February 2014: Selfless Love   

Spiritual Names

Why are men given the name Singh and women Kaur as part of their spiritual names?


Yogi Bhajan gave the name Singh as the second part of each spiritual name for men, and the name Kauras the second part for women. Kaur means "princess or lioness of God", and Singh means "the lion of God." The names Kaur and Singh convey nobility, grace, power, courage and living consciously.

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How exactly do we open our hearts?
Kriya to Open the Heart Center and the Meditation to Open the Lock of the Heart are excellent ways to begin this lifelong process. It takes courage and effort to open the heart. Be brave! For the open heart is a liberated heart. The open heart is boundless, without limitation or fear. The open heart loves, spontaneously.

"The first sign of love is, that you shall not know who you are.  Love is very blinding, it's an ecstasy. Those who claim to be in love, have no self. They don't love God, they are just in love, God loves them. They have the experience of Infinity, they have experience of all."

-Yogi Bhajan, June 15, 1994


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"Hate nobody; love everybody. It won't cost you anything. Love never costs anything. Love is the most selfish act. It gives you so much protection, grace, and radiance. It doesn't give you any smallness or suffering. The attitude of conscious living is to love and give grace to someone worthy of your trust. Do not seek anything from people. Give love instead, and rely on God."  
-Yogi Bhajan,
Physical Wisdom p.35

Sat Nam Dear 3HO Family,


Happy Valentine's Day and may your heart open to the love and light of your infinite soul.

This month we are exploring the idea of Selfless Love. There are lots more blogs on Selfless Love on the KundaLiving page in addition to those we've collected below.


Next month we will be in the thick of Summer Solstice preparations - getting ready for another great summer of transformation and spiritual growth.   


Peace to all, light to all, and love to all. 


Yogi Bhajan said that love is the experience of selflessness within oneself. This month we are exploring the concept of Selfless Love. It encompasses everything from love relationships and intimacy, to the divine love of God.



 "Your subtle body is as sophisticated as anything in the Universe can be. So unless you produce in yourself elegance, grace, sophisticatedness in your mind, manners and attitude, and unless you come from the infinite altitude, and ascend to that altitude, you cannot descend in love. The higher is your being, the deeper is the love."
-Yogi Bhajan, July 29, 1996

At the Feet of the Master

"When you feel and experience selflessnsess within yourself and you can vibrate for someone, then you are fulfilled with love. This is the highest state of individual consciousness." 


"Love is my last chance in life in the sense that I have to love, first of all, my own consciousness. I have to love my own character.  There are so many things I am supposed to love for myself, before I say even one word of, 'I want to love you.'"  

Kundalini Yoga Technology 


To heal the emotional wounds of the heart, we need to bring calm to the nerves that hold the wound. We know that a break in relationship (to others or to our Self) has almost identical reactions in the nervous system and brain as a physical injury or loss of limb. 


The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra. It is called Anahata. It represents the opening of feelings, compassion, and the capacity to love. At the Heart Chakra there is no conflict; Heavens and Earth come together in balance. Heart-centered compassion is universal and unconditional.


Practice of Venus Kriyas can help to establish balance in a relationship and develop the experience of Oneness between the two of you. The focus stays at the heart, projecting love and caring, with the highest good for both partners.

Numerology and Astrology 

Numerology Forecast for February 2014: On Overwhelm? Visualize More

By Nam Hari Kaur


The month of February is a time of sorting out and restoring our personal boundaries. Because of the increasing intensity of unfolding events on planet Earth, many people are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Astrologically, that immersed and immersing womb, that protective bosom of family experience, is the nature of Cancer. The outer structure of the world, into which we must plant a flag and take our place, is the domain of Capricorn. I evoke these images and feelings because we are in a period of time when the contrast and evolution of both of these polarities is being stimulated.

From Our Bloggers  

By Sat Purkh Kaur  


I have fallen in love more times than I'd like to admit. But I've never been able to manage that endless fall that Yogi Bhajan describes: "If you fall in love, keep falling!" All of my 'great' loves came to an end one way or another; beautiful men I gave my heart to only to have it returned a little bruised, and sometimes broken.

By Haribhajan/Catalyst Yogi


We have been conditioned to falsely believe that real love means the other person is a cardboard cut-out without any needs of their own and whose sole purpose is to fulfill our every need. In the Aquarian Age we are being called to mature into our spiritual adulthood which means emotional self-reliance. We must learn to nurture and take care of our own needs.

Spiritual Practice: A Time for Selfish Love

By Dev Suroop Kaur  


This is about love in relation to the self and the soul - selfish love - as expressed and realized in our personal meditative discipline. I recall Yogi Bhajan often talking about sadhana as the most selfish act. Sadhana and daily spiritual discipline is all about self-love.

By Jivan Joti Kaur      


Even though everyone recognizes sex as a healthy part of one's life, very few consider sex as a spiritual endeavor. In the Eastern tradition, sexuality has been taught as an art and a science. Indeed, sex can be one of the most blissful forms of spiritual union. 

Breaking the Hallmark Trance

By GuruMeher Singh

I'm all for love and intimacy, but what if your situation doesn't meet expectations and feelings don't conform to the February 14th schedule? 

Selfless Love

By Guruka Singh 

As everything else falls away and we become grounded in our soul, we begin to live in our own essence; our words and actions become singularly marked by kindness and compassion, and that compassion has no limit.
Yogic Recipes

Sesame Ginger Milk: A Restorative Drink for Men


This creamy and stimulating drink is nourishing to the nervous system and the male sexual organs. Drink it immediately after having intercourse.

Wonderful Winter Sweet Treats

 By Satya Kaur


This is the most flexible recipe I have ever used. It is perfect for those who do not feel comfortable baking, since no matter how you make it, it will taste good. It can be fat free, gluten free, grain free, dairy free. And it tastes great.