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Consultants to Organizations | May 2013



Developing core competencies is a great way to bring everyone in your organization onto the same page - literally and figuratively.  In this issue of Reach we will discuss part one of a process we have used successfully with several clients in the recent past - often with some unexpected outcomes!


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How Competencies
Can Drive Success!


When describing competencies to employees, we talk about competencies being how they work.  Job description responsibilities and goals they may be working to accomplish are what they do; competencies are how they do it.  Competencies are not special skills or knowledge, which just qualify a person to do a particular job.  Competencies are the qualities that distinguish outstanding from average performers in any job.  Their presence can be determined by the behaviors excellent performers engage in:

  • More often,
  • More consistently
  • And with better results than average performers.   

Competency profiles, therefore, are usually specific to a particular job because the qualities that define excellent IT managers, for example, differ from those that define excellent branch library managers.


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The Gender Gap continues, though hope glimmers...


A recent study highlights yet again the continuing gender gap in US wages.  Men still earn, on average, almost $24,000 more than women, while women continue to hold lower percentages in the highest-paying occupations. 


There is a bit of positive news, however: women are now being more equally represented in various high-skill positions.


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Thinking about how to take your life experiences and live an even more meaningful and purposeful life?  Paula Singer and Linda Burton recently presented about just this concept to a group of over 40 women at the Center Club in Baltimore.  Act III - The Next Stage in Women's Lives: Planning for a Purposeful Retirement, focuses on positioning oneself for the emotional, psychological and sociological aspects of this important transition.  If you and the boomers in your organization would like to learn more, please contact Paula at for more information!

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Paula Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri

Paula M. Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri


The Singer Group, Inc.


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  • Lorraine and Paula are coaching leaders to excellence.
  • We are working on culture change, organizational restructuring and enhancing effectiveness with Department in a School of Medicine.
  • We are working with large organizations on the east and west coasts to develop competencies.
  • The Singer Group is developing a performance management system to align with a strategic plan for an organization in Maryland.
  • Paula and Tedd are conducting an executive compensation study and developing a performance evaluation for the CEO of a non- profit in Rhode Island.
  • Paula and Lorraine are working with organizations in Maryland and Oklahoma on employee engagement and culture assessments.
  • Paula and Lorraine are conducting an Executive search for the Salt Lake City Public Library.