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Summer 2015  

Message from President Farrah Esquer

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On May 1, Cardinal flew the coop! We moved to Santa Ana after having been in our Anaheim location for more than 20 years. We are firmly established in our new location at 825 North Park Center Drive, Suite 101, and are delivering on our ever-present commitment to exceed our clients' expectations.


While we agree that change is good, we also know that not all changes are easy. However, this change for Cardinal and our client Associations was smooth. Our new offices have plenty of parking, large conference rooms for our client Boards to meet, and proximity to several freeways.


Many people believe they don't like change. I beg to differ. Have you ever been sick? Have you ever been broke? Have you ever been sad? I bet you not only liked the changes that were to eventually come but were actually looking forward to them.


Cardinal embraces the changes that enable us to perform better for our clients. Ever-evolving technology helps us change our processes and procedures so that we continually become more efficient and effective for our Boards and Associations.


However, one thing we have never changed since we first opened our doors in 1981­ is our focus on our clients. As a strategic partner in enhancing the quality of life in your community, we team with Board members and Homeowners to smoothly navigate the mileposts of successful community association living.



Farrah Esquer, President

Cardinal Congratulates Christine!

We are proud to announce that Cardinal Account Manager Christine Santisteban reached the second level in the Community Associations Institute (CAI) development track for community association managers-Association Management Specialist (AMS).
According to CAI, the AMS designation "demonstrates a higher level of commitment to your career and the community association industry." This professional certification is earned after at least two years of
 experience in financial, administrative, and facilities management of at least one association; successfully completing the courses in the Professional Management Development Program; and passing a rigorous examination.
Christine has been with Cardinal for nearly six years, and serves on CAI-OC's Outreach Committee.
Please join us in congratulating Christine!
Drought Causes a Flood of Questions
The scarcity of rain in California is causing a flood of landscaping questions from Homeowner Associations.
Can we water or do we just let our lawns, shrubs, and plants die after
we paid so much money to have them planted and maintained? What's the difference between reclaimed water and recycled water? Which are we allowed to use?
Recently, California Governor Jerry Brown ordered mandatory water use reductions for the first time in California's history, saying the state's four-year drought had reached near-crisis proportions after a winter of record-low snowfalls.
In an executive order, the governor directed the State Water Resources Control Board to impose a 25 percent reduction on the state's 400 local water supply agencies, which serve 90 percent of California residents, over the coming year. The agencies are responsible for coming up with restrictions to cut back on water use and for monitoring compliance. State officials say the order will impose varying degrees of cutbacks on water use across the board-affecting homeowners, farms and other businesses, as well as the maintenance of cemeteries and golf courses.
The newly mandated 25 percent cut is in relation to total water use in the state in 2013. Cuts will vary from community to community. In addition, the state and local governments will offer temporary rebate programs for homeowners who replace dishwashers and washing machines with water-efficient models.
Obviously, we want our landscapes to continue receiving the right amount of water to thrive without wasting water so it's important to check your irrigation systems. Is your water coverage appropriate? Are there any pipe leaks? Are there any broken sprinkler heads?
Each water district has oversight of the programs, mandates, and enforcement measures in place in their area, so every area across the state may have different rules about watering, fining, or terminating services.
"What are other Associations doing?" is an often-asked question at Board meetings these days. Some solutions include switching from sprinklers to drip irrigation to eliminate overspray, planting drought-tolerant material to replace turf, and using reclaimed water. Some cities have rebate programs in place to help with such projects.
New legislation enacted in January 2015 allows owners to use their yards to plant edible crops for personal use or donation. While Associations now allow edible plants and crops, the Association can adopt "reasonable" rules and regulations to address maintenance.
To be sure exactly what you and your Association can and cannot do during these dry times, contact Cardinal Property Management or attend your Association's Board meeting. We are all in this together.
Community Projects
This quarter, we are assisting three Associations transition from using keys to gain entry to their pool to using a key fob or a card system. The elimination of a key is for the convenience of both the homeowner and the Association. With a fob or a card, the homeowner simply swipes the device across the reader on the gate and the gate opens-no more digging around for a key and inserting it precisely into the keyhole while juggling towels, sunscreen, etc.
For the Association, a key fob or card system enables Boards to better control pool usage and safety. How? If a homeowner happens to break the rules by loaning their keys to others or using the pool after hours, a key fob or card can be deactivated without having to be collected like a key. The keyless system also tracks the fob or card numbers as the devices are used. Should vandalism occur, the system can tell whose device was last used.
If for any reason a Board votes to suspend the pool privileges of an owner or resident, the entry mechanism is simply deactivated rather than needing to be collected from the user. It can also be reactivated as soon as a violation is brought into compliance.
A keyless entry system also saves Associations money in the long run. Locks do not need to be re-keyed and all the keys collected and reissued. Key cards and fobs are individually activated and deactivated, as necessary.
Congratulations to Ash Street Cottages Homeowners Association, Crosspointe Village Homeowners Association, and Seaview Townhomes Association for taking advantage of this technology!

