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"Aging Together NY" is dedicated to educating the population -- young and old -- through news and analysis from the local, state and federal levels on any number of aging issues, everything from the economic juggernaut that is the aging population to Medicaid Redesign to the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act at the federal level. Read  more about it in "Aging Together NY."    

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Avoiding the Approaching 'Caregiver Cliff'

The Washington Post (November 10, 2012)

Immediately following the election, talk turned to the "fiscal cliff" - expiring tax cuts and major across-the-board federal spending cuts - facing the nation. But there's another looming crisis, the "caregiver cliff." Read more.

Vulnerable Seniors at Risk in Face of Fiscal Cliff 
NYSAAAA (November 2012)
The across-the-board budget cuts in the Budget Control Act of 2011 would devastate aging services and leave thousands of New York State's most vulnerable aging citizens - from Long Island to Buffalo and Plattsburgh and everywhere in between - without support for their most basic needs.Read more.

Observation Admission has Serious Consequences for Medicare Patients' Bills
Times Union (November 14, 2012)
A sick man walks into an emergency room and doctors keep him in the hospital for a few days of treatment. Was he admitted to the hospital? Find out. Read more.

Senior Healthcare: The $20,000 Question (October 1, 2102)
When Janet Schukraft's 93-year-old mother was taken to the hospital Aug. 10 after falling from her bed, weak from vomiting and a headache, she never thought her mother's subsequent hospital stay would be such a costly one. Read more.

American Householders are Getting Older, Census Bureau Reports                                                                                    
U.S. Census Bureau (November 15, 2012)
The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the percentage of households headed by older adults has grown significantly over the last half century. The share of householders age 75 and older grew from 6 percent in 1960 to 10 percent in 2012. Read more.

Aging Concerns Unite Us Conference: Call for Presentations
NYSAAAA (November 2012)
The NYS Association of Area Agencies on Aging is looking for innovative proposals that engage the Area Agency on Aging audience and contain successful programs that are replicable statewide.Read more.
Aging in New York  

Hurricane Sandy

Mapping Hurricane Sandy's Deadly Toll
The New York Times (November 17, 2012)
Some patterns emerged in mapping the deaths in the region. Elderly residents were hit especially hard, with close to half of the people who died age 65 or older.Read more.

Effort Helps N.Y. Seniors
Associated Press (November 11, 2012)
Some of society's most vulnerable people - the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill - have been pushed to the brink in the powerless, flood-ravaged neighborhoods struggling to recover from superstorm Sandy. Read more.

Elderly Face Challenges Coping with Sandy's Impact            
The Wall Street Journal (November 5, 2012)     
Health care officials, social workers and other volunteers are paying close attention to the elderly in the days since Sandy left millions in the dark throughout metropolitan New York and New Jersey. Read more.

Other State News

NYSAAAA Releases Updated Fact Sheets
NYSAAAA (November 2012)
The New York State Association of Area Agencies updated Fact Sheets for the core programs and services, using the latest data from the New York State Office for the Aging.Click here for a program synopsis and Fact Sheet for each.

Retirees Critical to New York State's Economy
NYSAAAA (November 26, 2012)
The portrayal of seniors as only "takers" and not "givers" by Ross Douthat in his Nov. 4 NY Times op ed, A Time for Choosing, appeared just as the Aging Network received a Genesee Transportation Council white paper called "Retaining Seniors to Revitalize our Region."

"The evidence is mounting: New York State should be concerned with the health and well being of its older residents because they are increasingly the economic base upon which a lot of the state is built," said Laura Cameron, Executive Director of the New York State Area Agencies on Aging. Read more.

Hunger Issues Topic Takes Center Stage

PRNewswire (November 13, 2012)
Despite the larger numbers of older adults who are hungry, it is estimated that half of them who may be eligible are not receiving benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is the new name for the Food Stamp Program.
Aging in the Community   
New AAA Director Profile

Orleans Director Melissa Blenar Sees Only Growth in County
NYSAAAA (November 2012)
If there's one thing we know as a result of the 2010 Census it's that one segment of the New York State population is staying put - older New Yorkers. Read more.

Other Community News 

Retaining Seniors to Revitalize Our Region   
Genesee Transportation Council (November, 2012)
A stereotype of seniors is that they, like young children, are a dependent population; in other words, they require more material resources from society than they contribute. This perception is far from the truth. Read more.

Grant to Fund Pilot Program to Combat Elder Abuse         
Rochester Business Journal (November 5, 2012)
Lifespan of Greater Rochester Inc. will be a key partner in a $1 million elder abuse prevention grant from the U.S. Administration for Community Living. Read more.

Aging in the Nation 

New Efforts to Close Hospitals' Revolving Doors                      The New York Times (November 27, 2012)
In the past, the only thing a patient was sure to get after a hospital stay was a bill. But as Medicare cracks down on high readmission rates, hospitals are dispatching nurses, transportation, culturally specific diet tips, free medications and even bathroom scales to patients deemed at risk of relapsing. Read more.

Pres. Obama Declares November Family Caregivers Month   
White House (11/1/2012)                                                         National Family Caregivers Month is a time to reflect on the compassion and dedication that family caregivers embody every day. As we offer our appreciation and admiration for their difficult work, let us also extend our own offers of support to them and their loved ones. Read more.

Caregiver Resources
(November 2012)                                                                       
National Family Caregivers Association view
The Family Caregiver Website view 

National Family Caregivers Month: Because Caregivers Matter (November 6, 2012)                                                   Family caregivers' roles vary greatly, ranging from transportation, meal preparation and housekeeping to more complex help, such as medication management, wound care, and financial planning.


Plus the National Alzheimer's Project Act and the National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease.

Search Senior Living Publishes Comprehensive Disaster Preparedness Guide for Seniors (November 15, 2012)
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, it's clear that many citizens are totally unprepared for natural disasters, and that senior citizens are often the most vulnerable group. Read more.

Searching for a Gift
Burlington Times-News (November 17, 2012)
"I think if I could help one other person, it would mean the world to me," Priscilla said. Read more.

Field Resources     

New York State Association of Area Agencies on Aging
Aging and Disability Resource Center (ARC)
Administration for Community Living (ACL)
ACL Grant Funding Opportunities
National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Members Only 
Calculating Cost per Unit for Aging Services in a Managed Care World: Tips from AAA Colleagues
The October 25th webinar was provided for AAA members. A recording and PowerPoint are available for members, click here (password required) to download the materials or contact
Caregiver Coordinator Forums in November    
The Association is holding several regional forums in November for Area Agency on Aging Caregiver Coordinators and NY Connects staff. For more information on the forum, called "Navigating Change: Seizing the Trend of Evidence-Based Programs," contact Karen Thornton, or 518-449-7080.
Leadership Institute Rescheduled for January 29-31  

We are pleased to announce the rescheduling of the annual Leadership Institute for January 29 through 31 at the historic Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs, NY. The agenda and timeline will be similar to the schedule planned for our late October event, which was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. The Institute is a strategic planning session to advance aging issues and develop public policy objectives. Details will be provided to AAA Directors and Commissioners, or you can contact Karen Thornton, Director of Member Services, with questions.


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