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Top 3 Reasons to Certify with ABPM
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February 2015

A Message from Melissa Lockwood, DPM and Editor


Hello and Welcome to 2015! The ABPM Board of Directors and Marketing Committee are excited to share with you our first newsletter of the year. We are happy to have you join us on this journey to ABPM board certification. Remember, you have a huge advantage as three-year trained residents!! You qualify to 'skip' the step of case log documentation because you have already DONE it for your Residency Resource logging system. It's a straightforward process to qualify AND certify for the ABPM podiatric board in ONE YEAR. Make sure you are ahead of the curve with hospital and insurance credentialing!

Deadlines to REMEMBER !!      
foot-massage.jpg Qualification, Certification and In-training Application and Exam Dates

With so many applications, exams and demands, it can be easy to miss a critical date.  Below are some of the key ABPM 2015 dates to remember:


June 12: Board Qualification Examination
September 14: In-training applications due
October 2: Board Certification Examination
November 2-30: In-training Examination

Other dates regarding specific supplemental forms and specific exam criteria are available on our website.  
Top 3 Reasons to Certify with ABPM
Access, Professionalism and Speed

Access: 80% of the podiatric work in private practice is medicine. Even if you decide later to certify with the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery(ABFAS), you will have distinguished yourself early with the ABPM board certification in podiatric orthopedics and podiatric medicine. This is especially important when obtaining hospital privileges and becoming recognized on insurance panels ...more


Sign up online for the Qualification or Certification Exam by March 14!

Practice Management Pearl
By Melissa Lockwood, DPM

It's important to think ahead while you are in residency. We all realize this fact, yet so many of us do not take full advantage of the three years we are working through our programs. One key tip: Make sure to connect with your attending physicians OUTSIDE the operating room ...more 


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