Happy New Year!! 
Our Green Promise
Give the best value possible for recyclable commodities.
Respond to market needs with creative and cost-effective solutions.
Encourage recycling in the communities that we serve.
Explore new markets for recyclable materials.
Navigate into continued recycling education and development.
Developments Over the Last Year:
To increase throughput capacity, Midwest Fiber expanded our work force to include a full second shift! The additional capacity allows for expanded market reach and increased landfill diversion.
Testimonial from Bloomington, IL Printer
"I have been a customer of Midwest Fiber for years. They have always treated me fair, been responsive to my needs, paid me on time, and have been proactive managing our scrap paper. What else could I ask for? I would recommend their services to anyone."
Service Spotlight
Have you ever wondered what impact your recycling efforts have on the environment? Plug your recycling numbers into our Environmental Calculator, and create your very own assessment!!
Fun Fact
Did you know???

As of the last data collected in 2010, the recycling industry in IL employed 40,000 direct jobs, 34,000 indirect jobs, and 37,500 induced jobs! All this with only a 34% recycling rate. Imagine the possibilities!!
Midwest Fiber Recycling, 2015                                                    
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