Cardinal Welcomes Two New Clients to the Family
We are happy to announce that Springhurst Townhomes and Mystic Pointe Neighborhood Association, both in Huntington Beach, have entrusted the quality of their planned community living to Cardinal.
Springhurst is comprised of 102 units and began with Cardinal August 1. Mystic Pointe is comprised of 65 townhomes and began with Cardinal on July 1.
We are proud to serve both new clients with the same dedication we apply to our long-standing relationships with our existing partners.

 Cardinal Managers Attend Annual Education Expo


It's no secret that Cardinal believes in the power of education. From hosting Board education seminars throughout the year to our managers and our company earning state and national credentials, Cardinal advocates keeping abreast of policies and procedures as we team with our client boards, vendors, and business partners.


All Cardinal managers recently attended the Orange County Regional Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI-OCRC) Chapter Forum and Expo in Irvine. The event brings together all facets of the community association industry from volunteer board members to community managers and business partners who serve the more than 4,700 community associations in Orange County.


Cardinal's Director of Property Management Karen Holthe and Sandra Gottlieb, Esq, of SwedelsonGottlieb taught the seminar, entitled "Why Can't We All Get Along?" to assist board members with the intricacies of interpersonal communication as they work collaboratively to fulfill their fiduciary duties to their communities. They covered such topics as how to prevent personal agendas, how to conduct civil board meetings, and how to ensure the governing documents are adhered to.

Congratulations to Karen and Sandra on a successful seminar!

Stork Visits Cardinal
Cardinal congratulates Account Manager Elizabeth Marete-Charlot and her husband Don on the birth of their son Jacques Raphael.
Weighing in at nearly eight pounds, Jacques was 19 inches long when he was born on June 4. 
Elizabeth says he is a peaceful baby and is learning to smile.

Spotlight On...
Account Manager Tina Zurrica and the Historic Willmore Building
Cardinal Account Manager Tina Zurrica is the on-site manager for one of the coolest buildings in Long Beach. While the word "cool" is a modern term, it does apply to the 91-year old Willmore building. Picture gentlemen in silk waistcoats and ascots walking to the solarium with ladies wearing dresses below their knees in 1924, when the building was erected.
Today, that same solarium is used for meetings of the Board of Directors, parties, and even weddings. Recently, Tina coordinated the refurbishment of the solarium including obtaining proposals for painting and furniture as well as being the liaison with the Architectural Review Committee to maintain the historic value of the area.
Proudly holding a position on the National Register of Historic Places, the 11-story, 112-unit building was constructed during the oil boom of the 1920s in the style of the Italian Renaissance. One of Tina's responsibilities is to ensure that all repairs and refurbishments adhere to the CC&Rs that govern the changes in the building so that the original style is preserved while meeting the requirements of the local Cultural Heritage Committee.
The Willmore's history has its up and downs as the tumultuous economy wreaked havoc on America in the late 1920s and '30s, and again in 2008 but the old building and its inhabitants hold as steadfast as Tina's 11 years of service to its Board and its denizens.
Another "cool" fact about The Willmore is that Long Beach's first underground parking garage is nestled beneath it. Tina maintains the lists of residents who have underground parking privileges. Per the CC&Rs, residents utilizing a parking space are assessed a monthly parking fee. As people move in and out of The Willmore, Tina updates the documents to ensure the accuracy of the assessments for the Association. You might imagine Duesenbergs and Packards resting there in the early days of the historic building, when there were few cars on the road and only the wealthy could afford an automobile.
In an unusual arrangement for a homeowner association, La Traviata restaurant is located on the ground floor in what used to be The Willmore's tea room. The restaurant serves traditional Italian food to customers looking for both the look of the Italian Renaissance and the taste of fine Italian cooking.
Historically, the lifestyle of The Willmore was one of serving the local tycoons and wealthy Easterners who migrated for the winter. The units were originally sold for prices beginning at $3,400 (including furnishings). Owners were advised to rent out their apartments for up to $200 a month when they were not in residence.
Tycoons "networked" in the male-only smoking and billiard lounge, which is being used as storage space today. And young parents used to be able to leave their children in the care of an English nanny in a playroom built for child care.
In the tradition of the originally intended lifestyle of The Willmore, Tina gives on-site assistance throughout the day to its residents who drop by her office with questions, needs, and suggestions. Tina oversees the daily operations of the building from general janitorial to complex, extended projects.
Tina has earned the professional designations of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), Association Management Specialist (AMS), and Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM). She was awarded CAI-Orange County's Manager of the Year Award in the High Rise Category for 2012.
It has long been rumored that in the quiet boiler room in the basement, voices from yesteryear have been heard and presences felt. However, you may choose to believe that it's just Tina ensuring that everything at The Willmore is cool.
In This Issue
Cardinal's Champion for a Cause 

