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The Wednesday Word
April 8, 2015


April 12, 2015
2nd Sunday of Easter


Rev. W. Scott Harbison

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9:00 a.m. 

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11:00 a.m.


Head Usher for April
Michael Kuznicki


Michael Kuznicki

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Rev. Harbison




Gloria Arcos
Nohemi Castillo
Ed Dickinson
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Richard Garnett
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Michael Kuznicki
Julie Lucas




For the family of Janice (Jackie) Bias Kerry who passed away this week. Jackie is the daughter of Phyliss Downing.


Fifi Roberts
Debbie Harbison
Carol Kershaw
Mike Arcos
Libby Hintz
Uldine Bisagno, friend of Marvin Gaspard
Maya Davidson, Sam Davidson's  great niece
Lisa Simmons
Bobette Kutyba,  Linda Wiley's sister
Ann Keyes
Tony DeFalco
Melissa Cooper 
Anne Nicholson
Jonah, Bill Wade's  grandson.
Jayne Manry's sister, Patricia
Liz Bell Harding
Dot Cowan
Marge Biggs
David Shell 

Jewel Molten
Ann Dragoo  



Art Biggs
Rosalie Woodworth 


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Acts 7:55-60

In this story from Acts we relive the stoning of Stephen, the first martyr. It's a fairly gruesome story. Stoning is a very bad way to die. But there is something that really caught my attention. 

Stephen knows he's in trouble. The crowds are around him, muttering against him. He has a less of a chance than me in an ice cream shop. What does he see? Where does his focus go? It is Christ that his eyes look to and in Christ that he has his comfort. 

There is our lesson. In the toils and snares this world gives us we too can get through with grace and dignity by focusing completely on Jesus Christ.  He is our ultimate hope. He is the one who will stay with us and comfort us no matter how wretched we may feel and how unfair life may seem. This is good to remember as we continue to bumble and stumble through our everyday lives.

One final note - the last words of Stephen were not a scream for revenge nor a shout of anger, they were a simple request for forgiveness, not for self but for those who had so wronged him. May we live our lives with such grace.
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  Pot Luck Lunch Sunday, April 19

pot luck Join us for our Spring Pot Luck Lunch on Sunday, April 19. Our menu will be delicious and a simple one - sandwiches, salads and dessert. If you would like to bring something to add to our table, please fill out the form in Sunday's bulletin or call the church office, 713.667.6531. Plan to stay after worship on the 19th and share lunch with your St Luke's family.


                Sam Davidson Retiring?!?!

 After more than 15 years as St. Luke's Business Manager, Sam Davidson, is now officially retired! Even before he was actually employed at the church he volunteered to assist Charles White, his predecessor, in the business office for 5+ years. Sam has retired before (Schlumberger), but always finds something to keep him interested and engaged. and we are sure he will continue to seek further adventure!. It has been hard to say goodbye to our favorite light bulb changer, engineering wizard, and all around great guy.  Congratulations, Sam, on a job well done.  We will miss you!  See you on Sunday!



 Star of Hope Initiates New Workforce Program

Star of Hope's new Workforce Development Program is vital to helping the men and women in their care move past subsistence level jobs toward middle-skilled employment that will help them provide for themselves and their families long term. For more information about how you can work with Star of Hope clients or if you are a job trainer who would like to participate in the program, please contact the program's director, Altonette Perry, at 713.440.5448 or



CanCare Celebrates 25 Years of Service
With Luncheon May 28


CanCare Join CanCare for their National Cancer Survivors Day Luncheon Celebration on May 28. The luncheon will honor the CanCare volunteers for  25 years of sharing hope and support with others who are experiencing cancer.  The keynote speaker will be Dr. Jen Arnold, cancer survivor, neonatologist, and star of "The Little Couple". For tickets and sponsorships, visit



Better Bunch April Trip

On Monday, April 20, the Better Bunch will have a guided tour of the Cotton Gin in Burton and have lunch at Must Be Heaven in Brenham. The trip may include some bluebonnet sightings along the way! The Precinct 3 county bus will leave ChristChurch Presbyterian, 106 S. 3rd St. in Bellaire at 8 a.m. Cost for the trip is $5 plus your lunch. To RSVP call Barbara Buckley at 281.498.0483 or email her at


Don't Miss This! 
1. Afternoon Study Group
    Wednesday, April 15 @ 2:00 p.m.
2. Spring Pot Luck Lunch
    Sunday, April 19 @ 11:00 a.m.
3. Bible Study at Bayou Manor
    Tuesday, April 21 @ 10:30 a.m.


A Closing Prayer   

Dear God,
You are close to us--
  closer than hands or feet,
  closer than our breathing.
You are the God who has promised to
Stay with us in covenants that cannot be broken.
We thank you for Jesus Christ, our Lord,
  and for his institution of the New Covenant.
Stand by us
  in our times of bewilderment,
  in our times of despondency,
  in our times of panic.
Place our feet on solid ground and
Help us to believe that you will lead us each day.  Amen.
                                                                by Robert D. Young from Let Us Pray


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