System Compatibility for AutoCAD Versions
LAYOUTREGENCTL and How if Affects Perfromance When Switching Tabs
Close AutoCAD Quickly and Safely
Getting Revit details/blocks to show up in VIEWBASE
Autodesk Software Product Keys
Understanding how Autodesk Suite and Server licenses are Handled
Can AutoCAD Catch a Virus?
What SHIFT Can do for You in AutoCAD

Microsoft Posts

Upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro
Restoring the Start Menu in Windows 8

There are now more than 275 topics covered on the blog - An index to all topics that have been covered can be found in the Quick Links section (upper left) of this newsletter.

As always, please feel free to contact us with suggestions as to what topics you would like to see explained in depth.

Arthur Dove
Hydratec, Inc.