America Recycles Day Recap

Our team at Midwest Fiber hopes you had a great America Recycles Day!


America Recycles Day Facebook Photo Contest Winner Announcement!!

Congratulations to Watershed Foods in Gridley, IL for winning our photo contest! Constructing their logo with paper and freeze-dried yogurt bites, the logo contents are recyclable and compostable!

Who is Watershed?

Companies worldwide rely upon Watershed Foods to supply them with freeze-dried fruit, freeze-dried yogurt, and other premium freeze-dried ingredients. In addition to their commitment to providing value for their clients, Watershed partnered with Midwest Fiber to implement a recycling program that diverts material from the landfill.
Recycling at Thanksgiving! 
When Thanksgiving comes around, the excitement of holiday festivities floods the air as turkey cooks in the oven and friends and family spend time together.

And nothing compares to the excitement of hosting a Thanksgiving meal, whether at home or the office. However, with more people around, there's naturally more waste generated than usual.

Ironically, this is one of the best and most difficult times to recycle. The best, because opportunity to recycle increases with the number of guests. But it's difficult to communicate how your recycling routine works without sounding overly particular.

So, if your guests aren't familiar with recycling, or if their program differs from yours, here is a game plan for effectively getting the message out there.

  • Labels- Label recycling and trash containers, so it's easy to tell one from the other.
  • Reminders- Put a reminder on your cooler, or in the fridge, where water/soda bottles and cans are stored.
  • Flyers- Tape a recycling flyer of acceptable and unacceptable items to your recycling container.
  • Strategy- If most of the waste is recyclable, place the recycling container closer to your guests than the trash can. This is especially important after a large meal!


For large gatherings, temporary bins are a great option! Holding up to 60 cans or bottles, these inexpensive pop-up bins make recycling convenient and portable.  


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History Buff

The Friday after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, has been the kickoff to some of the largest volume recycling months of the year!

Retail generates more cardboard, the newspaper is twice as thick with holiday ads, and more people host large groups that generate more recycling.