We entitled this newsletter "vulnerability" to bring attention to the inherent risk associated with agriculture and the livelihood of farming. On a day-to-day basis farmers react to a long list of unpredictable risks that may damage an entire crop or herd. The extremity of the #wvflood did not present farmers in the most devastated communities with the opportunity to prepare or react. Over this past week, the Coalition continues to hear the traumatic stories of farmers losing their entire farms, their livelihood, and their homes. 

To support our West Virginia farmers the West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition is creating a gofundme account, "WV Farmers Impacted by #WVFLOOD". All funds will be distributed equitably amongst the West Virginia farmers in need. In addition to the "gofundme" campaign, the Coalition is participating in the annual Charm Farm Barn Dance on July 9th. All proceeds the Coalition receives from the Barn Dance will be contributed to this fund. Register for the Charm Farm Barn Dance below.

The West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition extends our deepest sympathy to the communities affected by the flood this past week. To volunteer, please visit www.volunteerwv.org or www.WVFLOOD.com. For assistance, please visit www.WVFLOOD.com.

In solidarity,

West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition

Dear West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition community: 

With much anticipation, the Hiring Committee is pleased to announce Spencer Moss has accepted the position of Executive Director with the West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition. We were pleased to have a pool of highly qualified applicants, including both well-established practitioners as well as developing leaders in our local food system. 
Spencer is well-qualified for this role, both through her academic background and workforce experience; importantly, she also exhibits an ideal temperament for leading our Coalition. She is experienced in building Appalachian local foods projects and has clearly articulated our state's opportunities for the future. The committee noted her keen ability to build consensus with an eye for detail: Spencer is a skilled organizer, director, coach, and communicator. Her very relevant experience in both management and policy also will serve her well in her new role. 
As an expert storyteller and the daughter of a farmer, Spencer is a staunch advocate for farming as an economic catalyst. She recognizes the role of the local food system in community development and internalizes its value and nuances. In all, Spencer is an ideal fit going forward - we are grateful she has chosen to share her talents with us. 
Please join us in welcoming Spencer! 

Kind regards,
West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition Board of Directors

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Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network is Hosting a "Co-op Owned and Operated Processing-Cattle Producers of Washington and the LPCA Plant" Webinar on Tuesday, July 26 at 1PM (EST)

"Livestock producer co-ops are often interested in owning and operating their own processing plants.  On this webinar, we'll hear the story of one co-op, Cattle Producers of Washington, and their journey to build and operate their own plant, the LPCA Plant in Odessa, WA.  We'll learn how they got started, how they financed the plant, and hear about the build-out process.  We'll talk about the LPCA's first few years of operation: successes, challenges, and surprises along the way." To learn more about the webinar and to register, click here.

Harnessing Consumers & Communities to Help Meet U.S. Food Waste Reduction Goals: Conference, Webinar and Networking Event at The Ohio State University on August 26th at 8:30AM - 4PM

National and local experts will share emerging insights into current trends and best practices concerning how to help consumers and communities reduce food waste and divert food waste from landfills. The afternoon of the conference offers opportunities for participants to discuss current or potential waste reduction or redirection programs in their own communities and organizations. Register here.

J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works Farm-to-Table Event on August 16th in Malden, West Virginia

Attend the Farm-to-Table event on August 16th and 10% of your ticket price will be donated to the West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition. Seats fill up quickly, so RSVP here.

Food Distribution Research Society's (FDRS) Pre-Conference Workshop in New Orleans on September, 30th @ 1PM - October 1st @ 12PM 

The pre-conference workshop will:
  • Introduce the new USDA-AMS Toolkit: The Economics of Local Food Systems (more info: localfoodeconomics.com)
  • Present typology and benchmarks for local food initiatives to assist in comparing and standardizing data collection;
  • Provide insight into using these tools for technical assistance and evaluation of local food activities; 
  • Teach advanced topics of the AMS Toolkit, along with exercises demonstrating their implementation using new benchmarks.
To learn more and to register for the pre-conference workshop, click here.

Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers Program (2501)

Deadline: July 29th, 2016
@ 11:59PM (EST)
No Deadline

Deadline: July 3, 2016

Deadline: July 3, 2016
Deadline: July 6, 2016

Deadline: October 15, 2016

Deadline: July 29, 2016

No Deadline
No Deadline
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Farm Commons recently released "Building a Legally Resilient CSA Workbook" for farm-based community supported agriculture programs. Farm Commons explores "a range of potential issues including making the sale, sharing risk, offering gift certificates, dealing with securities laws, managing drop sites, combining farm product, working with volunteers, hosting events, and managing food safety." Check out the workbook here.

Food Tank hand picked 16 books for their 2016 Summer Reading List that educate, inform, inspire. Check out the list here.
New Ventures Advisors LLC recently developed a comprehensive guide to kitchen incubators, "Kitchen Incubators: Is there a recipe for success?" here.

State and National Policy Page: http://wvfoodandfarm.org/initiatives/policy/
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced available funding for the Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers and Veteran Farmers Program on Monday, June 27th. Read NSAC's blog post here AND the announcement in the Federal Register here. 

Philadelphia passes soda tax to help fund prekindergarten and additional city programs. Read the story here.
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