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On the Dance Floor...
Totally Michael Jackson with DJ Charis
Diabetes in
Real Life 
This series is written by Paula Ford-Martin, MA and covers useful tips and helpful ways to manage diabetes.

You can find

 Learn what's new at DOD. Let's start with:
Totally Michael Jackson with DJ Charis this Saturday 
11/8/14, 1-3 p.m.!
       (Download flyer & share with others HERE) 

Join DJ Charis in an exciting afternoon of dancing to all Michael Jackson music!

We'll be at the African American Art & Culture Complex located at 762 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 (Muni access & free parking).

No need to register. Just show up! You get a $277 value health screening, and if you dance, collect $20 in carrot cash to spend at participating farmers' markets (for kids with diabetes and all adults who participate). The health screening is optional, but it is needed to get the carrot cash reward. We suggest a $10 donation at the door, if you can afford.


Please arrive promptly at 1 p.m. for check-in (or 1:15 p.m. if you are not doing the health screening). Bring water, a snack if you need it, and comfortable shoes. 


This dance will be a free form dance to all Michael Jackson music. Feel free to dress up! Send music requests to dj@danceoutdiabetes.org. Although we are not teaching the Thriller, you can view the video below to brush up on some moves we did many years ago (special thanks to Caroline!).


Dance Out Diabetes Diabetes: Thriller Dance (9/12/11)
Thriller Dance (9/12/11)

Have a question? Call Theresa at 1-877-765-4386 or email her at tgarnero@danceoutdiabetes.org.  

November is National Diabetes Month

Each November, our nation celebrate diabetes awareness month. Ironically, November is also the most calorie-centric month, so being aware can help to maintain a little balance (see the diabetes friendly guide to a healthy Thanksgiving plate by AADE). DOD prides itself on the regular health screenings so participants can learn if their efforts are helping to prevent or manage diabetes. 

We found some other helpful resources for you. Check out the National Diabetes Education Program and their tips on managing your diabetes ABCs. Find something you can add to your program or do you have your bases covered? 

(Hmm. Did someone say "bases" in the land of champions? Does the orange in our color scheme have anything to do with the Giants? Nope. A convenient coincidence!) 

Diabetes Forecast Article Written by DOD's Theresa Garnero

Theresa has written an article on actress, choreographer and dancer, Debbie Allen, in Diabetes Forecast. The article highlights DOD's hard work and outcomes. 

Read the full article HERE.

Former DOD Board of Director Starts Diabetes Motion
Dr. Sheri Colberg-Ochs is a former Dance Out Diabetes Board of Director, an expert on living with diabetes and an expert in exercising safely and effectively while living with diabetes. 

Check out the new Diabetes Motion website she just launched. It even has a section on how to change insulin doses based on exercise as well as the DOD Warm-Up Video! Congrats Sheri!

Dance & Community Health Center Resources

Here is a list of a few dance centers in the San Francisco area. Find a class near you!

Here is a list community health centers in neighborhoods throughout San Francisco.

Only 2 Dances Left!

What a run it has been. I do hope you can make it to our all Michael Jackson free dance event. We will offer twice the carrot cash as a sweet incentive to have you come on back. So if you get the complete health screening and dance, and check glucose again, you will qualify for $20 carrot cash. Sweet!

Kenzie Kujawski, our Program Director, has put together some resources to help you during our transition. Please check the article above which has a list of local dance venues and community centers. No, it's not the same as DOD, but it is an option to continue your efforts.

We do plan on keeping our website active as well since it hosts many resources. We are still looking for interested individuals or an organization willing to carry forth the success we have started. 

The days are darker but the beat goes on. Let's get our groove on together this Saturday and celebrate while we have the chance.

Warm regards,


Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE

Founder and Executive Director 
Want to do the right thing for your body or support someone with prediabetes or diabetes (all types)? Feel like smiling while being active and not mess up your hair?  Then come join the caring community of non-dancers having fun moving to music. Stay connected with us on Facebook (you don't have to have a Facebook account to read our updates).