June 10, 2016

Congratulations HIllary. #JAC'sWithHer
Tel Aviv Terrorist Attacks

"I condemn the heinous terrorist attack in Tel Aviv today. I send my deepest condolences to the families of those killed and I will continue to pray for the wounded. I stand in solidarity with the Israeli people in the face of these ongoing threats, and in unwavering support of the country's right to defend itself. Israel's security must remain non-negotiable."
- Hillary Clinton -
"The United States condemns today's horrific terrorist attack in Tel Aviv in the strongest possible terms. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of those killed and our hopes for a quick recovery for those wounded. These cowardly attacks against innocent civilians can never be justified. We are in touch with Israeli authorities to express our support and concern."
- U.S. Statement -
"This was a difficult event, a cold-blooded murder by criminal terrorists. I want first of all to send condolences to the families whose worlds were decimated at this moment, and of course wishes for the swift healing of the wounded. We discussed a series of offensive and defensive steps that we will take in order to act against this serious phenomenon of shootings. This is a challenge, and we shall meet it. We will take the necessary steps to attack the attackers and defend those who need to be defended." 
- Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - 
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JAC's 6th annual Power of Women Luncheon was a sterling success. Thank you to our hosts, our honorees, our keynote speaker - Liza Donnelly - and all of our guests for an outstanding event.

Our co-chairs, Betsy Brint and Sally Higginson with our keynote speaker, Liza Donnelly

Our honorees - JAC's Research Directors: Carole Boron,
Adrienne Glazov, Kathy Emanuel, and Linda Ruder

Another stunning luncheon!

JAC met with former Governor and current Senate candidate Ted Strickland and Senator Dick Durbin in Chicago. (l to r: Hollis Wein, Ted Strickland, Dick Durbin, Marcia Balonick)

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"There are still ceilings to break - for women and men, for all of us. But don't let anyone tell you that great things can't happen in America. Barriers can come down. Justice and equality can win. Our history has moved in that direction - slowly at times, but unmistakably - thanks to generations of Americans who refused to give up or back down.

"Now you are writing a new chapter of that story. This campaign is about making sure there are no ceilings - no limits - on any of us. And this is our moment to come together."

President Obama declares #ImWithHer
"I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office."
On the Issues:
Clinton v Trump
Where do the candidates stand on key issues facing this country? Take a look and compare where each stands on: 
  • Immigration
  • Gun Control
  • War on Terror
  • Trade
  • Abortion
  • Social Programs
  • LGBT Rights
  • Engergy & the Environment
  • The Economy
  • Health Care
  • Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden lead coordinated attack on
Donald Trump

Vice President Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) delivered a one-two punch Thursday to Donald Trump in speeches that signaled the increasingly coordinated effort by Democrats to push the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his restive GOP allies on Capitol Hill. (Read full article)  

Vice President Biden Addresses American Constitution Society

Senator Elizabeth Warren Addresses American Constitution Society
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Israel & the Middle East
Tel Aviv Shooting: A Planned, Ambitious Terror Attack 
Some started to believe that the worst of the terror wave is behind us, but the deadly shooting in the heart of Tel Aviv proves they were very wrong. A first test for Israel's new defense minister. 
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UN Chief Issues Rare Rebuke to Hamas Leaders 
In a rare move, the United Nations has rebuked Hamas leaders, with secretary-general Ban Ki-moon saying he was "shocked" that they celebrated this week's deadly Palestinian terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, which claimed the lives of four Israelis, wounding another 16. 
Political Changes in Turkey May Be Good News for Israel 
Turkish intelligence head Hakan Fidan, considered an 'agent' for Iran and an obstacle to reconciliation talks with Jerusalem will be removed from his post, and made ambassador to Japan instead. Many Israeli officials considered him the main obstacle to normalizing ties with Turkey.
Netanyahu Meets with Putin in Moscow 
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Moscow Monday night for an official visit to mark 25 years of restored diplomatic ties between Israel and Russia. Netanyahu, who has met with President Vladimir Putin twice in the past several months, sat down in the Kremlin to discuss a laundry list of issues with the Russian leader late Tuesday afternoon.
U.S. Opposes Externally-Imposed Solutions for Peace
The Obama administration will continue to object to Israeli and Palestinian unilateral actions, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said. while also resisting outside attempts to impose a solution. Rice told the American Jewish Committee's annual Washington, D.C., conference that "we continue to strongly oppose Israeli settlement activity. It moves Israel toward a one-state reality."
Anti-Semitism & BDS
Cuomo Leads the Way in Fighting BDS 
Ordering a boycott of the boycott, Gov. Cuomo placed New York State at the vanguard of fighting a drive, steeped in anti-Semitism, to delegitimize Israel. The governor issued an executive order that bars the state from doing business with entities that back the BDS movement.

