March 2014: The Sensory Human

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Spiritual Names
How do I pronounce my spiritual name?

Most of the spiritual names and their pronunciations can be found on the Names and Pronunciations page. Since many of these names are from Gurbani, English speaking people sometimes have difficulty in pronouncing them. "In English the tongue is mostly in back of the mouth. In Gurbani the tongue is in front of the mouth, tapping all of the meridian points on the upper palate, in turn stimulating the brain and elevating one's consciousness. It is the perfect naad or inner sound current." -- Yogi Bhajan

Listen to your name carefully (click here), and do the best you can to pronounce it as accurately as possible. If you cannot find your name on our list, or if you need more help learning how to pronounce it, email us or call (505) 692-0264.


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"Our creativity will be our sensory system. And through this sensory system we will be overflowing with energy, touching the hearts of people and feeling their feeling, and filling their emptiness. We will act gratefully and our flow will fulfill the gratefulness in the hearts of others. We will create a new humanity that will have the new sensory system, and thus we will establish the Age of Aquarius. This is the fundamental character you have to learn by heart."
-Yogi Bhajan 8/1/00

Sat Nam Dear 3HO Family,


As you can see, we've changed the name of the 3HO newsletter from Aquarian Times to Yogic Living. Aquarian Times has been around in one form or another since 2001. Change is in the air, and it is our projection that the clear and simple appeal of Yogic Living will continue to uplift, connect, and inspire humanity to live healthy, happy, and holy lives.

This month we are exploring what it means to be a Sensory Human. As we transition from the information age to the sensory age, our consciousness is evolving and we are learning to function from our intuitive minds. We've featured a few lectures, meditations, and blogs here, and you'll find more on the Yogic Living page.


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Peace to all, light to all, and love to all. 


Humans are beginning to evolve a sensory system that allows them to live as intuitive, multi-faceted beings. As we develop a subtle sensitivity to our being, we will experience a sense of balance and completeness within ourselves.



"As long as we are dwelling in our five senses, we are asking for trouble. We must come to dwell in the sixth sense, which controls the five senses, the five elements, and the nine holes. To control and direct this trinity is the faculty of the Sensory Human. The faculties of a Sensory Human will be from here to Infinity. As we enter the Age of Aquarius we must rebuild ourselves to be sensory beings."
-Yogi Bhajan 1/22/01

At the Feet of the Master

Yogi Bhajan

"It will be automatic that one will find satisfaction through the self-sensory system, which people will develop in the coming 50 years. The love of existence, of our lives, and of our breathing will be in need of the flow of the psyche in us; therefore, we can be a real combination of Self within the self. And the sensory system that will develop automatically out of us will be our archangel protecting us and glorifying us."


"How will being a Sensory Human affect personal relationships? I am a beginner in Kundalini Yoga and I definitely want to be a Sensory Human. Where do I start? What is the difference between going beyond the five senses as a Sensory Human and raising the kundalini?"  

Kundalini Yoga Technology 


"You see the difference you can always make. It doesn't come from outside, it comes from within you. You don't understand. There's an Earth, there's a Universe, there's a galaxy (there are 4000 galaxies). We are huge interactively-very vast and when we start doing these exercises we start sensing that system."


These exercises are time bound. Within that time you should achieve a sensory system. Take a heavy stroke through the mouth and push it out through the nose. In the Aquarian Age intuition will be the principle of identity. You must know reality by intuition. Not by knowledge.  


A 5-part meditation for information overload: creative imagery, prevent 'going berserk,' faith, penetration in communication, make depression disappear.  

Numerology and Astrology 


Numerology Forecast for March 2014: Try Something Different

By Nam Hari Kaur


The month of March is a time of processing the emotional intensity of the past two months, and letting go of the excess baggage. "Travel light and be the Light" is the way to smoothly navigate the rough and tumble energy of 2014.  

From Our Bloggers  

By Haribhajan/Catalyst Yogi    


The self-sensory system is the next quantum leap in the evolution of humanity. It is like we are all getting upgraded to "first class" to enrich and enliven our spiritual journey. We are shifting from a mental self-awareness system to a self-sensory awareness system.

By Gurucharan Singh  


Intuition is our capacity to sense our connectedness with everything. The clearest intuition is centered in the present, deepened with stillness, refined with listening, and perfected with the power of love that lets us surrender and merge with more than our self.  

The Next Step

By Shakti Parwha Kaur  


As with the sense of color, or fragrance, or any other developmental awareness, evolved consciousness usually manifests first in one or a few beings, and then becomes more and more common in the human race. Many of us practice Kundalini Yoga, which is specifically called the Yoga of Awareness, so that we can accelerate this process of evolving consciousness and experience for ourselves the illumination of cosmic consciousness.  

By Guru Rattana Kaur    


The human sensory system is going to be our greatest asset in the Aquarian Age. We can cultivate our sensory system by consciously connecting to our breath, strengthening our nervous system, activating our glandular system, balancing our emotional energies, and channeling our mental energy to intuitive awareness.

Hanging on by his Fingernails

By Guruka Singh

The act of putting that locket around my neck early that morning was a perfect example of what it means to live as a self-sensory human. No thinking; no reasoning; just the spontaneous intuitive knowledge that something needed to be done in the moment, and so she did.

The Sensory Human and Release from Suffering

By Sewa Singh

We can use the sensory changes we create during yoga practice to free ourselves from the pain of the past. A natural radiance will rewards our efforts. Attachment leads to the kind of human suffering that is self-induced. You can end this kind of suffering through your own intent and effort. How? 

Yogic Recipes

Eating for Enlightenment (with Beet and Fennel Root Salad)

By Siri Chand Kaur


Every food has a specific taste or "rasa" that affects us uniquely. Each taste is composed of two elements and thus has very specific effects on our mind, body and spirit through each of the doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. Here are 3 great choice for the sweet taste: oats, coconuts, and beets.   

The Perfect Breakfast Drink for Women: Ms. Whiz


Here's a perfect nutritious breakfast drink for women, rich in potassium, iron, oils and the alkaline qualities of chlorophyll to keep you going. This drink provides a woman with the necessary daily doses of sesame or almond oil which nurtures her skin and hair, chlorophyll as an internal cleanser, and rice bran syrup which supports the nervous system.