Cardinal's Champion for a Cause (CCC) is an internal Cardinal program that allows employees and the company to team up to donate money to the employees' favorite charitable organizations throughout the year.
Employees who participate in Casual Friday dress day each week donate a small sum of money to do so. Cardinal matches the collected funds, and a participating employee's name is randomly chosen during a staff meeting. That employee selects the charity to receive the donation.

Lead Administrative Assistant Lisa Bryce was selected as Cardinal's Champion for a Cause during a recent staff meeting. Lisa has directed the funds to breast cancer awareness. "I know too many people who are fighting breast cancer," said Lisa. "And Cardinal Team Member Theresa Hirschman is fighting hard for her second time. I look forward to the day when this disease is simply in history books and not in anyone's life."
Feeding Orange County
Cardinal Property Management, family, and friends joined CAI-Orange County and industry partners in collecting and packing more than 2,200 boxes of food for the Orange County Food Bank this summer.
Thank you to Cardinal Senior Manager Theresa Hirschman, who serves as Co-Chair of CAI-OC's Outreach Committee, and Manager Christine Santisteban, who is a committee member, for their participation and continuous service to others.
Cardinal thanks all our friends and family whose donations and hard work make a critical difference to those in need.
Cardinal on the Fly
You live your life on the fly. Now Cardinal-Online can flit with you wherever you go. We are proud to announce that Cardinal Property Management's website is available now on smart phones and tablets.



Cardinal on the Fly! is active now, just as you are.

Help Cardinal Fly Farther in 2015 and Receive a Discount for Your Association

Would you like your association to receive a $200 discount on its next monthly management fee? Cardinal has been dedicated to helping Boards and Directors throughout Orange County for more than 30 years. Our strategic plan for 2015 and beyond includes not only further spreading our wings in Orange County but also into the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County. We continue to be the only property management firm in California that has earned both the national certification (AAMC) and state designation (ACMF) to serve our clients.


We are offering our client associations $200 off their next monthly management fee for referring a new client who signs a contract with Cardinal. Refer your friends to our website so they can see who we are and how we can help their communities to enhance the quality of their community living experience.

Watch our website and newsletter for further information in the coming year.

Splishes, Splashes, and Safety
With pool season in full swing, we hope those of you with private or community pools are taking advantage of the beautiful California weather!  
However, with the all the fun in the sun comes great responsibility. If you reside in a Homeowner's Association please make sure your family and guests know your Association's pool rules and comply with all of them, without exception. The rules are in place to protect you from a gamut of dangerous situations from germs to concussions to drowning.
Whose responsibility is it to keep children safe? It's up to all of us. It takes only a minute for a little one to fall in and drown. You may not have any guests at the pool on a given day but if you're there, keeping a watchful eye on all children could save a life.
Get in the swim of things and have a splashy, safe season!

Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initials-Oh, My!
Companies use initials and acronyms to describe some of their credentials and business processes. It's the way of the world these days, and not just the business world. Read any kids' texts or Facebook posts. They are full of alphabet soup. TFTI (Thanks For The Invite). SYT (See You There). PITR (Parents In The Room).
Cardinal uses initials on our letterhead, Facebook page, website home page, etc. to let our clients know about our professional designations but WDTM (What Do They Mean) and why do we use them?
First, we want our clients and potential clients to know what industry certifications we have earned and what they mean. We work hard for them, and they distinguish Cardinal from the other community management firms in Orange County.
For example, Cardinal holds the lofty Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) designation. This is a distinction that demonstrates our commitment to providing the unique and diverse services that community associations seek. To put this in perspective, Orange County alone has approximately 4,700community associations managed by 60 different firms. However, only six companies in our county have earned the AAMC designation. In fact, only 235 firms in the world have earned this designation. Cardinal is proud to be one of them. A designation of AAMC also illustrates that our managers have the training, skills, experience, and integrity to help communities succeed since one of the many requirements of the designation is that association managers maintain industry certifications.
Keep an eye out for next quarter's edition in which we will explain the professional designations of our managers and why they matter to you. For now, TFYA (Thanks For Your Attention)!

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