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Logan-Based Firm Says, "Start Here. Stay Here."
David Jenkins talking with a student
David Jenkins, cofounder, president and CEO, talks with a student.
By Steve Eaton

Sometimes it's hard to talk Huntsman graduates into leaving Cache Valley to get their first job. They like it here. They want to stay. Earlier this month students learned of one career opportunity that promised to let them keep the Wellsville Mountains and fall football days as an ongoing part of their life.

On Nov. 7 it was difficult to walk about the George S. Eccles Business Building without seeing reminders that the day was all about Conservice, a Logan-based utility management company that already employs more than 70 people who are Huntsman students or graduates.

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Open Political Discussion at Work Can Have Benefits
By Christine Arrington

Political discussion at work can actually strengthen an employee's job satisfaction and commitment to the organization, but only if the discussion is characterized as "an exchange of perspectives" with "give and take," rather than as "political pressuring" to agree with a supervisor's political ideas. This was the surprising preliminary finding of an innovative, nationally representative study of couples in which both the employee and spouse were surveyed on how political discussions at work can impact the work and home life of employees.

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John and Merideth Ferguson
John, J.D., and Merideth, Ph.d., have researched the impact of political discussions in the workplace.
Trip Includes "Slow Walk" With Presidential Candidate
PoliticIt Members
Four members of the PoliticIt crew pose in front of the PoliticIt bus. They are, from left to right, Shai McDonald, Lauren Johnson, Josh Light and Sterling Morris.
By Steve Eaton

After traveling by bus for three months to 48 states logging 18,000 miles, contacting more than 3,000 politicians, participating in a drag race with a pig bus and a "slow walk" with a presidential candidate, the leaders of PoliticIt decided to take a break this week.

While many of us felt battered, worn, and exhausted by the long presidential campaign, with its gaffes, attack ads, and debates, few have become as immersed in an election cycle as the PoliticIt crew.

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Throry Meets Reality
Know Where You Stand in Advance
Alan Warnick
Alan Warnick was faced with an unexpected ethical dilemma with a job candidate.
Editor's note: "When Theory Meets Practice - Stories From the Workplace" is a new feature in the Huntsman Post where we invite professionals to share stories of challenging events that tested them with the unexpected.

By Alan Warnick, associate department head and principal lecturer

Several years ago, when I was a company's affirmative action officer, I found myself in an awkward position when I found out that company leaders wanted to know if a leading candidate for an open position was Jewish before they made their hiring decision.

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Program Will Help Students Prepare for CFA Exams
Paul Fjeldsted
The University Recognition Program will help students prepare for CFA exams, says Paul Fjeldsted.
By Nadiah Johari

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is one of just 20 schools in the United States to be recognized by the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute for the work it is doing to prepare students to obtain the Chartered Financial Analyst© designation, which has become the most respected and recognized investment credential in the world.

The CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals.

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He is Recognized With Two Best Paper Awards
By Allie Jeppson

It is a rare thing for an author to win a best paper award for his or her published research. It is even more unusual, however, for an author to win two of those awards in the same year. Yet Nate Stephens, assistant professor of accounting, has done just that for research published in the Accounting Horizons and Issues in Accounting Education journals..

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Nate Stephens
Nate Stephens, a professor in the School of Accountancy, won two "best paper" awards earlier this year.
Professor Helps Library With Strategic Planning
Glen McEvoy
Glenn McEvoy looks at a plaque he received recognizing him as this year's Library Faculty Award Winner.
By Allie Jeppson

The Merrill-Cazier library has recognized Dr. Glenn McEvoy for his contributions to the library with the Library Faculty Award, a recognition earned by only one faculty member each year.

Dr. McEvoy, a management professor, said he was surprised at the award but felt honored to receive it.

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