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August 2013

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Read all about it: Everything from our new name -- Association on Aging in NY -- to positioning Area Agencies on Aging for their role in Managed Care.
Aging Together NY is a monthly newsletter dedicated to sharing news and analysis on aging issues and community-based care locally, in New York State and around the nation.

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Trending Topics 

New York State Rethinks Medicaid
The Wall Street Journal (8/2/2013)
More than 5.5 million people are part of the state's Medicaid system, but a small group drives up the costs with unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital stays that are too long and state officials want to do something about it.Read more.

Future of County Nursing Homes in NYS in Jeopardy
Center for Governmental Research (8/19/2013)
In a new statewide study, the Center for Governmental Research (CGR) finds 92% of county-owned nursing homes outside New York City lost money in 2010, and without significant changes in how they operate, most have little chance to survive. Read more. For associated map click here.

Aging in New York  

New York Warns About Scam Targeting Elderly

Democrat and Chronicle (7/29/2013)

The state Division of Consumer Protection said recently that individuals posing as representatives for medical-device companies have been calling senior citizens asking for money and personal information they shouldn't be giving out. Read more. 

Immigrant Struggles Compounded by Old Age

NYTimes (7/25/2013)

Besides being one of the fastest-growing demographic groups, older immigrants are also among the most vulnerable. Many are not only poised to strain the social safety net but fall through it entirely. Read more. 
Aging in the Community 

Director Profiles

Putnam's New Director Pat Sheehy Envisions a Future with Better Planning
Aging-NY (7/1/2013) 
Pat Sheehy, Director of the Putnam County Office of the Aging, would like to see a different future when it comes to aging: one that includes a plan. Read more
Cathy Mackay Positions Cattaraugus Aging for the Long Term
Aging-NY (6/16/2013) 
Cathy Mackay hasn't been Director of the Cattaraugus County Department of Aging for long but already she's breaking new ground; the county's aging office is the new contractor for the Pines Health Care-Machias nursing home facility's food services/nutrition program. Read more.

More Community News


Area Agency on Aging's Role in Managed Care Era Draws Packed Crowd       

Aging-NY (6/20/2013)
The audience fell silent during the question and answer session at "A Conversation with Four Directors of Area Agencies on Aging." Find out why. Read more
Tips to Fight Loneliness for Healthy Aging
Poughkeepsie Journal (8/9/2013)
As the population continues to age, researchers are discovering changes in society are feeding widespread loneliness among senior citizens. Read more.

Joe Welch Revels in Being County's 'Handyman'
The Daily News (8/10/2013)
Joe Welch, 55, has played the title role for 10 years in the Handyman Program offered through the Genesee County Office for the Aging. Read more
Aging in the Nation      
How Technology Will Support an Aging America
US News & World Report (7/17/2013)
Aging-in-place guru and a longtime technology veteran and analyst describes four aging-in-place technology categories that have emerged. Read more 

Remodeling Two Story Homes for Elderly or Disabled     
out Rotations & 101 Mobility (8/1/2013)
For remodeling tips from Certified Aging in Place Specialist Gordon Raney of 101 Mobility Dallas, click here.

Missing, Wandering Alzheimer's Patients A Growing Concern
The Huffington Post (7/26/2013)

People with Alzheimer's who vanish without a trace constitute a rapidly growing crisis looming on the horizon for baby boomers and their loved ones. Read more.

Field Resources     

Members Only   


Association Establishes Mentor Program for New Directors

The Association on Aging in NY recently established a Mentor program for new Directors of Area Agencies on Aging. For more information on the program, click here for the Mentor section of our website. 
Nutrition Survey Results in Real Time

The results of the "Nutrition Programs in NYS - 2013 Survey of AAAs" are available for viewing as the responses roll in. Click here for the link to the survey results in real time.

Save the Date for October Aging Policy Forum 

Mark your calendar -- Wednesday, Oct. 16 and Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 -- for the Aging Policy Forum in Syracuse, for members of the Association on Aging in New York. The event will be held at the Syracuse Embassy Suites. Click here for more information and check your inbox for registration information. And see you in Syracuse!
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