It's Football Season!
It's official! Football Season has started! Whether this involves company sporting events, or watching your kids play on their school teams, these events can bring in hundreds of fans!

Every year, Americans produce over 230 million tons of solid waste, and much of this waste comes from high-traffic events. The good news is, this leaves a lot of opportunity to recycle!

Take the initiative to recycle at the events you attend, and your actions may be contagious to the friends and coworkers around you.
A Green Touchdown!
Tips on Recycling at Large Events:
1) Are there recycling receptacles at the event? If so, then scoring points for the green team just got a lot easier!  Recycling receptacles are often located by trash bins, so you don't have to travel much farther than the garbage can to recycle something. Booyah! 

2) If there aren't recycling receptacles, then you have a challenge. But don't worry, you've got this covered! Consider bringing reusable drinking bottles, and avoid using individually wrapped snack packages.
If you want single-use water bottles and/or cans, then bringing a reusable bag to hold the empty bottles and cans will allow you to recycle them later in your own bin.
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History Buff


Did you know that before the 19th Century, the term "football" referred to any number of ball games played on foot?

Modern-day football grew from a combination of sports; one resembling rugby, and the other an earlier version of soccer.