October 9, 2015

JAC members were out and about across the country this week. Here are a few highlights.

JAC member Debbie Gitchell delivering support to
Monica Vernon, candidate for IA-1.

JAC women meeting with Catherine Cortez Mastro, Senate candidate (D-NV).

JAC members joined together to discuss taking action against gun violence in our communities.

JAC members took to the streets to ask stores and business to stand up for #GunSense. (l to r: Marcia Balonick, Dana Gordon,
St. Rep. Scott Drury, Betsy Brint,Gloria Zieve, Jolie Kaplan, and St. Sen. Julie Morrison)     

Talking Points Highland Park
Gidi Grinstein 
October 28
10:00 am 
Glencoe, IL 
Detroit Membership Event
Gary Peters (D-MI) and
Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) 
in November
Details to come

Want to host a JAC event near you? Plea
se contact the JAC office and we will help coordinate.

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Join us for a special event

JAC will be honored by Personal PAC with the
Irving B. Harris Spirit of Choice Award at this year's
Personal PAC Awards Luncheon.
Please come and sit with JAC.

October 26th, 2015
Chicago Hilton Towers
Contact the JAC office to RSVP or for details.

Meeting with
Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
October 14
Chicago Area 

Dinner with
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-12) 
and the DCCC

October 15
7:00 pm

For more information and to RSVP, contact the JAC office at 847-433-5999 or [email protected]


Call your Senator TODAY and tell them you support the BACKGROUND COMPLETION BILL.

This bill will:

prohibit gun trafficking
close background check loopholes
prohibit illegal gun purchases


Not sure who your Senators and Representative are? 

Responses from presidential candidates about the shooting in Oregon. 
Meet The Members   
Rep. Jackie Speier (CA-14)

Rep. Jackie Speier is one of the leading champions in the House for stronger gun laws. She is an outspoken advocate for a federal ban on assault weapons, full and complete background checks on all gun sales--including sales at gun shows, and strict limits on high capacity ammunition sales. Part of her passion for this issue stems from her own experience with gun violence. In 1978, as an aide to then-CA Rep. Leo J. Ryan, she was shot 5 times while trying to rescue constituents from the People's Temple compound in Jonestown, Guyana - an attack that left Ryan and six others dead and was followed by the mass murder-suicide of more than 900 Temple followers. Speier is the Vice-Chair of the House's Gun Violence Prevention Task Force and Senior Whip. Her gun bill, HR 3411, "The Fix the Gun Act of 2015," will require background checks on all gun purchases. Speier has also been a leader on Israel and choice.
Join with Hillary

Israel & the Middle East
Netanyahu to Kerry: World must condemn Palestinian praise of terrorists
The Palestinian leadership's condoning of terrorism and its praise for those who kill Israeli civilians should be condemned internationally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of his meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in New York on Friday. 

US Jewish Leaders: Cut Funding to Abbas over terrorism 
American Jewish leaders urged the US government to cut funding to the Palestinian Authority and isolate its president, Mahmoud Abbas, unless he acts "decisively" to curb Palestinian violence against Israelis. 

Terror Attacks in Israel: A Timeline of the Escalation 
The past week has seen a wave of Palestinian attacks on Israelis, and Israeli military operations, once again prompting fears of a third intifada. Here's a timeline of the lead-up to the unrest and the attacks themselves. 

