BTC - January 2016

January 27, 2016

WILL JANUARY BE THE BEGINNING OF A NEW DOWNTURN IN REAL   ESTATE? I do not think so- while oil prices and declines in foreign markets are driving the stock market at the moment, the factors that affect the purchase and sale of homes and commercial properties (interest rates, inflation, wages and employment) are all in positive territory! Even with the increase in residential home prices, steady interest rates, and steady employment gains still strongly support strong prospects for sales and refinances in the upcoming year!
NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION AND SALES ARE ROBUST and inventory of existing homes is finally beginning to increase as many purchasers of new homes begin to list their homes for sale!!

The recent passage of the budget along with the increases in government spending also bode well for our area and eliminate the major cloud of a government shut-down, which would likely have impacted overall consumer confidence!
INVESTORS - are you looking for "hard money" financing? We have several lender contacts looking for good and experienced investors with a proven track record! Contact us via e-mail at for more details if you or a client of yours is interested!! 
business-meeting-convo.jpgTITLE AGENTS OR ATTORNEYS finding it difficult to comply with new CFPB rules, and more stringent requirements of the title insurance underwriters should consider contacting Four Seasons Title, a subsidiary of Brennan Title Company. Four Seasons Title handles processing, disbursement and title insurance underwriting requirements under a partnership arrangement which significantly reduces your overhead and liability while allowing you to retain the client contact and relationship! For further information contact: John Brennan at
WE EXPECT 2016 TO BE A GROWTH YEAR FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTORS! But one of the biggest considerations for investors is the taxation of Capital Gains by both Federal and State governments. Investors can still DEFER that taxation by taking advantage of the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Rules which allow an investor to transfer the gain of a relinquished property to a new, "Replacement" property, using the Full proceeds of the sale to purchase a new property. For Real Estate Agents, this may result in two commissions and you may earn a client for life!! Brennan Title Company has a Tax Deferred Intermediary which handles the documentation for 1031 exchanges of properties in the continental United States or its protectorates!! Call Attorney Susan Chartier at 202-537-5378 or e-mail her at for more information!! 
ACCORDING TO THE BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL, home sales for 2015 in the Baltimore area were up 19% over the prior year, a staggering increase, while the average home price remained relatively flat. This could actually be good news, enabling first time home buyers to re-enter the home buying market! 
SOME GOOD NEWS ON JOBS IN THE GREATER WASHINGTON AREA - between November 2014 and  November 2015, this area added almost 62,000 new jobs - even better, the jobs were mostly in the private sector in the category of professional and business services (24,900), while the Federal, State and Local government accounted for only 9,700 new jobs combined. This news comes on the heels of the area's decline in employment growth over the past several years!!! BY THE WAY, 48% OF THESE JOBS WERE IN SUBURBAN MARYLAND! (Washington Business Journal)  
APARTMENT RENTERS ARE FUTURE HOME BUYERS and RENT on the Washington suburban area is averaging $1,810 with only a 3.3% vacancy rate - clearly, this is building toward the next boom in first time home buyers and condominium conversions!! (Washington Business Journal) Consider this: at a 4% interest rate, and 30 year amortization, a first time home buyer can borrow $315,000 with a Principal and interest payment of only $1,504!!! 
AS ALWAYS, WE AT BRENNAN TITLE COMPANY welcome your questions and your business! We are totally compliant with CFPB rules and have been audited and vetted by four of the major title insurance companies!

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