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May/June 2014
Aging Together NY  

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Aging Together NY is a monthly newsletter dedicated to sharing news and analysis on aging issues and community-based care locally, in New York State and around the nation.

Featured in this month's edition: Elder Abuse legislation, educating the feds about aging and the real opportunity in aging. 

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Trending Topics 

Future of Long Term Services and Supports About to Unfold
Aging-NY (5/25/2014)  

What is the "go to system" for community long term services and supports? Click here for the answer.    


Medicaid Funds Increasingly Going To Community-Based Services
Disability Scoop (5/27/2014)
Medicaid funding for long-term services and supports remained largely stagnant in 2012 but increasingly that money is being directed to services in the community. Read more.    


Aging in New York 
NYS Office for the Aging's Acting Director Corinda Crossdale catches up with senior volunteers at Senior's Day luncheon.

The Real Opportunity in Aging 
Aging-NY (5/6/2014)
New York State Senator David J. Valesky and Assemblywoman Joan Millman looked over an audience of senior volunteers recently and said what everyone else was thinking: rather than calling the aging population a burden call it what it really is - an opportunity. Read more

New York Legislators Introduce Legislation to End Widespread Elder Abuse
Aging-NY (5/6/2014)
The case against Anthony Marshall, son of socialite Brooke Astor, who committed grand larceny by taking $5.75 million from his mother,
received a lot of press, but according to a new report elder financial abuse by "loved ones" and people they've come to know and trust is increasingly common in New York State. Read more.
Aging in the Community  
Director Profiles

Jamie Kelly, Broome County Aging Services Director, Arrives Just in Time for Managed LTC

Aging-NY (5/28/2014)

Jamie Kelly joined the Broome County Office for Aging as its Director four months ago and was immediately taken by the idea of one particular service offered through that office - Social Adult Day Services. Read more.

More Community News

City Seniors Locking Rents at the Current Level 

NY Times (5/20/2014)

The state is contributing $1.2 million over the next two years to expand a program that allows renters 62 and older to lock in their rent at the current level but they have to do more to reach eligible seniors. Read more.

Cayuga County Honors its Senior Volunteers
The Auburn Citizen (5/28/2014)
To illustrate the full impact of their generosity, the director of the county's Office for the Aging shared a few a statistics Tuesday afternoon to show the more than 100 people seated inside the Emerson Park Pavilion just how much seniors contribute to the community. Read more.   
Aging in the Nation     

Tips for Choosing Care for an Aging or Ailing Family Member
NYTimes (5/2/2014)
The cost of home caregiving has gone up only about 1 percent annually over the last five years, compared with an increase of about 4 percent a year for institutional care, according to the latest report on the cost of home caregiving. Read more.

Educating the Feds About Aging
NY Times (4/24/2014)
The aging of the population can become the U.S.'s global competitive advantage in the coming decades if our leaders define a new path of aging - and a new role for the aging in the economy. Read more.

New Study Links Exercise, Mobility in Elderly
NYTimes (5/27/2014)
New clear evidence shows elderly people who walk and do basic strengthening exercises on a daily basis are less likely to become physically disabled compared to those who did not exercise regularly. Read more.
Aging in the World  

Unsung Heroes: Personal Care Workers Play Crucial Role 
The Vancouver Sun (5/21/2014) 
Assiniboine graduates are in high demand, says Hargreaves. Students have the opportunity of working with the private or public organizations, in acute care or home care, within the school system, or as independent practitioners. "The sky's the limit." Read more.


Field Resources     

Members Only    

Rebalancing Long Term Services & Supports Through BIP  
In order to keep Association on Aging in NY members up-to-date on the Balancing Incentive Plan (BIP) Program, Aging-NY produced a page on the Members Only section of the website devoted exclusively to BIP. Click here to find out everything you always wanted to know about BIP but were afraid to ask.

Save the Date for Leadership Institute
The Association on Aging in NY has scheduled the fall Leadership Institute for Members Only, which takes place Oct. 21 - 23, 2014 at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel click here in Watkins Glen, NY. Click here for more information.  
If you need assistance signing on to the Members Only page, contact Karen Thornton or Alyssa Petronio, or give our office a call 518-449-7080. 
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