September 11, 2015

JAC was honored to be among those invited to Washington, DC to celebrate Rosh HaShanah with Vice President Biden. Other guests included Secretary Moniz, Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew, Members of Congress and Jewish leaders from across the country.
Rosh Hashanah greeting from Vice President Biden

JAC members with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz
(l to r: Hollis Wein, Sec. Moniz, Marcia Balonick, Susan Turnbull)

Marcia Balonick and Hollis Wein with Secretary of State John Kerry 


Talking Points Highland Park
with special guest 
Rep Ted Deutch (FL-21)
September 21
Northbrook, IL  
12:00 - 1:30


Detroit Membership Event 
Details to come

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Women for Brad Brunch 
Brad Schneider 
Candidate for IL 10th
September 27
Northbrook, IL  

11:00 - 1:00


For more information and to RSVP, contact the JAC office at 847-433-5999 or [email protected]

Congress is Back in Session

Their Agenda:

    • Defund Planned Parenthood 
    • Pass 20-week Abortion Ban 
    • Prevent Passage of Common Sense Gun Laws
Tell Congress to: 
    •  Protect Women's Health Care Choices 
    • Pass legislation to keep our children & communities safe.
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Meet The Members 

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)

Sen. Murray is the 4th ranking member of Democratic leadership, serving as  the Conference Secretary. JAC has always counted on Murray to advocate for JAC's issues.  She has been a Senate leader in the fight for women's reproductive rights and freedom of choice throughout her public career.

Murray has also always worked in the Senate to promote a strong U.S-Israel partnership.

She announced her support for the Iran nuclear agreement.  Read her statement. "I have been a strong supporter of (Israel) ... standing with our ally hand-in-hand toward our shared goals of peace, security, and prosperity in the region."

Murray is up re-election in 2016. We MUST keep Sen. Murray in the Senate.  She needs our help.  DONATE NOW. 

Join with Hillary

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Iran Nuclear Deal
U.S. Senate Democrats Block Vote On Iran Nuclear Deal  
A move in the U.S. Senate to hold a vote of disapproval on the international nuclear deal with Iran has been defeated on a first vote. Sixty votes in favor were needed to move the resolution forward, but the vote on September 10 was 58-42 -- two votes short -- with Democrats largely voting against and Republicans voting in favor.   

It's Time for Congress to Come Together on Iran 
by Dennis Ross and David Makovsky
As Thursday's Senate vote demonstrates, there is no longer any suspense about the fate of the nuclear deal with Iran. both supporters and opponents of the deal are understandably concerned about Iran using sanctions relief to provide significantly more material support to Hezbollah and other trouble-makers in the region. 

