St. Luke's Presbyterian Church
The Wednesday Word
June 24, 2015


June 28, 2015
13th Sunday
 in Ordinary Time


Rev. W. Scott Harbison

Guest Minister
Rev. Dr. Bill Wade

Sunday School
9:00 a.m. 

Classes for all ages 

10:00 a.m.

Refreshments & Fellowship
11:00 a.m.
Celebrate June Birthdays!


Head Usher for June
Michael Kuznicki


Glenda & Mary Dickinson

Time for Young Disciples
Glenda Dickinson




Anne Guercio
Chuck Jones
Mike Van Vooren
Fifi Roberts




Rev. Harbison and his family as they grieve the loss of his mother, Mary Ann Harbison, who passed away 6/25. Services will be in Greenville, MS Tuesday 6/30.

Fifi Roberts
Debbie Harbison
Carol Kershaw
Katie Gaspard
Mike Arcos
Ann Keyes
Tony DeFalco
Melissa Cooper 
Anne Nicholson
Jonah, Bill Wade's  grandson.
Jayne Manry's sister, Patricia
Liz Bell Harding
Dot Cowan
Marge Biggs
David Shell 

Jewel Molten
Ann Dragoo  



Art Biggs
Rosalie Woodworth 


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Take a What to What Day?


Rev. Harbison

I was reading online where someone has proclaimed a coming Sunday as a "take a gun to church day". This is of course a response to the killings in Charleston and I can't think of anything so misguided than promoting people to take guns into a sanctuary of worship.


When I was 14 years old my birthday present was a Winchester 20 gauge shotgun. My parents took it upon an employee of their company to teach me hunting and gun safety and for the next few years I spent many a cold morning sitting in water, calling ducks, and sometimes shooting them. I enjoyed hunting for a while. But as with many hobbies, I eventually realized it wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life and gave up the sport. Members of this congregation hunt, members of my family hunt, some of my best friends are shooting sportsmen. All of this is to tell you that I'm not a typical "oh, I'm afraid of guns" type of person. But even as he was led away for his crucifixion Jesus told his followers, "put away your weapons" and I believe that this is appropriate today.


I'm not writing this article to start a controversial discussion on the second amendment, I'm writing this to remind us that where we worship is God's house. This is a place of hospitality and welcome, a place of peace, forgiveness, and love, but it's not a place for a weapon.



Scott signature  



Jazz Communion
          Sunday, July 5
  @ 10 a.m.        


Jazz Communion 2015

Add St. Luke's Jazz Communion to your July 4th weekend and be a part of this popular tappin' and clappin' worship service on July 5. Worship will include music by the Marvin Gaspard Trio, our Chancel Choir, and St. Luke's Ringers. Don't miss this special Sunday singing familiar hymns and songs with a jazzy edge and conclude the service with a rousing rendition of  "When the Saints Go Marching In". 


Don't forget our annual All American Picnic following worship.... hotdogs with all the trimmings and dessert are on the menu so invite a friend to worship and stay for lunch!


One of our Newest Members
          Annemieke (Pike-) Luckey             


Annemieke (Pike-) Luckey joined St. Luke's on Sunday, June 14. She is thrilled to become a part of this welcoming community of believers and is looking forward to being an active member. Welcome to St. Luke's, Annemieke!


Annemieke, originally from The Netherlands where she was raised in the Dutch Reformed church, has been a long-time resident of this neighborhood.  She graduated from the University of Houston with a Master's degree in Social Work and works as a Case Manager at Sheltering Arms Senior Services.  She has been married to Jeff Luckey, a restaurant manager, for 25 years and they have 2 beautiful daughters, Alexandra (19), and Julia (16). 


Youth Group Fun        


Our newly formed Youth Group had some fun on Saturday, June 13 when they met at Dave and Busters and played games and then went to a movie afterward. 

Pictured are Ellis, Cassie, Lilly, Dorothea, and Catherine



CCSC's Sunshine Resale Shop


The Sunshine Resale Shop, 5413 Bellaire Blvd., is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Proceeds from sales of donated items support the programs of Christian Community Service Center. Drop off donations of clothing and household goods and shop at the Sunshine Shop often! June 27 is their summer home sale at 50% off and if you are 55 or older, everyday is 25% off! 

Don't Miss This! 
1. Jazz Communion
    Sunday, July 5, 10:00 a.m.

2. Rob Bell at the University of Houston
    Sunday, July 12 @ 8:30 p.m
3. 15th Anniversary of HYMN SING at First United Methodist Church, Westchase
    Marvin Gaspard will be playing one of four grand pianos.
    Sunday, August 16 @ 6:00 p.m.


A Closing Prayer    


Fountain of faith, your living water flows down from holy heights to replenish our thirsting spirits. We are thankful for the faith of all who came before us in the people of God and for the inheritance of forms of prayer and praise that still bring meaning to our lives. We are happy in the company of others of like precious faith who lift us out of doubt and depression and despair. Fill us with such joy in believing that our faith may be drunk in by thirsting neighbors, even the water of life. Jesus Christ. Amen.

                                                      .                                          from Prayers for the Seasons of God's People


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