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The Wednesday Word
May 18, 2016

May 22
Trinity Sunday

Rev. W. Scott Harbison 
Sunday School
Classes for all ages 
10:00 a.m.

Refreshments & Fellowship
11:00 a.m.
Head Usher 
Jim Mayer
Steve Hurysz


Debbie Jones
Emily Lucas
Will Lucas
Annemieke Luckey
Don Mims
Sadie Smith
Jimmie Weinberg

Our prayers are with the family of David Shell.  David passed away last week.


The Belvin Family
Michael Kuznicki
Ruth Heidelberger's father and mother
Gloria Reece
Del Kaufhold
Fifi Roberts
Katie Gaspard
Melissa Cooper 
Anne Nicholson
Jonah, Bill Wade's  grandson.
Jayne Manry's sister, Patricia
Liz Bell Harding
Dot Cowan
Marge Biggs
Jewel Molten
Ann Dragoo  
Art Biggs

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1Peter 5:7
Rev. Harbison

Did you know that 25% of all Americans suffer from some form of anxiety?  Did you also know that 40 million Americans suffer from some form of depression? I have learned the hard way about how these afflictions can hurt a person.     

This verse from Peter has helped me and hopefully will help you in the trying times of your life to deal with fear and the blues. We are not random beings placed by a God that doesn't care about our well being. God cares for us. He truly loves us. He wants us to place the burdens of our lives into his hands so that he can help us carry them. 

I'm not sure how this works in practicality. I just know that the knowledge that there is a God who loves me enough to send his own son for me helps me deal with the problems I have faced in recent months. As the Psalmist reminds us in Psalm 139:6, "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me". My comfort is found in that alone, that God asks me to place my anxiety on him because he cares for me.

I want to thank all of you for helping me through a very tough time and for your continued help in the future. You have been the blessing which God has placed in my life. Let us now go forward and serve God together.

Scott signature

Chancel Choir & Acolytes support Red Nose Day May 26

Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to helping children and having fun. RDN is on a mission to lift kids out of poverty and has raised over $1 billion globally in the last 25 years. Half of the money distributed by Red Nose Day 2016 will be spent right here in the U.S. The other half will be spent in some of the poorest communities in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. All money raised supports projects that ensure kids are safe, healthy, and educated. Go to www.rednoseday.og for more information or to make a donation.

St. Luke's Choir challenges other church choirs to have fun with Red Nose Day and post a similar photo to help raise awareness of the RDN mission.

Jazz Communion July 3 @ 10:00 a.m.

The Marvin Gaspard Trio returns for our July Jazz Communion service. You will be tappin' and clappin' to  the Trio's jazzy tunes and enjoy singing familiar hymns including a rousing rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In" to conclude worship. Jazz Communion is a perfect day to invite a friend to join you for worship and our All American Picnic afterward. Hotdogs with all the trimmings will be served in our Cookie Room along with yummy desserts. 

Let's go out to the ball game . . . .pithcing_baseball.jpg
Astros VS Oakland A's  July 10 @ 1:10 p.m.

Join us for church on Sunday, July 10, and carpool to the game after worship. A sign up sheet is in the narthex to help us get a head count. Tickets are $25 for the Terrace Deck Outfield. We need 20 tickets to qualify for the group discount.

CCSC - Emergency Services-Central

ccsc Taken from the pages of Connections, a publication of Christian Community Service Center, this is a good look at what your contributions can mean to people in  crisis who are served by CCSC:

Emergency Services-Central was blessed to recently help a client we will call Debra, Employed as a bus driver, Debra is kind-hearted and self-sufficient. Yet last year, she suffered a debilitating stroke. According to her doctor, "her condition may be temporary but is expected to last at least twelve months.  No longer able to drive a bus, Debra searched for other jobs with no success.  She turned to CCSC as a last resort. Glad to help in this medical crisis, CCSC was able to provide multiple services to Debra: four medications were filled, she was provided groceries, her delinquent water bull was paid and she was connected to reputable agencies to assist with her remaining needs. Meeting clients like Debra, who face adversity during a journey of healing, is a great honor for the volunteers and staff at Emergency Services- Central 

If you would like to help support the mission of CCSC you can make your donation through St. Luke's or on their website at

Don't Miss This! 

1.  WOW - Women of the Word - Final meeting until September
     Wednesday, May 18 @ 5:30 p.m.  at Island Grill Restaurant
2.  Jazz Communion and All American Picnic
     Sunday, July 3  Worship @ 10:00 a.m.

A Closing Prayer
It is easy to assume we are on our own: Jesus has left us behind to take care of things.  But if we rely only on ourselves, we quickly fall into lives that do not reflect faithfulness.  Like the first believers,we can join our voices, praying that God's spirit will come to us, bringing grace and hope. Amen. 

                                                                          From Bearers of Grace and Justice, by Thom M. Shurman.

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