May 2015


With the increase in Regulatory and Market Demands thinning profits and raising settlement service requirements, you may want to consider OUTSOURCING your complete processing settlement responsibilities to Four Seasons! We provide complete and thorough processing from the title exam through the recording and disbursing, to include all responsibility for loan payoff and releases! What have you got to loose except your overhead, your headaches and your peace of mind! You keep your clients and handle your closing just like you always have! We are a division of Brennan Title Company, in business since 1991 and underwrite for all the major underwriters.

We are Attorney owned and have five attorneys on our staff. Call John M. Brennan, Attorney or Terri Hirschmenn, Attorney at 301-261-8177 or e-mail us at or

AS WE APPROACH THE AUGUST 1, 2015 DATE for the inception of the new Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms, I wanted to make you aware of services provided by Four Seasons Title which might provide you a viable alternative for complying with lender and CFPB requirements without the associated time and expense.


MANY LENDERS ARE ALREADY BEGINNING THE PROCESS of vetting title agencies to determine whether they are in compliance with the American Land Title Association's recommended Best Practices. Most lenders require full compliance with these standards as a condition to doing business with them in the future! In addition, you have undoubtedly already noted the higher standards and requirements of your underwriters regarding Licensing, Audit standards, Recording, and Policy timelines.


IF YOU ARE WONDERING HOW you are going to be able  

to quickly comply, or if your underwriter is sending you WARNING signals, you may want to consider the easier path to compliance by partnering with Four Seasons Title. Four Seasons provides every part of the settlement processing service while allowing you to maintain your independence and your relationships with realtors, loan officers, and your existing client base!

FOUR SEASONS IS "Best Practices Ready," and can provide you with all the tools you need to continue growing your title practice with virtually no overhead or audit headaches, providing you the peace of mind that comes with certain compliance, and without bearing the substantial cost and uncertainty involved in coming up to "Best Practices" standards.

PLEASE CONTACT ME at 301-261-8177 ( or Terri Hirschmann, Esq. at 301-316-8594 ( if you would like to discuss how this alliance may give you the opportunity to move forward toward the August 1 deadline with the blessing of your lenders and underwriters!





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