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May 13, 2015


May 17, 2015
Ascension Sunday 


Rev. W. Scott Harbison

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Ascension Sunday
Rev. Harbison

This Sunday we celebrate a very important holiday in the church, the Ascension of Christ into heaven. The Gospels record this event and it's theological implications for us as significant.

The Ascension reminds us that Jesus bodily ascended into heaven. For the early church this meant that Jesus wasn't a ghost or a figment of their imagination, He was real. He ate with them. He drank with them and before their eyes he ascended to rule with grace and mercy.

Luke tells us in Acts that we are to remember that Jesus ascended into heaven but we are to focus on the task that we are called to by Him. Two men with white robes happened upon the disciples as they looked up into heaven and said: "Hey, why are you looking up? He will be back . . . get busy." OK, I'm paraphrasing this but you get the point. Jesus has ascended. We have someone on high looking out for us. Let us get busy with the work of the church showing God's love to all people. 

Scott signature


Hope for the Homeless at Star of Hope

Pastor Lawrence Scott
At the Star of Hope two thirds of those served each day are women and children.  Many of the families arrive at the Women and Family Emergency Shelter after having lived in their cars or outstaying their welcome in a family member's or friend's home.  It is always the hope at SOH that once these families overcome their immediate crisis, they will choose to stay long enough to receive the help they need to achieve independent living once again.

At the SOH annual banquet in February, Pastor Lawrence Scott shared how his life was changed through the love and care provided to his family by Star of Hope Mission when he was a child. His story is a testament to how God can turn a child's hopelessness into a "dream come true" thanks to Star of Hope supporters, who give of their time talent and treasure to help those most in need.  Click on Rev. Scott's image above to  listen to his personal story

Volunteer at Star of Hope!
On the third Sunday of each month, St. Luke's volunteers go to the Star of Hope Transitional Living Center to assist with their lunch service. Please pray for our volunteers who will go out in service this coming Sunday, May 17.  If you would like to volunteer for a third Sunday mission project to Star of Hope, use the sign up sheet in the narthex or call the church office, 713.667.6531 to let  us know.


 Jazz Communion
Sunday, July 5


Jazz Communion
Add Jazz Communion to your calendar and be a part of this popular tappin' and clappin' worship service on July 5. You will enjoy the music of the Marvin Gaspard Trio, our Chancel Choir, and St. Luke's Ringers. Don't miss this special Sunday singing familiar hymns and songs with a jazzy edge and, as is our tradition to conclude the service, a rousing rendition of  "When the Saints Go Marching In".

It's a perfect day to invite a friend or neighbor to join you for worship. Don't forget our annual All American Picnic following worship.... hotdogs with all the extras and dessert are on the menu so treat your guests to lunch too!


River of Life:
Women's Conference at Mo-Ranch


Fran Shelton
Each year hundreds of women from across the region gather for one of the two identical sessions of the women's Conference at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, Texas. This year Conference I will be held May 26-28 and Conference II will take place May 29-31. From New Covenant, TE Keatan King, Associate Pastor of St. Philip PC, Houston will serve as worship leader. Attendees will be inspired by keynote addresses from Rev. Fran Shelton and stimulated by workshops on topics of current interest.  More information and registration at or call 1.800.460.4401, ext. 246.

Don't Miss This! 
1. Rev. Harbison's class at Bayou Manor
    Tuesday, May 19 @ 10:30 a.m.

2. Afternoon Study Group
    Wednesday, May 20 @ 2:00 p.m. 

3. Dinner Club
    Tuesday, May 26 @ 6:30 p.m.



A Closing Prayer    


Dear God,
Lift our darkness, give us the hope of a new day,
Call us from our wavering,
Call us from the depths,
Call us to higher ground,
Call us to yourself,
Call us to that confident position where you are our rock and our salvation,
Call us to follow you until the spires appear at the world's rim,
Call us to persistent living,
Call us to courageous living.  Amen.                       by Robert D. Young from Let Us Pray


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