U.S. Anthropological Society Rejects Calls for Israel Boycott 
Members of the American Anthropological Association narrowly defeated a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions. Some 51 percent of the association's eligible members voted, the largest turnout in its history.

A Brief Introduction to Pro-Holocaust Twitter 
Donald Trump has expressed no interest in opening up death camps for Jews should he win the presidency, but his ardent supporters on the racist right have their hopes.
Reproductive Rights
The Abortion Case Before SCOTUS, By the Numbers 
This month, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule in the first landmark abortion case in decades, Whole Woman's Health vs. Hellerstedt. The ruling could have an immediate effect not only in Texas, but in more than half a dozen other states that have recently passed laws restricting access to abortion clinics.
House Panel Attacking Women's Health Jeopardizes Lives 
As long as this House Select Investigative Panel continues to operate, individuals providing health care for women will live in constant fear of having their names appear on the panel's next press release. Researchers will continuously worry that their search for lifesaving cures - using fetal tissue lawfully obtained - could bring with it danger.  
Lawmakers Outraged Over Stanford Sentence  
Female lawmakers expressed outrage over the sexual assault case at Stanford University that resulted in what critics said was a light sentence for the convicted attacker. The attempted rape of an unconscious woman is the latest such incident on a college campus to make headlines and yet another example, frustrated lawmakers said, of what's become a societal problem.
PA Revives Bill to Ban Common Abortion Procedure 
The bill would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks and target the dilation and evacuation (D and E) procedure that is commonly used after miscarriages and in second-trimester abortion care, deeming it a criminal act.
CO Law Requires Worker Protections for Pregnant Workers 
In signing this bill into law, Gov. John Hickenlooper added Colorado to a growing list of states that have passed laws requiring worker protections for employees who are pregnant or have related conditions. The bill requires "reasonable accommodations" for workers who are pregnant, recovering from childbirth, or suffer from pregnancy related medical conditions.
Separation of Religion & State
Atheist Sues Speaker Ryan over Prayer in the House 
The founder of the Freedom from Religion Foundation has filed a federal discrimination and free speech lawsuit against Speaker Paul Ryan and the House chaplain. The founder aruges that as a non-believer, he's constitutionally entitled to give an invocation opening one of the House's daily sessions.
Beyond the Core
Appeals Court: No 2nd Amendment Right to Concealed Carry 
The gun rights movement was delivered a setback when an appeals court based out of San Francisco said there was no Second Amendment right for a member of the public to carry a concealed weapon in a decision upholding a California firearm restriction. 
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Untangling Gun Violence from Mental Illness 
After a shooting, once the dust has settled, and the initial shock and panic has abated somewhat, fearful minds begin to cast about for explanations. Unfortunately, a consistent and dangerous narrative has emerged-- an explanation all-too-readily at hand when a mass shooting or other violent tragedy occurs: The perpetrator must have been mentally ill. 

Congress Sends Obama Bill to Regulate Toxic Chemicals  
Congress on Tuesday sent President Barack Obama a sweeping bill that would for the first time regulate tens of thousands of toxic chemicals. One of the bill's chief sponsors said the bill's passage ensures that "for the first time in 40 years, the United States of America will have a chemical safety program that works ... and protects families from dangerous chemicals in their daily lives."
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SCOTUS Cases Pending: Immigration, Abortion & More  
The U.S. Supreme Court heads into the final month of its term with decisions yet to come on such divisive issues as immigration, abortion, and affirmative action. Those cases could produce major rulings affecting millions of people. But with just eight justices now on the bench, some could end in a modest decision or fizzle out in a 4-4 tie.
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This is History. How Newspapers Are Commemorating It. 
Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination for president last night. For the first time in American history, a woman will top a major party's presidential ticket. This isn't just news--it's history. And newspapers across the country are commemorating this moment with front pages we'll remember for a long time to come.
Hillary Clinton Makes History 
Despite what conspiracy theorists may believe, Clinton wasn't "given" anything-she worked her tiredlessly, from caucuses to primaries to debates. She won surprising victories and endured unexpected losses. That hard work paid off, and Clinton ultimately won. The country is a better, more inclusive place because of this accomplishment, in a lasting way.

