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Participant feedback Women report fearing public speaking more than men do, and they may have more reason than just nervousness:
  • Women are more frequently "talked over" in meetings, or their points are ignored, then claimed, by male participants. 
  • More attention is focused on their appearance than their content. 
  • Much advice suggests that they should sound and look more like male speakers, but women's authentic speaking style is the style that succeeds best on television, in the boardroom, and in TED talks. 

It's time to reclaim your advantages as a presenter and speaker in this subversive workshop!

Previous participants in this workshop include executives and leaders from companies like Google, Clifford Chance, Little Brown Publishing, and Procter & Gamble; from government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of the Interior, and U.S. congressional staff; and from nonprofits, universities, medical practices and research labs. The workshop is conducted in English, and has included participants from France, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Panama, Switzerland, and the United States.

Be The Eloquent Woman will be offered in Amsterdam on 23 October as a pre-conference workshop at the Autumn Speechwriters and Business Communicators Conference of the European Speechwriter Network, which takes place 24 October. Click on the links below to find out more about this unique professional development opportunity. You may register for the workshop, the conference, or both. You'll get a significant
Participant feedback
Participant feedback
Use Your Speaking Style
To Advantage
Instead of trying to "fix" women speakers, this workshop lets you learn about your strengths as a speaker and how to use them to advantage.
Learn From A Top International Coach
Instructor Denise Graveline has prepared speakers to testify before the U.S. Congress, appear on national television, and deliver industry keynotes and talks featured on the TEDMED stage and TED.com. Learn more about her.
Gain Confidence, Credibility and Content
You'll learn the skills you need to structure your content, speak confidently with or without notes, and subvert expectations of women speakers with confidence. See what previous participants say.
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