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School Outings 
Articles by Stacey Milchmann, Education Communications Coordinator 
Rainy day smiles! School outings are both educational and good bonding experiences for the students and all who are involved. When students and teachers are able to spend time together outside of the classroom, new learning becomes possible. Children have the opportunity to observe and participate in things that are not available in a classroom, such as picking strawberries and experiencing nature. The memories created help students to retain new information and allow them to bond with their classmates and teachers. Outings also help foster a sense of teamwork and community among children as they build personal connections. They are an excellent way to reinforce what is being taught in school and are just plain fun... as seen by the smiles on the faces of these beautiful children!


Take Learning Outdoors!
Playing outside in Jinjiang. Being outside is a wonderful thing for children to experience. Whether on the playground or playing in the sand, there are many benefits. The outdoors provides children with opportunities to develop motor skills like running and jumping. It also helps children lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise. In addition cognitive and social/emotional skills are impacted in positive ways. Children learn valuable communication skills and social customs, such as learning to play together and cooperate. Since children learn through their senses, the outdoors presents many different opportunities for learning, such as bird songs, fragrant flowers, and even rain-soaked ground. Look at how happy the children are while playing on a playground in the rain. So many wonderful things to see, hear, smell, and touch for a small child. These children are enriched in so many ways by participating in school activities.


Shaoguan School Trip

Shaoguan class outing.Students from LWB's Believe in Me Shaoguan School took learning outdoors! They attended their first "Wednesday Life" outing. This rich opportunity allowed the children to experience life outside of their classroom. Students used their senses to explore a marketplace filled with fruits, vegetables, meat, clothing, and snacks of all kinds. They were able to see different colors, feel a variety of textures, smell various foods, and even taste sweet fruit! It is occasions such as this one that truly enrich a child's life and provide them with real life skills.


Our Hero: Sydney Wuhrer

Special thanks to LWB Hero, Sydney Wuhrer, who raised $400 in donations on her birthday to help Heidi receive a much-needed heart surgery!
Letter to LWB by Sydney Wuhrer



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