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3 unique training opportunities designed with you in mind.
The skills you need now: Refresh your blog. Get expert on experts. Message yourself for your next job.
You're a smart communicator. So you need smart training options, not mass-produced workshops. I've got three unique professional development opportunities for you, based on my own experience as a communications pro--and my work with communicators just like you. These training options take place in June 2013, and I have a waiting list of eager participants. You'll get a substantial discount for registering early, so check out the sessions that work best for you and your team. Can't make it this time? Email me at info@dontgetcaught.biz with your preferred dates, or ask about bringing any of these workshops to your location.
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Refresh Your Blog
You've had a blog for some time--but how's it working for you? If you need to rethink, revive or refresh your blog, this June 6 half-day workshop will share current trends, new tactics for using blogs to make your communications easier, methods for generating ideas easily and more. Learn more and register here.

Be an Expert on Working with Experts
They're smart about their subjects, and you're a smart communicator. So why isn't your work with experts working for you or for them? Learn how to work with, not against, their default communications styles. A full-day session on June 13 that you'll use again and again. Learn more and register here. 

Messaging Me
Do you dread "Tell me about yourself" or "Walk me through your resume" when you're in a job interview? This two-hour June 18 workshop will share tactics public speakers use to deliver a crisp, concise message--but this time, it's about you. A June 18 two-hour lunch session to rev up your search. Learn more and register here.