Out of the box!
In the world of recycling, there are a variety of collection containers that companies utilize based on the type and amount of material they generate. Whether toters, dumpsters, or balers, each recycling tool serves a specific purpose for material preparation and storage. 
Did you know that one of the most widely used storage containers in the recycling industry is the Gaylord box?
And the bonus question: How did this box get its name?
The answer takes us back to the year 1920 in St. Louis, Missouri. It is here that you'd find the Gaylord Container Corporation, which manufactured the first large patented boxes. Eventually, the box itself became known as the Gaylord Container, or simply Gaylord.
Gaylord Container Company was acquired by Crown Zellerbach in 1955, but the patented name, Gaylord, lives on! 
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Earth Month Review 
Midwest Fiber's "Earth Month 2015" video is a special thanks to all who contributed to an exceptional Earth Month! 
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History Buff
Did you know???

Did you know that early paper was made of rags, and rags were hard to come by?
Ironically, when the disease called the Plague, or Black Death, killed millions of people in Europe, tons of clothing and rags became available - at just about the time the printing press was invented.