Metal detectors have been installed in some entrances to Jerusalem's Old City in wake of recent violence. (Source: Israel National News) 
Explaining the Toxic Obama-Netanyahu Marriage  
In a new book, the former Middle East peace negotiator Dennis Ross explores just how close Israel came to attacking Iran, and why Susan Rice accused Benjamin Netanyahu of throwing "everything but the n-word" at Barack Obama.  
Anti-Semitism & BDS
British Conservative aim to block local councils from BDS activity
The UK has been ground zero in the BDS and anti-Israel movement, but PM David Cameron looks to change that.
Reproductive Rights
How anti-choice candidates could become truly pro-life
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ACLU Sues Catholic hospital for denying patients emergency abortions
Civil liberties advocates filed a lawsuit Thursday against one of the nation's largest Catholic health care groups for allegedly denying women reproductive health procedures - such as emergency abortions - in what the advocates argue is a violation of federal law.
The war on Planned Parenthood
What really demands attention are the lives currently hanging in the balance. Since 2011, states have enacted an astonishing 287 new restrictions on abortion access. One-and-a-half abortion clinics are closing every week. Last Wednesday, a Planned Parenthood clinic near Los Angeles was deliberately set on fire.
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White House's new movement to prevent sexual assault on campus
The White House is offering a primer on the problem of sexual assault on college campus for both students and parents, revealing the four vital questions to ask any college you're considering.
Proof: Texas passed an anti-abortion law & it's hurting women 
Thanks to a harsh state law, the wait time for women to get an abortion in Texas is becoming dangerously long - and a pending court decision could make it even worse
Separation of Religion & State
Commissioners expected to take up resolution to save country from 'God's wrath'
Commissioner Miller's resolution is petitioning for God's mercy and asks God "not to destroy our county as he did Sodom and Gomorrah." Miller believes the United States supreme court decision to legalize same-sex marriage is an unlawful order.

Prayer Caucus, funded by taxpayers, defends faith in public square
One night a week, the taxpayer-funded congressional Prayer Caucus meets in an ornate room in the U.S. Capitol to defend the role of (mostly) Christian faith and prayer in the U.S. government.
Beyond the Core
Why School Shootings Don't Happen in Israel
Why is it that in Israel - a country surrounded by weapons of war - we don't see the same gun violence as that which cost the lives of students in Oregon and little McKayla from Tennessee?
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Call to Action on Gun Violence: Here's How to Contact all 535 Members of Congress
As a country, we clearly aren't doing enough, and our elected officials' conversations about solutions usually end in political spin. Below are the phone numbers, emails, and Twitter handles of all 535 voting members of the House and Senate. Let's make sure from now on "routine" responses don't cut it.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/op-ed/article35371278.html#storylink=c
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What forms of gun control work best? Congress bans federal agencies from finding out.
There's one thing the federal government won't study, even though it presents a clear public health threat: guns.
Source: Everytown for Gun Safety

Lawmaker demands investigation into shuttering of Alabama DMVs
Last year, Alabama began enforcing a controversial voter ID law. This month, it plans to close 31 DMV offices, most in rural, majority-black counties - making it even harder for residents to get the most common form of ID used to vote. 
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Senate GOP plans contentious immigration vote
The legislation from Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) would target sanctuary cities - localities where local law enforcement officials decline to cooperate with federal immigration authorities - by withholding key federal grants and increasing prison sentences for those who try to re-enter the United States after being deported
Political Byte
Court makeup critical 2016 election issue
No issue in the next presidential election is more important than who will pick the next Supreme Court justices.
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The GOP's Senate Worries
Incumbents elected in the 2010 midterms will face an electorate that is demographically more daunting in a presidential year.
Dems want special panel on gun violence
House Democrats introduced a resolution to form a special congressional committee tasked with studying the causes of gun violence in hopes of reigning it in.
Kevin McCarthy's implosion signals a full-blown Republican revolution
Kevin McCarthy will not be speaker of the House. We know that because he has withdrawn from the race to succeed John Boehner.
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Why the Speaker of the House is 2nd in Line to the Presidency
n the event of a President's death, next in line is Vice President; after that, the Speaker of the House moves to the White House. But is hasn't always been this way.
Japanese 'Schindler' honored decades after WWII 
Chiune Sugihara was Japan's vice consul in Kaunas, Lithuania, when he defied government orders and issued travel visas, allowing thousands of Jewish refugees to escape Nazi persecution in 1940. He later resigned under pressure from the Foreign Ministry and spent years in self-imposed exile. Sugihara issued more than 2,000 visas and saved more than 6,000 lives. He wrote many of the documents by hand during a feverish five-week period, passing the last out of the window of his train after his consulate was closed and he was ordered to leave the country.
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Jon Bon Jovi dedicates song 'We Don't Run' to Israel

A few songs into the show, he underlined his empathy with Israel by introducing a new song called "We Don't run," released this summer, commenting: "This should be the fight song for Tel Aviv."
Bon Jovi in Tel Aviv, singing 'We Don't Run'

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