Volume 8, Issue 11 - Foster Care
National Adoption Month, 2012

Special Deliveries to LWB's Foster Care Programs

by Arlene Howard, Foster Care Director


Last month three LWB program directors visited some of our foster care programs in Anhui, Hunan, and Fujian Provinces. All the children were given individual gifts, and each child was also presented with a warm winter coat. A tremendous outpouring of support for our recent Coats for Kids project provided winter coats for children in all of our foster care programs, which were very much appreciated by the children and their families.

All of us at LWB love foster care and truly believe that children should grow up in a family setting. We see fragile children make such great progress because of the love and dedication shown by wonderful families. Their families have more time to spend feeding a child or helping them to become mobile than would be possible in a busy orphanage setting. We are truly thankful for the families who foster these children and give so much of themselves to make these children happy, as well as for our sponsors who give so generously each month to ensure the children can be placed in loving family homes.

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Introducing Vicki, Tate and Terrell 
by Vicki Hossack, Associate Foster Care Director


We have some new faces in LWB's Anhui Foster Care program this month. We are so pleased to introduce Vicki, Tate, and Terrell. Vicki is five months old and has a club foot. She is a happy little girl and very interested in her surroundings. Tate has a congenital heart defect that will require surgery in approximately six months. We are hopeful that with the love and support of a foster family, he will gain more strength and remain healthy until it is time for his surgery. Terrell is a sweet little boy who has a condition that requires monthly blood transfusions. It is so comforting to know that he will be under the watchful eye of his foster family as he goes through his monthly transfusions and that they will be giving him love and support. 
These children are in need of monthly sponsors to support their foster care. As a foster care sponsor, you will receive monthly updates and photos of your sponsored child. It is so amazing to follow the children as they grow and hopefully are able to be adopted into permanent families of their very own. 
We believe that every child deserves to have the love and support of a family. While in foster care the children will experience the many wonderful things in life that we often take for granted on a daily basis. Trips to the market for a snack, a stop at the local park to play, and a warm snuggle before bedtime can make a world of difference to a child. Please join us as we watch Vicki, Tate, and Terrell blossom and experience the many gifts life has to offer.

Welcome Home!

What a joy to see these lovely children join their forever families!


From left to right: 

  • Mateja, from the education, foster care, healing homes, medical, nutrition and orphanage assistance programs; Huainan SWI, Anhui. 
  • Piper, from the medical, nutrition and orphanage assistance programs; Shangrao SWI, Jiangxi. 
  • Valerie, from the medical, healing homes, nutrition and orphanage assistance programs; Shangrao SWI, Jiangxi. 

Mud Runners for Kids  

L-R: Matthew Beard, Andy Beard, Luke Harrap, and Katie Beard.


Katie Beard recently ran in the Bristol Half Marathon in U.K. and then took part in the 2012 Mud Runner at Eastnor Castle with her dad, brother, and boyfriend. They ran on behalf of LWB's Foster Care Program and raised enough funds to sponsor a child in foster care for over a year! We are so grateful to Katie and her family for their support and dedication to these children.


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