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January 25 2013   

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on the following issues:

Call on Senate to Support Senator Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban of 2013
Call your senators and tell them you support Senator Dianne Feinstein's bill.  Hearings are scheduled for January 30th.
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the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)   
Call your Representative and urge them to re-introduce and support the 112th Senate version (S1925) of VAWA - Violence Against Women Act in the 113th Congress.   
Call Your Senator & Representative today and make your voice heard.

When you are done, ask 5 friends 
 to make the call too.

This week's issue highlights the following significant developments here and in the Middle East:



Remember to check out our blog to keep up with current issues and opinion and to sort fact from fiction on the Internet.  Be sure to read Presidential Ponderings, thoughts and observations from JACPAC President Gail Yamner. 

Israel & The Middle East 
Can Lapid and Netanyahu make common cause? 

This week's election in Israel was a watershed -- but not in the ways one might think.

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Disrupting the ecosystem of extremism, by Ambassador Ron Prossor
There is a specific kind of ecosystem that creates terrorism.  Terrorism is rooted in hate, watered with instability and state support, and then planted in the next generation.
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osloStriving for an illusion-free Middle East Peace 

It's been 20 years since the failed Oslo Accords. Now is the time for a different, piecemeal approach to reducing the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

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Peace  Process?  Check the Back Burner - OP-ED

SKEPTICS like to say that the real Israeli election only begins after the votes are counted, because the electoral system makes it practically impossible for any single party to gain a majority. This week's election confirms that pattern.

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Don't be fooled: Iran wants the bomb
An expose written by a former employee of the Iranian foreign ministry.
Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili recently said his country had agreed to resume talks on its nuclear program later this month....During my four and a half years as an employee of the Iranian foreign ministry, I learned beyond doubt, that my country's participation in talks is purely a stalling tactic.

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Reproductive Rights
Abortion 40 Years After Roe v. Wade 
Deborah Arrindell was a freshman in college when a friend asked her to watch over an upperclassman girl, whose doctor packed her vagina with gauze and sent her home with orders to drink hot turpentine tea to stop her unwanted pregnancy. 
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tiller'After Tiller': Ignoring Threats, Doctors Do Third-Trimester Abortions

Spend 10 minutes on the phone with Dr. Susan Robinson, an obstetrician-gynecologist who specializes in providing women with third-trimester abortions, and the name Aron Ralston will invariably come up. He's the mountain climber who was trapped in a canyon in Utah after a boulder crushed his right hand.

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New Mexico Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape as "Tampering with Evidence"
A Republican lawmaker in New Mexico introduced a bill on Wednesday that would legally require victims of rape to carry their pregnancies to term in order to use the fetus as evidence for a sexual assault trial. 
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Arkansas Proposed Abortion Restrictions Look Much Like Expected
As the Arkansas legislature meets for the 2013 session, a Republican majority ensures that anti-choice legislation will have much more of a chance of becoming law than in the past. 
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Separation of Religion & State
What Does Religious Freedom Mean?

President Barack Obama declared Wednesday to be Religious Freedom Day, but what does "religious freedom" mean?  And do nonreligious people fit into the picture?  

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texasRGV's 1st State Board of Education member in decades talks moderation
Four years after Texas' State Board of Education garnered national notoriety for debates over the inclusion of alternatives to the teaching of evolution in science standards, Brownsville businessman Ruben Cortez Jr. hopes to continue moving the entity toward a more moderate approach in his first term.
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Gun Violence Prevention
Everything You Need To Know About Obama's Gun Violence Prevention Proposals

In a press conference on Wednesday, President Obama outlined a sweeping effort to prevent gun violence in the United States. Surrounded by children who had written him letters voicing their desire to see gun laws passed, Obama announced that he will sign 23 executive orders and bring a set of proposals to Congress.?   

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feinsteinSen. Feinstein rolls out gun ban measure
Nearly two decades after she championed a nationwide ban on assault weapons, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other Democratic lawmakers rolled out a new ban on military-style rifles Thursday in the wake of the mass shooting last month at a Connecticut elementary school.
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Political Byte

kerryKerry says Iran must come clean on nuclear program

Sen. John Kerry, the president's nominee for secretary of state, put America's anxiety over Iran front and center during his confirmation hearing, saying the "questions surrounding Iran's nuclear program" must be resolved.
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Senate is losing its lions 
Jay Rockefeller's retirement from the Senate, which the West Virginia Democrat announced Friday morning, is the latest in a series of departures - by death, defeat or choice - that has rapidly sapped the world's greatest deliberative body of many of the personalities that dominated the institution, and American politics, for the better part of three decades.

inaugurationInaugural Parade's Jewish Voice

Charlie Brotman, who has narrated every parade since Eisenhower in 1957, says he won't retire until 120. 

Spielberg's Lincoln and the Jews: An Untold Story

I loved Lincoln as much as anyone and, as an American historian, took a special pleasure in it.  Among many other things, I thought the depiction of Thaddeus Stevens was terrific.  As the father of five children, all of whom grew up in the post-E.T. era, I am grateful to Steven Spielberg for having supplied my family with countless hours of great entertainment.  

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A tale of mutual empathy: Jewish refugee scholars at historically black colleges

In Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, an exhibition aptly opening on Martin Luther King Day will highlight a historical moment of mutual respect and cooperation between the African American and Jewish communities.

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