Two Jewish congressmen on the post-deal environment 
One of us supports the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the other opposes it. Putting aside our differences in opinions as to the merits of the Iran deal, it's now clear that the JCPOA will go into effect. To opponents and supporters of the deal, we must now join together to call on Congress and the administration to work together and focus on what happens the day after this deal goes into effect.   
Hillary Clinton: "I support Iran nuclear deal"
Nuclear deal will let Americans buy Iranian caviar, not stocks 
Once the accord is implemented, the lifting of sanctions will allow for trade such as the import of foodstuffs but business and travel will still be banned.  
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Israel & the Middle East
Will American Weapons Flood Middle East After Iran Deal? 
What will the Middle East look like the day after the Iranian nuclear deal goes into effect? Supporters of the agreement believe the region will be a safer place, with Iran's nuclear program forestalled; critics argue it will be much more dangerous, with Iran emerging emboldened and flush with new cash from unfrozen assets. But both sides agree on one thing: The new Middle East will be flooded with conventional arms from America. The region is about to enter a new arms race fueled by U.S. efforts to reassure Israel and various Sunni countries that feel threatened by the Shi'ite Islamist government in Tehran.
Netanyahu in UK says he is ready for peace talks now   
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday told his UK counterpart that he is ready for peace talks with the Palestinians, without preconditions, and he is ready to start talking immediately.
Israel embassy re-opens doors in Egypt after 4-year closure 
Israel has reopened an embassy in Cairo after four years of closure, the Israeli prime minister's spokesman to the Arab media, Ofir Gendelman, announced on Wednesday. The Tel Aviv mission in Egypt closed its doors in the aftermath of the storming of its former premises in Giza in 2011 amid anti-Israel protests.  
Reproductive Rights
States' abortion limits erode right to choose: Editorial
A constitutional right that's almost impossible to exercise isn't much of a right at all. Yet the right to an abortion - guaranteed 42 years ago by the U.S. Supreme Court - has been saddled with so many onerous strictures in so many states that for millions of women, it has become almost meaningless.
Senate eyeing vote on 20-week abortion ban
The Senate could vote this month on a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, amid a continued firestorm over Planned Parenthood funding. "There's going to be a number of things," Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) told reporters Thursday. "Senator McConnell's already talked about some pro-life legislation he'll be filing for cloture on at the end of next week."
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Abortion: Myths v. Facts
Separation of Religion & State
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Kim Davis Is Not a Patriot
The martyr business in America is booming. It's a growth industry, like yoga pants, prisons and celebrity nip-slip sites. Caterers, cake-makers, pizza shops, hobby stores and others are publicly throwing themselves on the righteous sword of spiritual indignation-but only when there are media cameras nearby to record their stirring sacrifice.
Beyond the Core
Climate change: Seven indisputable facts
Below are seven irrefutable facts about climate change that are ignored because they do not fit into the alarmists' scare tactics. These facts are not disputed.
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Restoring the Voting Rights Act Now Has Bipartisan Support
Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska becomes the first Republican to support ambitious legislation to restore the Voting Rights Act.
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Andy Parker says Congress should take on gun lobby
The father of Virginia shooting victim Alison Parker is urging lawmakers to defy the powerful gun lobby and pass legislation to strengthen background checks for gun purchasers. Andy Parker told a Capitol Hill rally that "we can, we must, and we will" prevail over opponents of new background check legislation, such as the National Rifle Association. Parker's daughter and WDBJ-TV cameraman Adam Ward were ambushed and fatally shot during a live television interview last month at a community outside Roanoke.
Political Byte
Democrats pin Senate hopes on Hillary
The battle for control of the Senate rests on the outcome of the presidential race, strategists in both parties say. Since 1860, no party has been able to climb out of the minority to capture the Senate during a presidential election year without also winning the White House. Strategists say 2016 won't be any different.
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In 5775, the White House met with Jewish leaders a ton of times (and it was mostly on Iran)
As the Jewish year of 5775 comes to a close, Jewish Insider looked back at the White House's calendar of events as it pertains to Jewish outreach since Rosh Hashanah 2014-and it was a busy Hebrew calendar year indeed for the Obama administration's outreach efforts to American Jews, with at least 50 events, or an average of about one every week.
Congress Is Back to Work: Everything You Need To Know
Congress is back to work today and is rushing headfirst into a series of critical votes and treacherous deadlines, including the Iran agreement, another possible government shutdown and a bill to keep highway projects from stalling. Here's a look at what's ahead:
John Kasich Is No Moderate about Abortion Rights
Unless a federal judge steps in, Cincinnati could become the largest metro area in the United States without access to abortion.
Shanghai opens park to honor its 20,000 Jewish Holocaust refugees
Beginning in 1938, as Jewish persecution by the Nazis went into high gear, approximately 20,000 Jewish refugees fled to Shanghai, one of the few safe havens in the world that did not require a visa.
On Sunday, a Jewish Memorial Park was opened at the Fushouyuan cemetery in that city's Qingpu district in their honor.
On eve of Jewish New Year, Israel's population hits 8.4 million
Israel's population will hit 10 million between 2025-2030, according to CBS forecast. Since last New Year, Israel's population grew by 158,000, a 1.9% increase. Jews made up 6.3 million of the population (74.9%); there were 1.746 million Arabs (20.7%) and 366,000 thousand other residents (4.4%).

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