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Join the National Day of Action October 2nd on campuses around the country to call for action on climate change. Know Tomorrow is a growing organization of students who demand action on the climate. #knowtomorrow 
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Israel & The Middle East 
Coordinated Strategy Brings Obama Victory on Iran Nuclear Deal 
Just before the Senate left town for its August break, a dozen or so undecided Democrats met in the Capitol with senior diplomats from Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia who delivered a blunt, joint message: Their nuclear agreement with Iran was the best they could expect. The five world powers had no intention of returning to the negotiating table.  

U.S. will use 'all tools' to confront Iranian destabilization 
The Obama administration will oppose Iran's bids to destabilize the region "with every national security tool available," U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said, defending the Iran nuclear deal.  

What will Israel Get in Post-Iran Deal Windfall? 
The moment the Iran nuclear deal becomes law, as seems increasingly likely given growing congressional support for the agreement, the focus of the U.S.-Israel conversation will shift to the question of what's next. What more will Washington do to mitigate the Iranian threat and reassure Israel and other regional allies?
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Time for Congress to focus on 'day after' 
In recent days, several Senators have announced their support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement between the P5+1 nations and Iran.  It is now clear that Congress will not be able to override a Presidential veto of a resolution of disproval of the agreement. It is time to focus our national energies towards working together across political and ideological divides.  We must stand united in order to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and keep our allies in the Middle East, namely Israel, assured of their safety and security.
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What Should Obama Do Next on Iran? 
Mr. Obama should not be content to have his veto sustained in Congress. His more important aim, looking beyond the vote, is to win the long-term struggle with Iran for power in the Middle East. To begin this effort, the administration should commit to a policy of coercive diplomacy - major steps to keep Iran on the defensive and push back against its growing power in the Middle East. 
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Reproductive Rights
White House Issues Reminder: Sex Without Consent Is Rape
On Tuesday, the White House released a new star-studded public service announcement as part of its anti-rape campaign, It's On Us, reminding viewers that sex without consent is rape.
It's On Us: One Thing

Texas Abortion Providers Ask Justices to Reverse Ruling on Clinics
Abortion providers in Texas asked the Supreme Court on Wednesday to reverse an appeals court ruling that would leave the state with 10 abortion clinics, down from more than 40. Should the court agree to hear the case, as appears likely, it could issue its first major abortion ruling since 2007 before its next term ends in June.
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Planned Parenthood fallout puts fetal tissue research in jeopardy
One month ago, six Planned Parenthood clinics allowed women to donate aborted fetus tissue for medical research. Now, there are just two that do - a sign that the future of the programs could be in serious jeopardy.
State by state, abortion laws control women in the guise of protecting them
It's become a tiresome, fill-in-the-blank news story: "The conservative-dominated state legislature in                      voted to restrict women's access to abortion by doing                      , insisting it's for women's safety and health." If legislators were sincere about safeguarding women's health, the bills getting passed would be about better sex education, more and cheaper health clinics and counseling and contraceptives, so abortion could become what President Clinton once characterized as "safe, legal and rare." Instead, it's about preventing women from getting abortions, and controlling them by controlling their fertility, a trick as old as men and women.
Separation of Religion & State
Kentucky clerk ordered to jail for refusing to issue gay marriage license
A county clerk who refused on religious grounds to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples was found in contempt of court Thursday and taken into federal custody. Davis drew headlines for refusing to issue marriage licenses to all couples, gay and straight, after the Supreme Court earlier this summer ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry. An Apostolic Christian, she has said it would violate her faith to put her name on a marriage license for two people of the same sex.
Pope Francis Will Allow Priests to Forgive Women Who Have Had Abortions
On Tuesday, Pope Francis announced that during the church's upcoming Holy Year of Mercy, which runs from December 8, 2015, to November 20, 2016, he will allow priests the discretion to forgive women who have had abortions. The move effectively lifts the church's policy that can lead to women being excommunicated for procuring an abortion, for the time being at least.
Beyond the Core
America has to do more to prevent gun violence
IN THE days since their 24-year-old daughter was gunned down last week in Virginia, Andy and Barbara Parker have emerged as powerful advocates for gun control. They gave numerous interviews and held a news conference; in an op-ed published by The Post just days after the shooting, Mr. Parker vowed to do "whatever it takes" to get sensible gun laws enacted. That the Parkers were moved to activism by the murder of their daughter is a tragedy - and it's an evolution experienced by far too many Americans over too many years. That makes the lack of action by those in public office to bring some sense to the country's gun laws even more intolerable.
Obama stares down melting Alaska glacier
Political Byte
Anti-abortion group targets four senators on 20-week ban
Susan B. Anthony List is running ads in Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Dakota and Alaska to target Democratic Sens. Bob Casey, Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heitkamp, and Republican Lisa Murkowski, respectively.
Record Number of Refugees Crossing to Europe, U.N. Says
According to numbers released by the United Nations refugee agency, 137,000 people crossed from January to June, landing in Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain. That represents an 83 percent increase from the same period in 2014, and the agency added that "it is expected the numbers will continue to soar" in the second half of the year.

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