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Consultants to Organizations | February 2014


What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about your organization's job descriptions?  If you're like most employers, it's not "Oh, they're completely current and up-t0-date and are very helpful to us."  This issue contains the first in a 3-part series about how you can make your job descriptions more than just words on paper.  If you missed our last edition of Reachplease click here for an interesting article on job ranking and a practice recently curtailed by Microsoft.

Job Descriptions: How to Make Them Work for You


Are you responsible for writing or updating job descriptions for your organization?  Do you think your organization's job descriptions are up to date and accurate?  Do you find job descriptions to be helpful or useful to you?  This month we share the 411 on job descriptions and explain why their accuracy is a critical part of any successful organization's HR tool kit.


Did you know....

  • Most (97%) organizations have some job descriptions
  • Many (40%) organizations' job descriptions are out of date
  • Only 8% update job descriptions on a set schedule
  • Almost 80% update job descriptions only when a job has changed significantly or when a job is "officially" evaluated



At a basic level, job descriptions tell us: who does what, where, when (or how often), why (or for what purpose), and how.  You still might be thinking, so what?  Still not sure if it matters if your organization has job descriptions on file or if they are up to date?  Here are some reasons why it does matter...Read More
The conversation about millennials continues...though how you are having that conversation depends on your generation!
Are you a texter? A phone caller? An e-mailer?  Your answer may hinge on your generation.  Perhaps not surprisingly, millennials prefer to communicate by text and email over face-to-face conversation by some 5%, according to an info-graphic created by Millennials send almost two-to-one the rate of texts as Gen X, and almost four-to-one the rate of Boomers.  And look out: teenagers, our next generation, text more than two-to-one the rate of Millennials.  This trend isn't going away, it's safe to say.  On the upside, more Millennials continue to work after leaving the office than those of other generations by 7%.  Is your organization using text to its best advantage?

We hope you enjoyed this addition of Reach. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts with us, as well as pass on this eNewsletter to anyone you think might benefit. 


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