We're With Her: Clinton Is the Candidate for Gun Sense Voters
Hillary is the only candidate who has consistently stood on the side of gun safety. She's the only candidate has stood with gun violence survivors. And she's the only candidate who has shown the backbone to stand up to the gun lobby's extreme "guns everywhere" agenda.  
Trump Watch
Mocking Disabilities Is NOT Presidential
Donald Trump's Contempt for the Rule of Law
Trump is essentially arguing that his own bigoted attitude toward Mexicans has disqualified a respected jurist from hearing a court case in which he is a defendant. Under that bizarre logic, he could rationalize ruling out judges from every demographic group he has insulted or happens not to like. At the rate he's going, there would soon be no person in the land left to judge him. 
Trump Orders Surrogates to Up Criticism of Judge & Journalists 
An embattled Donald Trump urgently rallied his most visible supporters to defend his attacks on a federal judge's Mexican ancestry during a conference call on Monday in which he ordered them to question the judge's credibility and impugn reporters as racists.

BuzzFeed Cancels $1.3M Trump Ad Buy, Calling It 'Offensive' 
'[...] The Trump campaign is directly opposed to the freedoms of our employees in the United States and around the world and in some cases, such as his proposed ban on international travel for Muslims, would make it impossible for our employees to do their jobs.' 

No, Donald Trump Can't 'Pivot' Away From Racism
Republicans have no grounds for expressing shock at Trump's recent behavior - and even less reason to think Trump will act differently as the primaries end and the general election campaign begins. The authentic Trump is the one who made racist attacks on a federal judge, not the one trying to sound presidential on Tuesday night.
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Trump's Know-Nothing Party 
In the early 1850s, the anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic Know-Nothings helped destroy the Whig Party and were then absorbed by the emergent Republican Party. This year, the DNA they left behind took over the organism.
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Political Byte
Congress Will Read Aloud Full Statement of Stanford Victim 
The letter from the woman who was sexually assaulted by former Stanford University student will be read in its entirety on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives next week. There will be a one-hour special order on the evening of June 15. allowing Members of Congress,to read the letter on the House floor.
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Joe Biden Writes An Open Letter To Stanford Survivor
"I do not know your name - but I know that a lot of people failed you that terrible January night and in the months that followed," Biden wrote. "It must have been wrenching - to relive what he did to you all over again. But you did it anyway, in the hope that your strength might prevent this crime from happening to someone else. Your bravery is breathtaking."
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Majority of Voters Think Primary Process is Fair 
While some of the 2016 candidates questioned the fairness of the presidential nominating process, a majority of American voters have a different opinion. Although each party employs different nomination rules, an identical 59 percent majority of Democrats and 59 percent of Republicans think that the process for selecting their presidential nominee is fair.
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The 1st Woman Presidential Nominee - That's a Big Deal  
There is clear and convincing evidence that Hillary Clinton being the first woman presidential nominee does matter. Enormously. In the aggregate, women do govern differently than men, even when you control for partisan affiliation and the ideological composition of the election. But there aren't many women in the governing class. 
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Bernie Sanders Vows to Work for Party Unity  
Democrats took giant steps toward party unity Thursday as Bernie Sanders vowed to work together with Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump in November and President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden formally endorsed Clinton for president.
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Helen Mirren to Congress: 'Moral Imperative' to Return Nazi-looted Art to Rightful Owners 
Iconic actress and Oscar winner Dame Helen Mirren declared before Congress on Tuesday that there is a "moral imperative" to ensure the return of Nazi looted art to its rightful Jewish owners. Mirren testified in support of the legislation which seeks to "provide the victims of Holocaust-era persecution and their heirs a fair opportunity to recover works of art confiscated or misappropriated by the Nazis." 

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